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The best way to cope with this problem is to make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly every day.
Having a new baby in the home certainly causes a commotion a€“ frequent feeds and a whole new routine to get used to. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the appropriate pain relievers and relaxants which will help your baby (and you) get a good night's sleep.
The age at which baby teeth come out is quite variable a€“ the first one usually comes out at 6 months and by 2 years of age, all 20 teeth will generally be in the mouth.
Use a fluoride containing toothpaste to give your child fluoride protection from germs and cavities.

We have 5 different packages to choose from, depending on your age, current health status and life-style. Many pregnant mothers get very worried about their teeth, so here are a few hints which will help you keep your teeth healthy.
This is not unusual; during pregnancy, the gums become more sensitive to irritation and bleed more easily. Never let your baby suck, for long periods, at a bottle containing fruit juice a€“ it's a sure way to get tooth decay. They are important in helping to make sure that the second set of teeth come through in the correct position.

Your growing baby will get calcium from your diet a€“ just make sure you follow your doctor's advice on diet.
As soon as four front teeth are in the mouth, put a smear of toothpaste on a brush and let the baby play with the toothbrush.

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