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The truth is that whey protein powder can be quite calorie dense – especially if it is taken mixed with milk.
Whey protein powder is only useful for weight loss if you are in a calorie deficit and you are using the protein powder to make up for an otherwise low protein intake. In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with so many adverts and gimmicks, from companies all trying desperately to sell us something in order to help us achieve something great. Check out the next post where I review SSN’s, 100% Whey protein, from how it tastes all the way to how affordable it is!
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A lot of people start going to the gym and working out, then take whey protein powder and wonder why they are not experiencing weight loss. If you want to pack on lean muscle, and you are lifting weights a lot, then whey protein powder can help you, but whey protein powder will not magically support weight loss – especially not in someone who is not otherwise monitoring their diet.

Even then, most people do not need extra protein unless they are lifting weights several times a week. And it is of no help when you walk into a shop looking for something specific, only to find that there are a hundred different brands selling the exact same thing! The biggest difference between the two, is that the isolate has been filtered more to remove most of the carbohydrate and fat content, leaving pretty much pure protein.
So in the above example it contains a blend of both whey protein concentrate and isolate, with a higher percentage of the protein coming from whey concentrate. Take some time to educate yourself about what each supplement does before you start spending money on them. Always look at the nutritional values to check how many grams of protein the product has per 100 grams of the powder. If you look at the ingredients list on any protein supplement, you will see they start off with a few different types of protein. If for instance the ingredient list starts with soy protein, then we should be a bit cautious as we want whey protein and not soy protein in this case.

So I have decided to do a basic review on a few of the supplements out there that I have used so as to help make your decision a little bit easier on what to buy.
A low carb, low fat, high protein shake is any health fanatics dream, and this is what whey protein is.
For a whey protein shake, it should have anywhere between 60 grams and 85 grams of protein. According to a lot of research whey protein is digested quite quickly, making it ideal to take straight after an intense training session in order to feed your hard worked muscle.
The concentrate can do just fine, or even a mix of both of them, it will just depend on what you want to achieve and how much you are willing to spend.

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