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According to the Prophecy of the Popes, there will be one pope left after Pope Benedict XVI (who resigned in February 2013) before Rome will be destroyed.
Four of the popes between 1464 and 1555 were rumored to have engaged in homosexual affairs during pontificate.
Pregnant women really do experience a heightened sense of smell, which is basically the body’s way of steering them away from food that would be bad for the baby. This likely dates back to the once common Catholic belief that left-handed people were servants of the devil.

Sure, it’s worth it when you see those adorable healthy faces staring back at you for the first time.
Three times as many women, about 1 in 3, will give birth through Cesarian than was reported 10 years ago. Over the course of the pregnancy, the uterus stretches from the size of a peach to roughly the size of a medium watermelon. Extra fluid and water retention can cause pregnant women’s feet to grow up to one full shoe size.

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