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I definitely encourage any parents-to-be, to go for these ultrasounds once or twice (if you can afford it), during their pregnancy(ies).  It helps with the bonding experience, and is just a miraculous event for you, your spouse, and family. 1-800-SONOGRAM  if that helps you, or search online.  Just thought I’d throw that out there!
Over 30 years of ultrasound technology has never been shown to harm a single mother or child.  That speaks volumes to me, so go ahead and enjoy! Look into these services so that you need not worry about losing your valuable information. Find out all about important pregnancy milestones and exciting fetal development specific to this week of pregnancy! Gough Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Print More Comments (0) American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine - AIUM.org Halfway through your pregnancy, typically between weeks 18 and 20, your health care provider might recommend a detailed ultrasound examination to check your unborn baby's development. For many women, this is the first and only ultrasound they will receive during their pregnancy.At 18 weeks, your baby-to-be is large enough that your sonographer will perform the ultrasound transabdominally.
With a transabdominal exam, the sonographer will first place gel on your abdomen so that the transducer can slide more easily over your tummy.

If this is your first ultrasound, these measurements help determine or confirm your unborn baby's age. With a follow-up ultrasound, these measurements are used to assess how well the baby is growing.Fetal heart rate and rhythm. The sonographer charts your baby-to-be's heart rate to make sure it falls into the normal range of between 120-160 beats per minute.Fetal head, chest, and abdomen. Each of these structures is evaluated to make sure they are not only in the right location, but also that they are functioning normally.Fetal face. Keri Russell has welcomed her third baby and it's a…Kansas Mom Welcomes 14.4lb ‘mini sumo wrestler’ More to love!
By evaluating the baby's spine, the sonographer can rule out neural tube defects.Fetal extremities examined.
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Your unborn baby's arms, legs, hands, and feet will get the once-over to ensure they are developing well and working properly.Placenta appearance and location evaluated.

The sonographer will also check the placenta to make sure it appears healthy and that it's in the right position.Amniotic fluid is assessed. Too much or too little amniotic fluid might signal a problem with your unborn baby's development.Uterus and surrounding areas.
Besides evaluating the mother-to-be for fibroids, ovarian cysts, or other pelvic conditions, the sonographer will also confirm that the cervix is closed.Gender determination. Figuring out your unborn baby's sex isn't really part of the ultrasound, even though for most parents that's the most memorable moment during the exam.

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