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Then I happened to be holding him as he had a particularly vicious coughing fit - and I could feel his chest rattling. The only upside to all of this is that apparently the antibiotic medicine is the best thing *ever* and he can't wait to get it swallowed down. Say hello to Little Miss, she weighed 7lbs 14ozs and has fitted just nicely into our family.
It will never cease to amaze me how different my two girls are; my eldest daughter only started crawling when she was 9 and a half months old and yet baby Holly is very nearly walking already and she isn't yet 9 months old! Holly learned to crawl (admittedly backwards) when she was about 5 and a half months old and was competantly moving forwards shortly after she turned 6 months, at least 3 months earlier than her older sister. A couple of weeks ago I thought I would offer Holly a walker to stand up against and there in front of me she just walked straight across the living room with a beaming smile on her face! I'm really looking forward to having two walking girls in my house but I can't help but feel a little bit of a pang, wishing that those early baby days weren't disappearing so quickly.
So as promised in my last post I am back with another scan picture of Baby Sweetpea, to be honest it is not as good as the 13 week scan, I was hoping it would be slightly more defined, but the sonographer really wasn't too interested in preforming the scan. At least I got to put my mind at rest, I have been extremely poorly with several infections and had not eaten or barely drunk for over 3 weeks, but Baby Sweetpea thankfully had been taking every bit of goodness I put in so is still growing to target, actually a little ahead, with long legs. I got to see my consultant too, who seems to have a few more concerns than my previous pregnancies, more with actually me than the baby this time. At least they are keeping a closer eye this time I guess, I have another consultant appointment this week. I feel much more at ease than the last time I spoke to you, actually I feel quite positive about Sweetpea, I am hugely excited and can't wait to find out on the 8th Feb if it's a he or she, I love it when I know as I feel I can identify better with the baby.
I have been getting excited about purchasing new items too for the baby, I have started a little wishlist over on my blog, do go take a look, I have found some super cute outfits already, I have decided this time round to definitely stick more to rompers and sleep suits in the early stages. These past 2 weeks have also brought a ton of cravings, most only last till I satisfy them, some things have not been satisfied as my taste buds have changed, for example a Ripple Choc Bar for some reason tastes like coffee to me now. Like with Addison I am craving Vegetables, a good thing, just very time consuming for me to prepare after a long tiring day at work.
Funnily though for the 1st time ever I have been having a stereotypical craving of Ice Poles, I managed to polish of 4 of them last night. I have also finally started my Pregnancy Diary over on my blog, I have decided to try and do it via VLOG's so do go have a watch, I want to be totally honest about the whole journey, I even mentioned about PND I suffered with Addison this week and the impact it may have this time. Next time I come back hopefully Sweetpea will have an identity, do any of you feel like I do and finding out just gives you that connection ?? A few days after my last post, we were scheduled for a seven week scan to hopefully find a heartbeat. I've been feeling quite guilty, in that I've finally achieved what so many IVF patients dream of - but rather than being thrilled I've just continued to worry. So I've decided though I can't stop the worry completely, I can stop it from controlling me.
While we will wait a few more week's to tell my husband's family, that's because there is a big family event where we can tell them all in person, but my parents I'll tell the next time I speak with them. One thing that has surprised me, is the wonderful support I've had from my Women's Institute ladies (who read my blog and so are in on the secret!) It was completely unexpected, and has really helped me appreciate our good luck - even if it lasts just a short while. I'm coming to the conclusion there isn't a right time or a wrong time to tell people - but never under estimate the support you may find in unexpected places.
Kate has been trying for her first child for 3½ years and suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in Spring 2011. I only seem to be getting through this because of 4 things, paracetamol, teeting gels, my baby sling and Robbie Williams!!

Labour was quick and easy, my birthing ball was my very best friend and my wonderful other half did an amazing job of being just the right amount of present.
Words can't describe how happy I felt to become a Mum of not one but two beautiful girls and we started to settle in to home life. I was extremely lucky that Georgie was born a big breastfeeding fan and took to it like a duck to water. Frankie settled in to being a big sister and on Georgie's 9th day in the world our beautiful big girl turned 2! On day 10 we took Georgie to the hospital for her review, I voiced my concerns over her raspy breathing and the midwife seemed equally concerned. We were sent to the urgent care unit and seen almost immediately by a nurse who clipped a oxygen monitor to her toe. The rest of the day was a blur of ambulance rides, talks with a rapid response team and scary wires and tubes being pit in to my baby girl. It turned out Georgie had quite severe bronchiolitis, and we later found out she was also struggling with pneumonia on her left lung. New Year came and went, and we were very excited to start afresh when Georgie caught a vomiting bug. I don't know how many other Mama's reading this have had hospital stays with there little ones but I'd love to know how you kept sane! Well as you know that I have been referred to an infertility clinic and I had blood tests and an ultrasound. I went, and after hours of waiting I went to the gynaecology ward for a blood test, urine test and swabs taken. I had those two days to prepare, that helped and I have since tried using this experience to help others. Symptoms after ivf embryo transfer - invia fertility, The symptoms women often experience in the first two weeks after ivf embryo transfer can be hard to deal with.
Pregnancy: pregnancy week by week calendar, symptoms, Pregnancy week to week pregnancy week to week is the one source you will need to learn about every stage of pregnancy, as well as other pregnancy and child bearing. Send me email updates about messages I've received on the site and the latest news from The CafeMom Team.
Does anyone know what can be seen on an ultrasound at 5 wks?  Is that too early to see anything? Nowhere particularly exotic (perhaps that was our mistake) and the weather was not particularly kind.
I was on the phone to the doctors first thing the next morning and sure enough, he has a chest infection, and his first course of antibiotics. My heart murmur is causing a few concerns as is my weight and the fact I have issues with anesthesia.
I am hoping this next week or so brings some foetal movements, there is no better feeling for me, especially after not ever having any with Grayson. If Addison is anything to go by I could be going through up to 4 a day, plus they are always look so cozy in them and the designs nowadays are so varied.
The sister pointed out the head and showed us where little arms and legs were forming, but I'm afraid I'll have to take her word on that though, as scans always look a bit alien to me.
We still haven't shared our good news with our families and I'm still dreading the prospect of doing so.
After all the disappointments of IVF and trying to conceive naturally, it seemed plenty of people are reluctant to trust their luck. She'd waited till at least five months before announcing, and if she had to do it again she wouldn't.

Now that we're past the seven weeks scan the odds are in our favour and I've decided to assume things will be fine.
She’s also made a recent commitment to living a low-carbon lifestyle, and is taking it one small step at a time. Seems that my mini d is a Robbie fan, actually saying that we have discovered that he loves most music (apart from radio 1 on a saturday night - phew!).  I have been given nursery rhyme CD's but he seems to prefer the relaxing strains of Metallica to Mary had a little Lamb! It was so exciting to see her run around with birthday excitement and try out her new Peppa Pig trike! I was told the morning after that I had very low levels of hcg (33) and that was a little low with how far into the pregnancy I was. It is tough going at times and I do find myself in floods of tears.Often when I am on my own.
The lady that confirmed it for me says that they take the first day of the miscarriage until the dating scan. But the holiday park has a huge indoor swimming pool complex, so that is what we go for, and it turns out he really loves swimming. We tried baby ibuprofen which seemed to help a bit, and we were heading for home the next day anyway. While there were plenty of reasons to worry, telling or not telling wasn't going to affect the outcome of her pregnancy.
There's obviously no guarantee, but there's no reason to torture myself with the possibility.
It was brilliant to hear from other Mum's whose baby's had come through the other side of bronchiolitis. I made the important phone call to find out what the blood test results were and my hcg levels had gone down to 23. To try for over a year to get pregnant, to then get pregnant and then have that hope in having another child snatched away is really hard. Since my last post, my insanely late period finally decided to make an appearance at 12 days late. Perhaps though, the difference between the warmth of inside and the freezing cold snowy outdoors was just too much, and by the Thursday night, he really wasn't well.
Sadly, in the kerfuffle of leaving we managed to lose Small's DSi, so the holiday is going down in the history books as possibly the worse of all time.
Instead worry robbed her of the excitement and joy of those early months -plus the support of others. The doctors don't recommend this, I am not 100% sure why, but I think it is to give you a break. Once home, I thought everything would get better quickly, but instead I succumbed to something resembling flu and had most of two days in bed, usually with a baby sleeping next to me.
I have my own theories over why this might have been but anyhoo, I'm back in the saddle for a third cycle which makes this the longest it has ever taken us to conceive. I did have a little hope as I could of got my dates wrong and I bled a lot with my daughter.

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