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If you're just starting your acting career, there's one rule to follow about your resume: Keep it simple. As a student (or recent grad), your first instinct will be to fill your resumé with credits, courses, and master classes. Also, list professional credits towards the top, and educational credits toward the bottom. In this acting resume sample, there's very little mention of training, and all of the community and educational theatre credits are gone. Also notice that you're no longer getting calls at home: You've got an agent or manager for that. If you're looking to do theatre and you're in New York, Chicago, or London, theatre credits go at the top.
But if you're in LA or Vancouver and your itching to do film or commercial work, those credits go at the top.

Basics: Title of project, type of project (film, TV, theater, commercial, voiceover, print), casting agency, production company, a short description or synopsis, the genre, union or non-union, etc. Character Breakdown: Including age, gender, race, personality traits, and any other relevant info.
Image(s): Whether it's your production company's logo, your headshot, or promotional material for the project, including an image is always a good idea.
Academy of Dance Arts - Academy PhilosophyA The Academy is devoted to teaching dance as an art form.A  Our goal is to teach students to become technically trained dancers who are versatile in all styles of dance. Click on the example resume that is closest to your career situation, and you can download a full sized version. Enter you email below to receive open casting call notices delivered straight to your inbox every Tuesday.
Ballet is the foundation for all dance genres; therefore it is a requirement at our school.

A combination of the best elements of the Russian, Italian and Danish ballet techniques are taught. Shortly after a strong ballet base is established, students begin to train in jazz, tap, modern and character.A The Academy strives to develop well-rounded dancers who, if they desire, are prepared to enter a career in dance. Our dancers receive excellent training and are taught dance etiquette, a strong work ethic, responsibility and a life-long appreciation of dance.A  While not every student will become a professional dancer, these skills will help our students achieve their goals regardless of the path they take for their future.
We are proud to instill in our students the philosophy that Phyllis Deweese imparted so many years ago.

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