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Worklinks can organise unpaid work experience placements for both school-aged and mature-aged people throughout South East Queensland. Work experience is something that is extremely important for students – it adds to your CV and shows potential employers you are capable of working while also helping you build and improve your skills.
If you have an idea of what you’d like to do as a career then it’s important you get experience in that particular area to differentiate yourself from your competition. I’d recommend looking for somewhere relatively close to home if possible, that way you have somewhere familiar to stay and you can get there easily. Before you try break the ice with anyone you need to be prepared and know about the company you’re applying to. This is your first impression on the company you’re applying to – you only get one go at this so make yourself look as good as you can.
Talk about the company – tell them you’re impressed with their recent work and congratulate them on any awards or accolades they may have recently won.
Sell yourself: it’s one thing telling them they’re good, but you need to tell them YOU’RE good too.
Your CV is arguably the most important document you own, as it is supposed to sum you up, show your skills, sell you and get you a job, all in two A4 pages.
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Your first year in particular is the perfect time to gain experience that is relevant to your degree: in most universities, the first year is mainly for students to get to grips with university life and their course, with most courses only requiring a 40 percent pass rate. It might be beneficial to take a ‘placement year’ as part of your course: two thirds of employers now provide paid vacation internships for penultimate year students, and three-fifths offer industrial placements for undergraduates (typically lasting 6-12 months as part of a university degree course). As an undergraduate, I set myself a goal that I would get something relevant to journalism on my CV every year until I graduated – this kept me focused, and I managed to work with local newspapers and production companies (and even the BBC) all while I was studying for a degree in English.
Try local museums and libraries, or the university itself – sending a quick email around offering your services as a researcher or admin assistant will be respected. You may think that sports and societies are just in place to enhance your university experience – and in a lot of ways, they are.
Taking the time during your studies to get relevant work experience in your field will put you ahead of other students who believe in the common misconception that a degree will be enough to get a job.
If there’s one job but five people want it and only one of them has experience working in that area before, it’s likely they will be the person getting the job or an interview at least.

However, if there isn’t anywhere close that is suitable there’s nothing wrong with going further afield, just be aware of waking up early or staying somewhere unknown!
If you know people who work in companies you’re interested in then ask them if they can put you in contact with the appropriate person.
Go on their website, see what they’ve been doing recently, awards they may have won, any clients they have if you’re applying to an agency, members of staff and also who would be the best person to contact. You’ve got to look like you’re enthusiastic about the industry and the company and you don’t want to get caught out by any questions that may very well be thrown your way.
They are doing you a favour and need to see why giving you work experience will be worth their while. If you have any errors in your CV or covering letter it makes you look careless and it’s not uncommon to get immediately discarded by a company if you have made a mistake. If you’re called in for an interview or a chat, make sure you appear smart and presentable. Even if it’s not compulsory, it might be worth taking a year out and working with a company that you can maintain a relationship with during your final year – it may even lead to a post-graduate job.
Now, while all my friends are taking a year off to gain experience (and most likely work for free), I am in a prime position to apply for graduate schemes. Also, many of your lecturers and tutors will have connections in their field, so try to ask for any help or information and you may get doors opened for you. But, by being involved with extra-curriculars you are learning skills that are invaluable on a CV: teamwork, communication, management, organization, all these skills are transferrable, and vital to any work environment. These days’ employers want to see proof of your passion, and in that particular case a degree is most definitely not enough; but, spending just a few weeks with a reputable company shows initiative and commitment, and it’ll make you stand out in a sea of boring BA’s.
We have been organising work experience placements in these regions since 1997, and as a result, can boast a database of more than 7000 fantastic employers with whom we have partnered to provide this valuable service. It never hurts to have someone you know at the company as this can relax you and they can put in a good word for you if they’re inclined to.
Start by addressing them politely by name (this goes for on the phone as well), people get annoyed when you haven’t done the research. If spelling and grammar isn’t your strong suit, don’t just rely on spell check; get someone else who is a competent speller to check before you send anything off. If you have a portfolio of work, take it with you to showcase your abilities and impress employers.
Recruiters have confirmed that a record 37% of this year’s entry-level positions are expected to be filled by graduates who have already worked for their organisations.

You may even get paid for your efforts: more than four-fifths of the UK’s leading graduate employers are offering paid work experience programmes for students and recent graduates during the 2013-2014 academic year – a record 11,819 places are available.
Or, maybe try to maintain a blog that can be either relevant to your degree or not at all; literacy and an online presence are becoming very important skills in the growing social media age. You’ll also be decorating your CV to be more representative of ‘you’ – employers will learn more about you personally if you show what you enjoy to do in your spare time, and for many companies it’s important for their works to be well-rounded and sociable individuals. They can also give you an idea of what it’s like to work in that particular company or area, helping you decide if it is the path you want to follow. Santander also offer a Career Insight Bursary for students undertaking work experience that is separate to their degrees.
It doesn’t matter where you gain your experience, unless you’re sure that a career in that particular field is the one for you.
These companies get hundreds of emails every day and it’s likely yours will get lost in the traffic.
This will make you look like you have direction and have been working towards a career in the chosen area for a while. Every graduate job will require organization and communication skills, and it’s exactly these (as well as multitasking and initiative) that you’ll learn while juggling your studies. Make sure you have done your research and can ring the most appropriate person straight away to get yourself noticed and avoid being passed around by receptionists and departments if you can.
Be sure to include a small section on your hobbies and interests – this should show you’re a well-rounded individual and have a life outside work. And, as an added bonus, you may discover other passions or ideas for your life after university. That way you are in their thoughts and can send over information such as a CV and a covering letter which they’ll now be looking out for. Also say all the computer programmes you can use as well as any foreign languages you may speak.

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