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Between your raging hormones, morning sickness, and your ever-expanding waistline, sex might be the last thing on your mind when you’re pregnant.
In addition to the joys of nausea, weight gain and fluctuating hormones, expecting mothers can now add feeling younger and healthier to the list of benefits that come with being pregnant. Many couples spend years trying not to get pregnant, so it’s only understandable that they may have a few issues when it comes to trying to have a child. For many women who face problems conceiving, the joy of motherhood is a distant dream away.

Although vegging out in front of the TV is looking pretty good, having sex can do wonders for your health, your pregnancy and your relationship. The study looked at almost 170,000 low-risk women having their first child and expected to have a low rate of complications.
According to a new Israeli study, pregnancy can have a rejuvenating effect on women and could slow down the aging process, especially inolder women. So if you’re having trouble getting pregnant, why not take a look at our top ten tips to improve your well-being which may help you conceive.

Unfortunately, most couples need numerous cycles in order to achieve a successful pregnancy, which can be both financially and emotionally taxing. Experts say mothers should wait at least 18 months to give their body time to recover and increase the chances the next child is full-term and healthy.

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