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Xyngular Ultimate Transformation PackThe unique way, how to step-by-step lose some weight and achieve your better figure in the course of 29 days. Xyngular Body Transformation is a proved starting way how to step-by-step achieve your dreamed-of slimming and overall health goals during 29 days.
There are dozens of weight-loss programs out there, which require 60, 90 or up to 120 days to complete.
Xyngular Ultimate Transformation pack is designed for those, who are really tired of various diets without any visible effects. In the attached brochure there is an exact description how to consume the individual products correctly. Contains the products you need to complete an IGNITE weight-loss cycle; Accelerate, Cheat +, Lean, Flush, Super Fruit Global Blend Classic, Axion and Xyng. Contains the products you need to complete an IGNITE weight-loss cycle; Accelerate, Cheat +, Lean, Flush, Super Fruit Global Blend NEW, Axion and Xyng. This completely new weight loss package contain all Xyngular products which you need to complete this body transformation cycle.
Winners: We will award (2) body transformation winners per month (6 total) and the best (2) overall transformations during the entire period. T-Shirts!: Every person that fully completes a 29-day Body Transformation cycle and submits their before and afters, measurements and story will receive a free Xyngular Body Transformation T-shirt!

If you decide to finish the monthly program we guarantee you that during your body transformation into fat-burning machine you will reduce your weight and waist girth.
Thanks to the combination of natural products you will not suffer from hunger during* your transformation, nor will you have to undergo nonsensical diets*.
If you want to achieve visible results with your diet, feel better and supply your body with necessary nutrients for its right function and all of that just within 29 days, this package should be right there for you. Starting from January 3rd we launched a program for body change named Xyngular Body Transformation. Submit a “before” picture and measurements when you start, and an “after” picture and measurements when you are done with a story of your journey and success.
Overall winners will receive $1500 cash, a CORE4 System AND airfare and 2 nights hotel at the 2013 XYNGFLING! Also we cannot forget to mention how great you will feel and how much more energy you will have.
It begins with powerful 8-days IGNITE weight-loss program and continues with optimal eating and exercise plan. Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Pack can show you the right and optimal path for losing weight* without the need for various radical diets. Some of them are 60-days long, other 90-days and there are even some prescribed for more than 120 days.

During this program your body will get nutrition that you need for your near-perfect transformation*. It is basically an improved Ignite Fat Burning System which can cleanse you* and rid you of excessive pounds while dieting*.
Oftentimes it turns out that we don’t make it till the end and expected results do not arrive.Xyngular Body Transformation is different.
The basic of the slimming process is to cleanse the organism thoroughly, start up and speed the metabolism, and of course adequate and healthy nourishment, which is necessary for the right function of the cells. This program comprises of 29 days schedule for losing weight and overall body transformation. By merging these three rules your body will be ready for perfect transformation, of which you will be pleased. For this end we created several supporting materials which will help you accomplish your goals.

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