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We are all working so hard to get our New Zealand Visa, but do you know what it looks like? Leaving the country without a RRV would mean that you cannot re-enter New Zealand and would have to go through the whole process of applying for PR again.
The RRV is only valid for a certain period of time so you need to ensure that you are back in New Zealand before the expiry date.
Once your RRV has expired and you apply for a new one, they will in all likelyhood issue one for an indefinite period, which means that you can now come and go with the same ease as a natural citizen. If you have a job offer in New Zealand and apply for a Work Visa, you will be issued with a closed work visa.

If you are in New Zealand on a closed work visa and you get a better job offer or your circumstances have changed and you want to change jobs, you must speak to your Immigration Case Officer BEFORE changing jobs. The Closed Work Visa is normally issued to the Principle Applicant, ie., the person applying for the permit. An open work visa allows you to work in New Zealand at any employer in any capacity for the period specified on the visa. To leave the country and come back again you need a Returning Residents Visa (shown below) which allows you to come and go. You need this visa when you leave New Zealand to visit family outside New Zealand, or leave the country temporarily for any reason.

This means that the visa only allows you to work in a specified capacity at a specified employer for a certain amount of time. South Africans have been kicked out of New Zealand before because of this, so don’t take chances.
As with the Closed Work Visa, it is important to leave the country BEFORE your visa expires.

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