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Stretch marks: Ohh yes, those wretched things are back with a vengeance and it only took them one week longer than last time to appear! Best moment this week: This is going to sound pretty silly but I actually really enjoyed baking over the weekend!
Julie Graham9 January 2015 at 20:41My first was born April 10, 2014 so fun to come across your blog about your second born just the day before.
Here we are at the last bump update :) I am officially 40 weeks pregnant - today is the due date! Thankfully they are still only in the one area (around my bellybutton) but I have gotten more this week :( The reason I can tell is because the old ones are white, whereas these new ones are blue-ish.
My sister talked me into writing a blog on my little one so she could stay in touch better and it has become a great way to journal and keep up with my baby!

Unfortunately, baby "Junior" has decided he isn't ready to make an entrance yet so we are still waiting. The leggings aren't maternity but were always too big and I'm wearing one of my Boob nursing tops that doubles up as a maternity one. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that they fade afterwards because no matter what anyone else says, stretch marks are NOT a fun aspect of pregnancy! Although my second pregnancy was definitely harder, I think that's pretty normal and I did still enjoy it :) I hope you guys will continue to follow along with my postpartum journey and although the bump updates are finished I will do my best to keep Mommy Mondays a regular series on my blog.
A little update on my membrane sweep which I had last week - well, obviously it was unsuccessful but I also kind of knew it would be after my doctor's visit because he said baby's head wasn't fully engaged yet and he still had a bit more to go. I have my last doctor's appointment on Tuesday by which stage if the baby hasn't come already we will be planning the induction date!

I love that you set specific questions to answer- what a great way to keep track from pregnancy to pregnancy. I left my appointment feeling a little bit disheartened but at least I knew not to get my hopes up.

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