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Women over 40 hairstyles – hairstyles for women over 40, Hairstyles for women over 40 can . Hair Trends for Women Over 40 - Fab Over Forty I recently asked my hair stylist Charlie Brackney and colorist Marlee Solomonson of Haus Salon what are the actual wearable hair trends for women over 40 this spring?
How often do you find your eyes enviously drawn to an attractively dressed woman in a pleasing frock, or suit, and who keeps her hair ‘ just right’, her nails beautifully manicured, her makeup simple but appealing, her shoes fashionable, and above all has an air of graceful and feminine confidence about her? These are general purpose fashionable attire worn to the office, when shopping, out on daily visits, or to college or when travelling.Skirts and pretty tunics are particularly satisfactory. Are those worn to afternoon occasions, like parties, receptions, formal dinners etc.Such dresses typically will made of rayon, silk prints, and crepes, taffeta, organdy and voile. Dress shoes – may be made of patent leather, kid, or suede and designed as Oxfords, Pumps, or sandals with dainty instep straps.

Gloves, jewelry and purse should be lightly decorative and in keeping with the spirit of the rest of your costume. Accessories – Kid purse, as much jewelry as desired to accent costume, handkerchief to harmonise with dress.
The ultimate secret of correct dress is wearing the right things together, and of course you have to have taste. The secret is to have enough, but not too much, variety and contrast to make your look interesting.
It would be nice to be that woman and have other women gazing at you enviously instead, wouldn’t it?
These of course are less simple than street clothes and frequently have curved lines, flares, ruffles, and more elaborate trimming.

Some of it doesn’t quite sit right with what I have learnt but maybe my overviews are too limited.
Hats should be made from material that will not spot in the rain or snow, and should have a protective brim. For example if you are short and wish to appear taller, wear the same color from head to heels, including stockings to match your dress.If you want to look shorter, wear light toned stockings to match your light colored dress. Black shoes may be worn with black or blue coats and with dresses of black, blue, red or green.

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