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We are all working so hard to get our New Zealand Visa, but do you know what it looks like? Leaving the country without a RRV would mean that you cannot re-enter New Zealand and would have to go through the whole process of applying for PR again.
The RRV is only valid for a certain period of time so you need to ensure that you are back in New Zealand before the expiry date. Once your RRV has expired and you apply for a new one, they will in all likelyhood issue one for an indefinite period, which means that you can now come and go with the same ease as a natural citizen. If you have a job offer in New Zealand and apply for a Work Visa, you will be issued with a closed work visa. If you are in New Zealand on a closed work visa and you get a better job offer or your circumstances have changed and you want to change jobs, you must speak to your Immigration Case Officer BEFORE changing jobs. The Closed Work Visa is normally issued to the Principle Applicant, ie., the person applying for the permit.
An open work visa allows you to work in New Zealand at any employer in any capacity for the period specified on the visa. Two individual qualifications at level 4*to 6 on the New Zealand Qualification Framework, where each qualification is at least one academic year study in New Zealand, provided the second qualification is at a higher level than the first.
Statistics New Zealand has released some fascinating numbers that show an increase in migrants in the  last 9 months. National Statistics Office also gave details of migration to Australia and to other countries from New  Zealand. New Zealand welcomed 9100 Indian, 7000 Chinese, 5,000 British, 3,400 Filipino migrants and a  marginal number from many  other countries. Applications for immigration naturalization have gone up since October, higher than last year.
Key websites: Unfortunately, there is no central website to search for vacancies with adventure tourism companies. Key websites: NZ Ski (Use this to apply for all resorts based in Queenstown and Wanaka) and Mount Ruapehu (an alternative, lesser-known resort on the North Island. From award-winning vineyards to farms growing kiwis, strawberries, apples, and avocados, horticultural positions will get you outdoors and enjoying the seasons of New Zealand. Key website: Pick NZ (especially helpful is their Regional Map helping you identify which regions of the country are hiring and when). Whether it’s a cafe, bar, restaurant, or pub, jobs in the hospitality industry, or “hospo” as it’s known Down Under, can be the perfect way to start off your time in New Zealand.

Additionally, an interesting alternative is working for a hospitality temp agency, such as The Temp Centre in Wellington. Staying in hostels is a backpacker’s badge of courage, braving 12-bed dorms, communal spaces, and more often than not: grungy bathrooms.
We're three New Yorkers who ditched our media jobs to embark on a yearlong, round-the-world journey in search of adventure and inspiration. The Lost Girls Ultimate Guide to First Time Travel to get info on the hottest first-time traveler destinations, tips on saving for your getaway, advice on booking flights, what-to-pack info, how to stay connected and more. To leave the country and come back again you need a Returning Residents Visa (shown below) which allows you to come and go. You need this visa when you leave New Zealand to visit family outside New Zealand, or leave the country temporarily for any reason.
This means that the visa only allows you to work in a specified capacity at a specified employer for a certain amount of time. South Africans have been kicked out of New Zealand before because of this, so don’t take chances.
As with the Closed Work Visa, it is important to leave the country BEFORE your visa expires.
From January to September 2014, New Zealand has welcomed more than 45,000  migrants, most of whom are from India and China closely followed by the UK and Philippines. Only 6,000 New Zealanders migrated outside when compared with the figures from  the past 20 years.
The minister said that the numbers will further soar because of health, education, and excellent lifestyle the country offers to everyone. But that process of applying, interviewing, and waiting for a call back can be even crazier when you’ve just moved abroad and are starting fresh.
A good place to start is Seek, a Kiwi version of Monster, before looking at individual companies like AJ Hackett Bungy, Franz Josef Glacier Guides, and White Island Volcano Tours. The stunning Southern Alps that span the western side of the South Island rival their Northern-Hemisphere namesake and are a popular destination with Kiwis and tourists alike.
Although the work is hard and phyiscally demanding, it could also be a great way to fill a few weeks while transitioning from one city to another. While I was hoping to do a bit of fruit picking myself, it didn’t work out due to timing issues. The country is known for its coffee culture as well as a remarkable offering of fresh seafood and meat (lamb, anyone?).

But working in a hostel can be a fun reversal as you become an expert in your new adopted city and are able to advise other travellers on events and sights they can’t miss during their stay. I leave for my WHV in Australia in about a week and I’m sure the job situation is pretty similar! Hope this will be some help for you as you find your way in NZ ?? Can’t wait to read how it all goes for you! I just came back from NZ and did not realize the sheer number of independent travelers that are on a work visa. I am actually in Australia on a working holiday visa but thinking about doing the same in NZ later in the year. It was 5,900 in December 1994, and after almost two decades, it’s more or less the  same, suggesting a drop in outbound migration.
Unfortunately, living on the edge tends to come at a price, so working for one of the many adventure tourism companies could be a great way to take part while saving some money. Two small but bustling towns called Queenstown and Wanaka, both set on the edge of pristine finger lakes with the snow-capped Alps at their doorstep, are home to a number of world-class ski resorts: Cardrona, the Remarkables, Mount Hutt, and Treble Cone. Because the nature of the work is so dependent on the weather, it’s important to be flexible and patient while waiting for the right opportunity to open up. During my year, I waitressed in a Mexican restaurant in Christchurch, an Italian restaurant in Wellington, and bartended at a gourmet pizza bar-turned-night club in Queenstown.
Hostels abound across New Zealand and several organizations such as YHA and BBH can help you identify the hostels in a city you may be interested in working in. Shortly after arriving, I changed my mind and decided to split my year between three cities, working my way around the country to make the most of my time. If you’re headed to New Zealand, here are five jobs to keep in mind to minimize work stress abroad. Even if you don’t have specific experience in the industry, many of the companies look to fill basic positions like front office, sales and reservations, and housekeeping.
All of these employ large numbers of travellers for the season and positions can range from rentals to ski lift operator to instructor. Each time, the job introduced me to many other people my age, both Kiwis and other travellers, and was a great way to get a feel for each new city.

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