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The full-bodied texture and sweet flavor are similar to Greek-style yogurt and can be used in smoothies Raspberry Blush Yogurt Smoothie, in parfaits Black Forest Cherry On Top Yogurt Parfait, and even for a cake Black and Blue Berry Freezer Yogurt Cream Cake. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. For one thing it contains fresh coconut meat and coconut water, and uber nutritional probiotics. It’s loaded with amino acids, healthy fats, antioxidants, electrolytes, aids in weight loss, and can even lower cholesterol. By culturing the coconut yogurt you are making it even more bioavailable, more nutritious, and adding beneficial bacteria. This recipe is really easy to make and only requires a few ingredients: fresh coconut meat, coconut water, probiotic powder and lemon juice.
It will whip up into a creamy thick mixture that can be cultured using any one of the methods listed below.
When ready, you will have thick delicious cultured probiotic-rich raw coconut yogurt that can be used just like dairy yogurt.
You can also recycle a bit from each batch to use for the next batch making it even easier and more cost-effective to reproduce. Using hot water – Place the blended yogurt in a quart-size mason jar or other large jar. Place it in a large bowl filled with very warm water (not less than 100 degrees and not exceeding 118 degrees).

Make sure the water is no higher than 1 – 2 inches from the top of the jar or the top of the yogurt. As the water in the bowl cools, carefully remove the yogurt jar, dispose of the cool water and place the yogurt jar back into the large bowl. Repeat this process until the culturing cycle is complete, checking the yogurt periodically.
Cover completely with a dark cloth or towel and place in a dark warm area where the yogurt will not be disturbed. When I was using an oven at one time I always wrapped a dark towel around the yogurt not just to shield it from the oven light but to also keep it as cozy and warm as possible during incubation.
I’ve read numerous studies about how light affects both the nutrient levels and the flavors in foods (especially live foods). By protecting it, I basically feel I’m doing all I can to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria while retaining the inherent qualities of the ingredients. After so many years of my yogurts coming out perfect each time I don’t want to mess with success. In fact, I keep almost all of my food (except growing plants) in a dark area as much as possible.
I included some information below about light and food and of course feel free to do your own research. Yogurt companies use a LightBlock bottle for their yogurts which is why you usually don’t see yogurts sold in clear containers. Both natural and artificial light can speed this process, called photodegradation, according to the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Clemson University.

Photodegradation occurs when the absorption of light directly causes a chemical reaction in a constituent in the food, or when light indirectly causes a reaction in a second constituent by its effect on the first one. Photodegradation usually affects specific components in food, such as pigments, vitamins, fats and proteins. How sensitive a food is to photodegradation depends on factors such as the strength and type of the light, length of exposure, distance from the light, temperature, oxygen content of the food, optical properties of the packaging, and whether the food is a solid or liquid.
Light usually penetrates only the outer layer in a solid food, typically causing discoloration on its surface.
Light can penetrate liquids more deeply and affect more constituents because of mixing and agitation. You could also try using more of the thicker cream from the top of the coconut milk can (you may need to use several cans for this). I would then refrigerate the finished yogurt for several hours before using to allow the thickeners in the yogurt to set. To be honest I haven’t used canned milk for this recipe myself but if you do, please let me know how it works out.

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