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Check out the Amazing video where Alex (a customer) made a cool website in 10 minutes using the Best Amazon WordPress Plugin, WP Zon Builder! Multiple Ways to Monetize Your Websites – Yes, WP Zon Builder can build entire product filled websites from scratch in minutes, but it also helps you to Monetize Existing sites easily. WP Zon Builder allows you to easily add hundreds of Amazon products to any WordPress installation in minutes. The plugin integrates with the Amazon affiliate program, so you can get paid a commission whenever you refer a sale to Amazon. Check out this feature rich demo site we built showcasing WP Zon Builder and the Gazette theme.
Site Flipper & Developer License Special – Get all the Benefits of the Personal license, plus ability to Sell Unlimited Websites you create.
14 Day Unconditional Money Back GuaranteeIf you are not 100% satisfied with WP Zon Builder for any reason, just tell us within 14 days of purchase. REHub is a modern multipurpose hybrid theme with magazine, blog, review, directory, user generated, shop and affiliate options. You can build your own layout using tons of different content blocks and shortcodes for awesome content presentation. You can use block or full width header, change background and color, use predefinite white, black style or customize color of any part of header. Review block has schema format and can be like post review and product review with offer box and time count (optional). I set up and use more than 50 themes for myself and my clients and I see sometimes that TF authors want to include maximum features to theme, but all these functional load together, but most part of these features are not useful. Added: Customizable header layout (enable button, login section, search, additional menu in header).
With Google now favouring mobile friendly sites, creating responsive sites have never been more important. While many webmasters simply resort to using plugins developed by generous authors to include Google Analytics and Tag Manager in their WordPress websites, there’s no telling when said plugins can mess up the scripts or safety of your website (it’s not paranoia if more than 22% websites actually do get hacked via plugin vulnerabilities).

For the rest of us who can rely on our own skills of copying and pasting code, let’s take a gander at what it takes to correctly include and use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager into WordPress websites for rapidly growing small businesses. With that said, we've decided to write a new tutorial that highlights some simple easy-to-follow steps on how you can migrate your WordPress site using the Duplicator plugin. Tired of creating a plain looking image gallery where you can't adjust the gutter widths, or control the overall layout of your images?
Here's a sample of a tile-like image gallery, using only the image module and Builder plugin. This tutorial focuses on how you can recreate the above tile-like image gallery on your site.
Use the coupon code “zongaz” for a 30% discount on WP Zon Builder, and get the theme free!
All aspects of your site can be controlled from the WordPress admin panel – meaning WP Zon Builder is very easy to use, even if you have no experience with WordPress. The addition of widgets and some customization to the theme can make a world of difference. Everything you see here was done from the WordPress administration area with our Amazon Affiliate Script. All of the products were added in just one click using the Search & Add By Browsenode feature. As soon as your payment is received, you will be e-mailed login details to the customer area where you can download WP Zon Builder and view the installation instructions, tutorials, and documentation.
You will receive the plugin instantly after placing your order, even if it is 4:17 AM on a weekend.
It has emphasis on modern style, content and has different options for affiliate earnings, coupon and review website, comparison websites and e-shops.
With simple clicks adds content from youtube, google images, books, freebase, flickr, twitter, and much more.
We are also available to create custom parsers for theme for any site which has affiliate partnership program.

You can change background, cover images, insert link to background, insert branded image, etc.
I create 4 different type of this – product page, item review with author rating, news with users rating, video object.
But making sure that your site looks good on all devices can be tricky, especially with background images. This documentation is great for users who aren't tech savvy, have little time, or do it often for client sites. We are very impressed with his work, and he was kind enough to share with us how he was able to do this by writing a guest post on Themify Flow Blog. Want to display your entire image without worrying about your images being cut because it doesn't fit with the pre-built gallery containers? So you can use it for different purposes: from standalone blog to portal with shop, review system, news magazine, comparison websites, digital products shop and user generated sites.
For this tutorial, we're going to explain how background images varies in different devices, and how the Builder background position option can help fix this issue. Knowing how to transfer your WordPress site to a new server is definitely beneficial, especially if you're a developer looking to create multiple sites for clients.
Understanding that it's impossible for us to keep up with this growing demand, we decided to create this tutorial to allow you to create your own Builder module.
The Themify Builder plugin let's you do all these easily with it's image module and adjustable gutter width feature.
Control the placement, size, and order of how your images will appear on your site using the Builder plugin.
Check out the tutorial below and see how you can add your own tile-like image gallery on your WordPress site.

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