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Remember when you were a little kid and your parents wanted to force you to eat "just one more scoop" and you hated it?
We know how difficult it is to put on some weight, and how annoying it is when others tell you "lucky you" or "of course you're skinny, you don't eat" and similar things that just increase our frustration. It's so called because it has the purpose of helping you gain weight faster and with no big effort. And when it's difficult to achieve with your diet, the weight gainer supplement can provide extra calories that can increase your calorie intake to a surplus.
I assume that before trying a mass gainer your calorie intake is just enough to maintain your current body weight and that you're already doing your best to eat as much as your stomach allows you to. At that point, let's say that one scoop of mass gainer is around 200 calories, you just have to aim to drink a couple of scoops a day.

Some gainer supplements have portions of up to 1,200 calories (well I guess you can use any type and just add more scoops), but that would be too much. Oh yeah don't get me wrong, you WILL gain weight, but a big part of it is going to be stored as fat, and I think there is no point in gaining fat because one day it'll be even harder to get rid of it.
Read How to Gain Weight where I explain this concept more extensively, or my top 3 best weight gainer if you want to start from some good advice. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I want to explain a few secrets of endurance training by answering some fair and common questions about it.
As the temperatures start to get pleasant, it gets harder and harder to drag yourself to the gym to get the exercise you need.

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