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Bring some sunshine into your home on a long winter's day with our Beachside Potted Palm Trees.
Your little pot of holiday sunshineBring some sunshine into your home during cold, wintry days with our Beachside Potted Palm Trees. Lights Clear, hand-strung lights lend this pre-lit tropical tree a hint of holiday festivity. THE NOVELTY COLLECTION Express the playful part of your personality with our quirky collection of novelty trees. Crowned with a smattering of hand-strung lights, these potted palm trees provide a refreshing break from the traditional white Christmas.

Let this charming pair of potted palm trees bring back memories of white sand, warm waters, and blue skies wherever you go. Orders received on business days by 7 am Pacific Standard Time (10 am EST) will ship the same day. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
These faux palms are made with our customary attention to detail, as seen in their mossy green-brown trunks and light green fronds. Crowned with a smattering of clear lights, this sunny couple provides a refreshing break from the traditional white Christmas.Set in one dark brown plaster pot, this tropical twosome is lightweight and sturdy.

A playful decorative piece any time of the year, these lighted palm trees are your ticket to a fun and festive celebration this Christmas.

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