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I have been through numerous tubs of XTEND in the past and decided to give the new formula a shot. Well that depends on what you mean, if you mean crisp apple xtend free, then that is a new version that has no artificials.
I originally asked for the apply asylum for psycho , but I am still fine with the fruit punch. I do feel the aminos are working, and definitely feel the pre workout is working very well.
Since I am still on a reverse diet, I try to save up my food for nighttime, so I am usually exhausted 95% of the day until I start eating at 11 pm.
DISCLAIMER: The above post is my personal opinion and does not represent the official position of any company or entity. Great apps, looking forward to give it a try and see how it does against the Lemon-lime sour; which is one of my faves. Even if that were not the case, the mixability alone is a deal killer for me regarding Modern BCAAs. There are no carbs in xtend, and pretty sure you mean glucose :P (which if it was a carb in xtend, it would most likely be dextrose anyway). Disclaimer: The above post is my personal opinion and does not represent the official position of any company or entity. 40 scoops would be the ideal amount IMO due to most of us using two scoops but with the current increase in Leucine this maybe a tough feat for most companies. As of right now no info is being released ther then we are hoping for it to be out in 6-8 weeks. It is different everyday, but I aim to get 40+ grams of protein and keep calories around 1000 for this meal.

I'll have to try it again as I'm drinking it to describe it better, but I do like the taste and have no problem drinking it all throughout my workout.
Still haven't been able to hit a PR in incline bench or dumbbell presses, but I did hit a PR with the chest press machine, which was great. Very brutal but I was able to get it done thankfully and am happy I don't have to do it again until next week. I hate it but it has to be done, especially since I keep adding calories every single week.
I feel perfectly fine after the gym, almost always pumped up while in the gym, and don't really experience any side effects. But yesterday when doing lunges, when lifting the barbell over my head, it accidentally touched my lips and I think that's why I'm sick now. However, I am attempting to gain 2 lbs every month since august, and will start dieting in mid to late march, so my peak off season weight should be around 170 lbs, maybe a little less. I have finals coming up and basically missed 2 weeks straight of HIIT which is also terrible. First, this product helped me push myself to my limits and shatter some old plateaus I had while drinking this stuff during my workouts. Unfortunately I have never tried Xtend and couldn't afford it this round of ordering supps, but it was one of the first things in my cart for the next order!!
I chose this flavor for a specific reason, I've been using XF's ICE for the longest time the flavor and profile of ICE always keeps me coming back for more. My calves are also improving finally after doing that 'undercover pro' method of calf training.
Only slight side effect (for me at least) is that sometimes when I take it, I feel a little light headed 10 minutes later.

Haven't weighed myself in a while, definitely gained some fat buy i'm bulking so I'm not too fazed by it.
I can remember using the OG dialene and even getting the 1lber of the whey when Scivation first put it out. I have gained a little weight within the last 10 days, and have been hitting PRs again finally. This goes away after another 10 min, and by the time I'm in the gym, any light headedness goes away and it's more of a deeper concentration. Before my first contest prep I was at 198 at one point, and had to diet down all the way to 154.5 in 7 months. I actually fell into place with using Scivation by coming across the cut diet and using it for one of my first serious cuts. I feel the aminos help a lot, especially psychologically, to give me that boost of wanting to do another sprint. I had watermelon once and it was waaaay too strong for me, but that was back when I only used like 12 oz water. I trust Scivation and know that Mike is doing all he can to make sure the company is reputable and upholds high-standards.

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