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Through this program, students who attend an accredited public or private college, daily courses, can go during the summer to Work and Travel program in the United States. Visa Refusals were generally due to non-fulfillment of conditions relating the school situation.
Zip Travel will help with both the work permit DS-2019 and all documents required obtaining a visa. In the period from October to April, depending on the variant chosen program, applicants must sign the job offer and pay the full cost of the program.
Sich einfach mal vom Alltag eine Auszeit nehmen, die Welt entdecken und berufliche Auslandserfahrungen sammeln, hierfur ist ein Work and Travel Aufenthalt genau die richtige Wahl.
Gerade fur viele Abiturienten, die sich vor dem Studium noch eine Pause gonnen mochten, bietet sich ein Work & Travel Aufenthalt im Ausland an.
Viele junge Menschen traumen davon, einmal fur einige Monate oder gar fur ein komplettes Jahr in die USA zu reisen. Working Holiday in den USA ist geeignet, um in den Staaten ein Praktikum, Farm- oder Freiwilligenarbeit, einen Summerjob etc. Wer fur einige Monate in die USA reisen mochte, um dort zu arbeiten und um die Kultur naher kennenzulernen, fur den ist Work & Travel genau das Richtige.
Wer sich fur einen Work and Travel-Aufenthalt in den USA entscheidet, freut sich auf das Land der unbegrenzten Moglichkeiten, spannende Metropolen, tolle Landschaften, freundliche Menschen und ein ganz eigenes Lebensgefuhl. Work and Travel in den USA kann sehr aufregend sein, doch dieser Aufenthalt sollte gut vorbereitet sein.
Wer uber die gro?e Freiheit in den USA traumt, was mit einem Work and Travel Aufenthalt moglich ist, sollte sich auch mit dem Thema Haftpflichtversicherung auseinandersetzen.
We apologize for the problems with our menu, we are working hard to put things back in order.
Your program sponsor will arrange your job placement, accommodation, J1 visa paperwork and insurance for you! Work Travel USA is a cultural exchange program created by the US Government in order to allow international students to experience what the USA and the American people are really like. Only American non-profit organizations can be designated by the USA Department of State to be sponsors of this program.
The program sponsor will try to place you in the order of your preferences, starting from your first preferred location. Typical placements include hotels, restaurants, bars, fast foods, campgrounds, stores, supermarket chains etc.
The program application lets you indicate preference for three of the following types of jobs, and mark which one is your first, second and third preference. If no of employers accept you for your preferred job type, your program sponsor will place you in a different one. Some students are paid more depending on their position, how good employees they are, and mainly if they are repeat participants. Some students have their accommodation for free, some pay $80 per week or more, but those are unusual situations. At the minimum, your complete application, including all required enclosures, interview report and payment must be in our possession before the end of January 2012. Send the complete application packet including the non-refundable $50 Application Processing Fee to our Application Processing Center. Note: If you are a group larger than two (2), check Work Travel USA with Self-Arranged Job. You can only participate in the program between the end of classes at your school before the summer vacations, and the beginning of classes at your school after the summer vacations. Students arriving after June 25th can only be placed if they can work for 3 months or longer. Your arrival date may not be earlier than the end of classes before your vacations, as shown in your Student Status Verification Form!
For summer, your Last day of work can not be earlier than theA Labor Day (when is USA Labor Day). Your Last day of work can not be later than the date when classes start at your school after the summer vacations, as shown in your Student Status Verification Form. Regardless of how long your vacations are, the work-end date can not be later than 4 months after your arrival date.
You are supposed to stay in your job until the Last day of work as you entered it into your application. We will process your application, and let you know if ita€™s complete, or what is perhaps missing. The interview takes place after the complete application packet has been delivered to APEX Foundation. The interview may be conducted by an experienced previous participant of a work-involving international exchange program. Tip: For summer, airfare is much cheaper for arrivals before June 15 (March 15 for the spring program).
Tip: Most discounted flight tickets for summer are available for sale in January and February.
Tip: Ask if your flight ticket allows changing your return flight date, in the case you need it!
Once we forward your Program Fee to the program sponsor, they will start working on your placement. In majority of cases the program sponsor sends Program Placements within 1 to 2 months after your complete application and full payment have been delivered to us.
In exceptional cases the placement can be delivered to you at any moment up to your arrival in the USA. Once you receive your placement, you are required to confirm within 10 days that you accept it. Since the program sponsor guarantees you only one placement, this equals canceling from the program. The program placement contains: contact information, job title, job details, wage, work hours, and accommodation information including its cost. After you accept your program placements, contact also your employer by e-mail or phone to confirm that you accepted the placement with his company.
As procedures change and are different in different countries, we recommend that you to check your local US Embassy website for instructions as early as 4 months prior to your planned arrival and follow any news until you get your visa. It gives you a wealth of information for your arrival and your participation in the program. Contact your employer before you buy your flight ticket to your final destination and ask for suggestions where to arrive. Call your program sponsor’s emergency number in the case of difficulties upon arrival. You are required by law to register into SEVIS within 10 days of your arrival at your employer. If you have any difficulties during the program, contact your program sponsor for assistance.
APEX Foundation is not your program sponsor and we are not authorized to provide any support during your program participation.
You are expected to stay with your employer until the date you entered in your application.
Tip: If the emergency was a medical one, call your insurance company as soon as your medical conditions permit. You are required to seek approval from your program sponsor Apex USA, Inc.A before you change your job or address. Any and all costs associated with transition from the original placement to the new one are strictly the responsibility of the participant. It is against the law for you to work before the start date, or after the end date of your DS2019 form. Most students report that they travel for about 2 weeks and spend about $1,000 on traveling. One program placement as close as possible to the applicant’s preferences, arranged by Apex USA, Inc. APEX Foundation is not involved in arranging this insurance and can offer no assistance with it.
Bank fees: All transfer fees are always born by the you, regardless of the direction of the transfer. Shipping: You will be charged for shipping costs for all items that are sent to you after the initial delivery of your DS2019 and I-901 forms. Relocation: If you have serious difficulties at your workplace and your program sponsor finds you a new placement on your request, you must have enough money to relocate. No refund, if visa was denied because a forged document or untrue information was supplied.
Cancellation request made by participant prior to issuing DS2019: Program Fee and Insurance less $300 is refunded. Cancellation request made by participant after issuing DS2019: Program Fee and Insurance less $400 is refunded. Cancellation request made by participant fewer than 6 weeks prior to the arrival date shown in the application: No refund.
Refunds are processed within 1 month after your written cancellation notice has been received. In the event a refund sent according to the applicant’s instructions is returned by a bank or the postal service as undeliverable or unclaimed, $20 administrative fee plus expenses are charged for each subsequent refund attempt. Submitting any forged documents, certificates or untrue information will result in being canceled from the program with no refund. Send the complete application packet including the non-refundable $50 Application Processing Fee* to us. We will process your application, and let you know if it’s complete, or what is perhaps missing.
Am interested in participating in next years program me, and will like to know when to start the application process. Hi Susan, as you could see at the Go4Free page previously, interviewers are former participants, students like you (when you come back :-) Unfortunately, we have no former participants in Hangzhou, only in Beijing. Bodybuilding supplements store: top rated fat burners, Bodybuilding supplements, muscle builders, testosterone supplements. Find the best bodybuilding supplement offers on nutraplanet!, Buy discount bodybuilding supplements like jack3d, no shotgun & fat burners like lipo 6.
Affordable supplements, body building supplements, protein, Bodybuilding supplements at discount prices including maximuscle cyclone, reflex instant whey and other sports supplements.
Affliliate DisclosureI El Amin, owner of earn commission as an affiliate marketer for recommending products on this website, we hope this disclosure will demonstrate our intent to fun an honest and reputable business.
I gained 65 lbs of muscle mass naturally, and learned throughout my lengthy journey that all bodybuilding supplements are a complete waste of time and money.
I had a very old workout setup in my basement that my dad had used decades earlier, with plastic weight plates, a bench and a barbell.

I started to seek out information in bodybuilding magazines and programs, attempting to put some structure into my new workout plan. I was faced with conflicting workout information, which made me even more confused than before I had read anything about bodybuilding! It was nonetheless time for me to begin my muscle building journey, since I had no more time to waste.
I started lifting weights and attempted to stuff myself with lots of food, as I had read plenty of times that eating enough was crucial to building muscle.
In addition to forcing food down my throat all day long, I was experimenting with workout methods, as I really had no idea what I was doing, and because everyone seemed to have a different opinion on how to lift weights, I felt the only way to find out what works is to just try everything. As I continued my two year bodybuilding experimentation, I was learning through trial-and-error that many of the methods recommended in bodybuilding programs and magazines simply don't work, or are very dangerous. Through the many hours per week I spent implementing workout ideas, I was able to finally begin building muscle, which was a feeling of satisfaction that I cannot express in mere words. It was now time to try and burn fat! I had gained more than enough muscle mass, but it was hiding underneath a large amount of lard. I had not forgotten that everything I read was pushing supplements as the answer to achieving a nice looking body. I purchased muscle building and fat burning supplements like it was my job, even though it was costing me a large chunk of my paycheck.
I purchased more supplements than I can possibly remember, and my results were simply amazing.
How Could I Have Gained NO Muscle And Shed ZERO Fat When Using Supplements That Promised Results?
I was frustrated after spending so much money and not achieving anything in return, so I wanted to find out why.
I Finally Learned How To Workout For Muscle Gains (Adding 120 lbs), But Now It Was Time To Burn FatDisgusted with my failed supplement experiment, it was time to learn how to eat.
When I released my MuscleNOW & Fat Vanish programs in 1997, I did not want to just provide a book that teaches what I learned, as I knew that those purchasing would inevitably have questions or need customization of my program for their specific situation. At 21 years of age I have achieved a physique which I believe many guys aspire to, but never reach due to lack of knowledge regarding nutrition.
I wasn't going to submit pictures or a testimonial but I changed my mind since there are so many false, fake, and fraudulent things on the internet. It took me 6 grueling years to finally add 65 lbs of muscle, turning my skinny 130 lbs frame into a muscular masterpiece. I have been doing your workout without steroids and have done pretty much exactly what the muscle building program says for about 4 years now and thank you! An average guy with a wife, kids, job, takes his obese and way out of shape body and turns it into that of a greek god, or at least as close as he can get in 4 months time.
After ten years of working out regularly and seeing less than satisfactory results, I spent three and a half years devoting little time to fitness and put on fifty pounds of fat.
I purchased your program a few years ago, but as so many people do when they start a fitness program I got impatient after a couple of weeks and quit. The MuscleNOW natural bodybuilding program will teach you every step of diet and exercise necessary to transform your body, without supplements or steroids. The Massive Strength plan provides a workout that is designed to target maximum strength improvements, with minimum time training. Receive motivation, inspiration and fellowship as you communicate with others who follow the MuscleNOW and Fat Vanish plan. With the quick transformation your body will experience on my program, others will ask you how to achieve the same results. Measure muscle building and fat loss results as you follow my MuscleNOW and Fat Vanish methods. If I ever make any changes or additions to any aspect of the program in the future, you will be entitled to receive these modifications for free. Usually we organizes a job fair or virtual fair where students are able to choose their desired job. Proof of visa fee payment in the amount of 160 USD which will be paid in lei at any BRD branch in the country. Bei einem Work and Travel Aufenthalt kommt es zu einem Unfall, welcher zu hohen Kosten fur Behandlungen und Rettung fuhrt. You can indicate a preference for job and location type, but be aware that it may not possible to meet your specific preference. The program application lets you indicate preference for three of the following types of location, and mark which one is your first, second and third preference. If no of employers in your preferred locations accept you, the program sponsor will place you elsewhere.
In the event the break between classes at your school is longer than that, you can still participate only for 4 months.
In the event the break between classes at your school is shorter than that, you can not participate in this program.
Most travel insurance companies require this and you may lose substantial amount of money if you dona€™t follow their instructions. Partly you may get better coverage than the minimum insurance, but most importantly, in the case of any problems with covering your medical costs, you will be able to deal with the insurance company in your native language. Be aware that many cheap flight tickets have fixed dates, so if you have to return early, you may have to buy a new flight ticket. The controlling date, for the purpose of determining the refundable amount, if any, is the date of delivery of the cancellation notice.
You can participate during your summer vacations that follow after the end of your first year.
To be able to participate, you have to be a full-time student of a university or college at the time you are applying for your visa.
If your language school is accredited as a tertiary institution and you are studying there full time for at least a diploma, you can participate. Your insurance conditions will be written in your language and the customer service people in your insurance company will speak your language too. But you are required to keep your address and job information up-to-date in your SEVIS record.
You must not work in childcare, as a crewmember of a ship or an airplane, you must not get a job where you would come into contact with medical patients, and you must not work as a domestic worker. While there are exceptions (check the Blog or our Facebook page) it is not normally possible to ask for a specific job. We deal directly with applicants over the Internet, or through other students who become our Student Cooperators. But this program now newly allows Skype video interviews, so you are OK, plus if you wish, we could ask some of our former participants to get in touch with you and share their experience. The problem is that employers do not want employees for a very short time, making students arriving for fewer than 12 weeks very hard to place.
But what I do when I research companies on the web is looking up their web site, especially About us and Blog and check how long is their domain registered. The problem is that I only turn 18 in January 2012 and only then can I apply for an international passport and it may take 1-2 months.
Can I work for two months and travel for one monthi?Y What is the least required time for working? At the age of 16, I suffered from extremely low self esteem, due in large part to weighing only 130 lbs at a height of 6'2". Although it was obvious to me that working out was essential to adding muscle, I didn't know where to begin. But the more I read, the greater my confusion became, as one article would make a certain recommendation, and the next advised something completely different. And I had yet to even begin exploring diet, which was even more of a concern for me than the workouts themselves.
As I tried to figure out how to proceed, there was one consistent recommendation no matter what I read, and that was to purchase bodybuilding supplements. But, even though I was finally adding size to my biceps and chest on a regular basis, there was something troubling that I could not figure out how to control. Although in clothes I looked large and powerful, without a shirt I was a mess, and my face had reached monstrous, unappealing proportions. I had already built massive muscles without ever having yet touched a supplement, but, being human, I figured why not try to build even more muscle with the help of supplements, while also attempting to burn away this huge amount of fat that was making me very uncomfortable.
But, I felt like I had to at least burn away the fat, as it was greatly harming my self esteem, and I also needed to determine whether all of these supplements were able to add to my already amazing amount of muscle gains. It came to my attention that unlike pharmaceutical companies, which need to have legitimate studies to back up results, supplements can make any outlandish promise they wish, and legally, do not need to deliver one iota of what they claim!This was outrageous to me, and felt like legalized theft.
So, I figured that experimentation led me to the correct muscle building path, as I added 120 lbs without supplements or drugs after years of workout experimentation, so I now needed to put that same effort into my diet.This is exactly what I did, and the results were nothing less than extraordinary!
I wanted everyone to feel as if I am right along side them, ready to guide every step of their journey, therefore, I added the Lifetime Email Personal Training benefit to my program, which allows everyone who signs up for MuscleNOW or Fat Vanish access to me, the author, as their lifetime email personal trainer, and, as the name implies, this benefit never expires. I was one of those people at age 16, but thanks to the knowledge that I gained from MuscleNOW, I have achieved feats that I never thought were possible. Your program was exactly what I was looking for when it came to weight training; a step-by-step approach to working out that didn't leave you guessing. The difficult, lengthy trial-and-error period taught me that supplements are completely worthless, and educated me on the right way to build muscle mass naturally, which lead me to writing my MuscleNOW program. I gained 65 lbs of muscle, and the compliments I receive send my confidence through the roof.
I'm 20 years old with the best body in my gym and probably one of the best (non steroid) bodies in my city. When I started college I began working out on campus but I wasn't seeing the results I wanted in my routine. I always thought it was a prerequisite to take supplements in order to gain muscle, but your program has taught me the total opposite. If you don't build more muscle mass than you ever thought possible, simply return the program within 90 days and receive a full refund, no questions asked! This was all done in the midst of the holidays, 2 weeks of downtime from illness, many more cheat days than what is allowed and yet, I was able to shed a total of 39 ? pounds in 4 months time by following the workouts and diet, even though I cheated and had to stay out of the gym from time to time! I had tried spending two hours a day in the gym, several different diets, and countless supplements that promised to help me reach my muscle building goals.
Although your program had given me all the knowledge I ever needed to be successful, I didn't sustain the drive and motivation to be successful. Send as many questions as you wish to Francesco (the author) and he will guide you every step of the way to your muscle building or fat loss goals! Try my program for a full 90 days, and if your body does not transform, I will refund all of your money.
You will see form demonstrations for all required exercises, as well as a complete MuscleNOW  bodybuilding program workout.
If you wish to arrange your program placement yourself, checkA Work Travel USA with Self-Arranged Job.

They stay more weeks than shown in the example, or get a second job to have more work hours per week, or both.
But the program regulation require that you’d be interviewed as a part of the application process. I can see that you already created an account, so you can go ahead complete the program application.
However we can guarantee that we are willing to talk with you :-) With former participants it depends on them if they want to or not.
But, perhaps your English is above average, maybe you have worked in McDonald’s or Ramada Inn in China and have experience. But just quickly, the visa denial rate for programs involving just work, such as this one, is so high in most African countries that we do not really need to promote it. You are offering that for summer program, I must submit my application as soon as possible (November-December) and at this time, according to your rules, I will not be eligible to participate in this program.
If you go back through our Blog though, you will notice that every year, there are a few opportunities after the normal application deadline.
The reason is that employers really do not want people working for them for less than 3 months.
As the skinniest teen in my school, I was not surprisingly targeted by numerous bullies, often pushed into lockers and walls while walking to class, and dreaded going to school each morning. This, I was told, would make all the difference in how my body would react to weight training. It was horrifying trying to consume so much food, but nowhere could I find a way to determine exactly how many calories my body needed, so I figured just continue eating until I could eat no more. No other extracurricular after school activities were an option, as I had to get home as soon as possible so I could enter my basement workout laboratory to see what happens next. After spending so much of my hard-earned money, I was left without anything new to show, other than an empty wallet. But, what's worse is that many of the sources I used to learn about supplements, such as bodybuilding magazines, were actually colluding with supplement companies, since the vast majority of their pages are filled with supplement advertising, paid for by supplement companies, or, even worse, some magazines are even owned by supplement retailers!
I ended up burning 55 lbs of fat, which was more than I thought I needed to lose, and ultimately, I was left having gained 65 lbs of muscle, with very low body fat, using no supplements or drugs whatsoever.
I had dedicated one summer to your system (approximately 12 weeks) and the results I saw were incomparable to any other weight training that I had done in the past.
After reading your program I will never use steroids, because if I want to get bigger, I can, and if I want to get more ripped, I can, so I already have the success formula and I thank you for that. Soon thereafter I became frustrated with my training regimen and began relying on pills, protein powders and virtually anything else I could get my hands on.
Just six months ago I started the program and I've noticed a world of difference not only to my physical health, but more importantly to my mental well-being.
I am now on a path of fitness that will get me to that perfect vision of fitness that we all want to have! After seeing the testimonials paired with the 90 day money back guarantee, I decided that I had nothing to lose and purchased the system.
One day after telling myself that it was now or never, I picked up your book again and started reading. I was on some training routines before, but it was only one failure after another, and results didn't want to come. This would be impossible if the program sponsor wouldn’t have the flexibility to try all available employers when placing you.
We do accept individual African students who find us on the Internet and approach us directly, but there’s no need for marketing the program.
So, summing it all together Ia€™ll be eligible to apply for this program when I have to start the whole process, and what are the chances that I will be able to work the summer of 2012, provided that I apply for a visa only at the end of March or later? Naturally, none can tell if that is going to happen again next spring, but if it does, you will be eligible to apply. As you are a repeat applicant, do you have your own job placement arranged in the USA, or will you need one? However, if you can spend enough time yourself finding such a placement, and eventually find such an employer, you can apply to the self-arranged program instead to get the J1 visa sponsorship. I'd actually check off the days in my calendar as they passed by, anxiously counting down to the end of the school year when I could distance myself from the negativity.
Just pick one up, scan through the pages, and this will become obvious, although at the time, I had no idea this was the case.I came to learn that most bodybuilding magazines and web sites are merely propaganda vehicles used to advertise supplements!
However, if it's muscle size that you are after, I personally don't believe that there is another program out there which is nearly as effective as MuscleNOW.
Bottom line, anyone looking to either start or modify there own weight training program will definitely benefit from MuscleNOW. I hope your message gets across to the whole world of bodybuilders that you don't need steroids, only consistency and determination! Most of the supplements I was taking had adverse side effects and provided no nutritional value past the empty promises printed on the bottles.
The program has also convinced me to stop smoking cigarettes to make my running easier, and I also don't touch alcohol at all during the 5 days a week when I work out.
I hope you get a chance to see my results so that they can inspire you to do what I did, which was to get off the couch and get to work! As I turned the pages it was as if you were speaking to me personally saying "if you trust in my principles I will get you to where you want to be." I followed your guidelines EXACTLY as you instructed with regard to my diet and how I performed in the gym over the next twelve weeks and as anyone can see in my before and after photos I had DRAMATIC results.
You can indicate your preference for a location and a business type, but there can be no guarantee that your preference will be met.
In fact, I strongly suggest that you first read the program description in full and make notes about what you don’t quite understand and want to ask about. But you should also look at ways how you could stay longer, otherwise the program is just flying here, working all the time and flying home. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is that you are really not going to make much money in just two months. I felt utterly powerless to defend myself.My only potential escape from this living nightmare was to try and add significant muscle mass, which I knew would enhance my low self confidence, while simultaneously deterring my larger bully classmates from using me as their punching bag.
They pose as "objective reviewers" of certain bodybuilding supplement products, when in fact, they profit off every supplement that they endorse.Pro bodybuilders are plastered all over fitness web sites and magazines standing next to a supplement bottle, implying that their award-winning physique was built through using the particular product photographed with them, but I learned that these bodybuilders are merely paid an endorsement fee to promote a certain supplement, even though it's presented in the advertisement as an unbiased testimonial.
I had become consumed with products that were considered both dangerous and unhealthy and were costing me literally hundreds of dollars a year. I achieved better results in 9 weeks than what I had achieved over the past year of working out and dieting. What people with a specific requirement (dream :-) do, is they apply for the regular program first, and then, while in America, find themselves their dream job in their dream place, for the following summer. As a language student, you can only work for 10 hours per week in the UK, but it will still make the program cheaper in the end and get you a reference from a job in an English-speaking country, AND MAINLY you can be in London during the Olympics! You already participated in the program, why aren’t you applying through the same company as you did the first time?
So what you can do is to come this summer, work for 3 months make as much money as you can and perhaps visit just New York or Washington, D.C. The questions that came into my mind were endless, while the bodybuilding programs and muscle articles I read just continued to recommend conflicting methods. In reality, that bodybuilder would look exactly the same whether he did or did not use the supplement in question, as the body you see in the photos of such endorsement subjects are the result of steroids and other drugs, not legal supplements. I felt like a celebrity because guys and women came up to me with questions and were wondering what I did to develop SO much in such a short time. I could go on and on about the side-benefits which surfaced that were completely unknown to me at the time, but for now I'd just like to give my sincere thanks to Francesco and his program for all the wonderful things it has done for me.
I'm very happy to say that I did this without costly supplements that can often be harmful to your health. Speaking of horses, there are jobs at dude ranches available, so you could include that among your preferences. If you are not comfortable answering the second question here, please feel free to reply in an email. I always thought that the risk of health issues greatly outweighed any amount of muscle built, and promised myself that I would only seek natural bodybuilding methods in order to protect my well being.But I didn't realize at the time that supplements could also destroy my health.
I truly believe MuscleNOW is the single most important investment I made since I began working out. It's hard to break bad habits but I truly feel now with my diet and workout structure, I am maximizing my potential. Then for the next year, make arrangements in your school, such as taking more subjects and exams in the winter semester, and come for a longer time.
Thankfully, they didn't, but given that I did not build any muscle or burn fat while using them, they didn't do much of anything for me, except waste lots of my money and time.
It far exceeded my expectations and I'm so thrilled to report that I have been permanently released from the shackles of costly supplementation and pills. What is also incredible is that I have gained over 10 pounds of muscle mass to go along with the 13% decrease in body fat. An indirect result of your program is the confidence it gave me as a person in all aspects of my life and today I am better for it, so thanks!! And what's the best of it, I benefit from a lot of your advises also in other areas of my life! Yet, if I? had accomplished what I was seeking and found a supplement that actually added muscle or shed fat faster than was possible naturally, I would then be risking my health and well being, and that only crossed my mind after my failed supplement experiment. The information was very easy to understand, comprehensive, and most importantly effective. One can see very fast, that you worked real hard to put that material together into a wonderful working combination. It is now obvious to me that seeking a pill or powder to increase the rate of muscle growth and fat loss is a losing proposition, as I either find one that doesn't work (likely), or one that could destroy my life. The price of this program is a bargain to achieve the kind of life changing results that you will undoubtedly see if you follow the system as it is described.
Thank you for all of your assistance throughout the past months Francesco; I couldn't have transformed my body without your help. I even got enlarged the part about consistency and stick it to the wall in my working studio. So it makes sense to the do US programs as many times as you can while you are a student and leave other places for after you finish your school.
I've personally had a lot of trainers in my life (spending about $200 a piece) and have never gotten the gains in strength, health, and most importantly pride that I have with your programs.

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