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When setting your goals start with the big picture then break it down into smaller targets, then realistic steps you will take to turn this into a reality. Career – What level do you want to reach in your career, or what do you want to achieve? Physical – Are there any athletic goals that you want to achieve, or do you want good health deep into old age? 30-Day Money Back GuaranteeIf you follow the fitness and nutrition program we design for you and you don’t see results within 30 days, we will happily give you your money back.
If you are in a leadership position, you are constantly faced with the challenge of keeping your employees motivated and productive. Goals are most effective when the individual expected to meet them has a part in setting them.
With these two questions in mind and with the help of the following pointers, employees will no longer view goals as mere management tools but rather as they should be: personal motivators for success that can help your employees succeed. Regular feedback is vital in helping your employees reach the goals set for their work performance.  When speaking to them, look for opportunities to give encouragement.
Talkback: How have you increased the effectiveness of your employees work performance goals?
While the supervisor is clearly responsible for conducting the final review, the process should be collaborative, with employees coming prepared to review their accomplishments, where they may have exceeded or performed to the standards required, as well as where there were challenges or shortfalls in their performance.
The following table highlights some of the common errors when rating employee performance as well as ways in which each of these types of errors can be addressed.
When designing an integrated goals and competency-based performance management system, there are a number of decisions that have to be made with regard to how the ratings will be completed. Will there be an arithmetic average of all the goals, or will some goals be seen as more important and given more weighting in the overall rating? Will some competencies be seen as more important and therefore be given a heavier emphasis or weighting? How will the ratings for the goals be considered in combination with the ratings for competencies? In the next in our series of 10 blogs, we will discuss multi-source (360 degree) feedback and the important role competencies play in this form of performance management.
Clearly establishing the competencies and the actions required for successful performance is an excellent way to support feedback.
I recall one situation in which I had asked for flights to a destination on a certain date.

In the next in our series of 10 blogs, we will discuss evaluating performance and how competencies support this process.
As a competency consultant, I often see HR or line managers not even consider results measurement, or get half way through their CbTM project before they even think of measuring results. Measurement of results should really start the moment you identify a business need for a CbTM application, at which point you should identify the desired results and changes you are trying to achieve.
Measuring the results of competency-based HR applications is the only way to be able to prove success to top management.
By making your goals visual and concrete, you can easily identify distractions and road blocks that are keeping you from achieving what you want.  Set goals to see yourself progress and raise your self-confidence. As their manager, you know best what they need to achieve in order to meet company objectives.
That way when the deadline arrives there is no question whether the goal was reached or not. As long as an employee continues putting forth effort to reach them, they should continue to receive support from their managers.
He writes primarily on topics ranging from business relationships to employee satisfaction for Able Trophies.
If progress review meetings have been conducted on a regular basis, there should be few surprises for the employee and supervisor.
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Both the employee and superior should be continually assessing progress achieving in the employee’s goals and monitoring where improvements can be made. Like many other management constructs, measuring outcomes of Competency-based Talent Management (CbTM) can be challenging.
And unfortunately, it can sometimes be too late if you are too far along in the project, as you need a baseline for comparison.
This requires measurement of current performance at the time the project is started, followed by a second or multiple measurements after the application is implemented and has had time to affect the workplace.
However, from the employee’s point of view, they are often looked on as an arbitrary and rigid means of doling out raises.
But having them contribute to their own goal setting in a meaningful way will also help motivate them to meet the performance goals for their jobs. However, short-term goals will also provide an ongoing metric of the employee’s progress.  Deadlines should also be set according to the rhythm of the metric they measure.

But many goals are dynamic and should reflect the changing responsibilities and talents of the employee. Did their failure result from a lack of activity, or did they give their best but simply come up short? If you are having a hard time with this idea, consider some of the great failures in history.
On the more complex side, you can look at organizational performance measures, and how they tie to the CbTM initiative. By building measurements into the project from the start, the application can be designed to facilitate the collection of performance data, and you can more easily demonstrate real value to your management team.
Failing to reach a goal we set for ourselves is always harder to swallow than failing to reach a goal we think leadership arbitrarily set for us. For example, if you are servicing clients on monthly contracts then the goals should naturally have a monthly deadline. Open communication may make the difference between a goal that is simply reached and one that is blown out of the water.
If an employee has put forth noticeable effort and still failed it would be counterproductive for a manager to humiliate or punish them. On a side note, having the employee help set goals will give you valuable insight into what motivates each individual.
In such a case, weekly or bi-weekly goals will help the employee keep on track with reaching their objectives. Finally, as the employee gains experience and additional responsibilities, make sure their goals grow with them. Although known for their successes, these individuals had greater failure rates than their peers. Allowing the employee to help determine the reward will motivate them to work toward achieving it.

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