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Uni-Liver is an exceptionally pure, natural product derived exclusively from prized grass-fed Argentinian cattle which have been raised without steroids, hormones, or pesticides. So, just another option for those who want the benefit of a whole food (except for the fat being removed) that happens to be the most nutritious on the planet gram for gram, but just can’t take the taste. Desiccated bovine liver, whey (milk), dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, lecithin (soy). Ingredient Notes: The desiccated bovine liver in each 30 grain Uni-Liver tablet is extracted from pure, grass fed, Argentine beef liver that is certified BSE-Free. My wife and I started taking liver pills (the Universal Uni-Liver ones you talk about actually) years ago after reading about a study done with mice that showed liver supplementation had a huge beneficial effect on energy levels. My wife has worse gluten and dairy sensitivity than I do and she’s had no problem with them. I have ordered the Uni-Liver (250 pills to try) as my partner doesn’t like cooked liver that much. When she takes to many it affects her periods (makes them not come or behave irregularly, etc.) we read that can be caused by too much dietary iron. We never had any bloodwork done or anything more conclusive, and she’s in her early 20s, so results may vary.
BTW Rich, I’ve been working out fasted for about 2 months after reading you and Berkhan.
The kicker is that you can cancel the subscription any time after it ships, and you still get to keep the free shipping and the lower price.
With the shipping thrown in, it typically makes Amazon cheaper than even deep discounters like Vitacost. Kind of a nerdy comment, I guess, but I think some your readers probably could use the info. I’m a little confused on the point of overdosing is less likely while at the same time it has a much higher absorption rate. Hum, I may have to check out those liver pills soon, I really really really hate eating liver. Led Rooker has lived for years on a raw mix of ground beef and organs, including liver, all raw. Back in the early 90s while in France, people leave charcuterie and cheese in the cupboard. If you look at the nutrition profile label, it states that there is 335% of the RDA for Vitamin A. The above shows that these supplements have no Vitamin A (retinol), fat or cholesterol, which is consistent with retinol being a fat soluble vitamin. My question about copper was triggered by the label that Richard included with his post, which I assumed was for Uni-Liver.

And to add a question that IS pertinent to the product label, I am curious about opinions on Amino Acids. Changing the topic a bit, I don’t know much abnout dietary copper, but note that this supplement packs a load. I’m sure this a question many times asked, but are there any negatives to eating non-organic liver?
I basically have NO idea where my meat comes from, and here in Thailand, they are sure to use a whole HEAP of antibiotics and growth hormones and other shite. I have used Beverly International’s Ultra 40 on and off (mostly off) for several years.
What would you say would be a reasonable minimum donation frequency (they take a pint, right?) in order to keep iron levels in check? If I were in need of blood, I wouldn’t want it to be tainted with any substance that I could have an anaphylactic reaction to.
As far as a purer supplement, I am unsure if you have seen DrRons’ Liver supplements. Of course, it’s MUCH cheaper to eat half a pound of fresh, real, grassfed liver every week. I wanted to get some and try it out right away because I’m so ridiculously impatient, so I ended up paying $40 over at the local Vitamin Shoppe.
I’m no expert on this by any means but it sure looks like it has some of everything but the kitchen sink in it. For all the trouble vegans go through to avoid animal products, contending with B12 deficiency…and 10 of these tablets give you over 600% of the RDA. Take your pills with a pat of butter, spoon of coconut oil, or natural fat of choice, I suppose. We’ve both noticed a huge difference, and a noticeable drop every time we go off them for a while. She did have some issues with too much iron though, so she takes a smaller dosage than I do. I was a very picky water and as much as I’ve improved lately I think eating liver is still a long ways off. My mother has tried some different approaches, and I am sure there are recipes out there that I might enjoy, but so far eating liver has been a near-vomit inducing endeavor, which is a shame because it really looks like it is a powerhouse of a food. Super nice guy, smart, bright twinkle in the eye, so whatever he’s doing, it appears to work.
Totally disgusting texture and taste, many years of being force-fed it as a kid (not literally, just the old you’re not leaving the table until you’ve finished your meal! Didn’t notice any benefit from taking them, and eventually fear of BSE stopped me taking them.

A little more expensive than Universal’s Uni-Liver, but only contains cellulose, calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide. It’s good for you and good for members of your community who, not infrequently and often through no fault of their own, have urgent need of large quantities. Seems strange that the body would not have evolved a mechanism to stop absorbing iron once it has enough. Some week back I was actually wondering if there was any such thing as, like y’know, desiccated liver in capsules, or something.
One of the most nutritious supplements available to all bodybuilders, Uni-Liver is very high in important amino acids and rich in key vitamins and minerals, including heme iron, riboflavin, folic acid and B12. No doubt eating real liver is best, but getting some real complete nutrition could be very important. If it included fat, then each batch would have to include a consistent amount of fat and that would have to be homogenized across the batch. Unfounded perhaps, but there nonetheless despite the reassurances on the packaging about pastured cow source from NZ. But every time I thought of it I was away from an Internet thingy, then always forgot to check when I wasn’t.
And, since she hated liver and my grandmother, I never had liver as a child and never developed a taste for it.
So, by adjusting the USDA Nutrition Database to get about 15g of protein in raw liver, it comes out to 73 grams raw, or 2.5 ounces, which seems like a reasonable daily intake to me. It looks like a decent whole food-ish supplement as far as supplements go, but like everyone said liver is better and cheaper too. Also this way the manufacture can make the claim that the product is pure liver, and not watered down by any other tissue. Liver tabs can also exert “hematinic activity” – the ability of a substance to improve the quality of the blood, including the hemoglobin level and the number of erythrocytes.
The bottom line is that no matter how you slice it, this is damn expensive liver when fresh can generally be had for $1-2 per pound. Since this product was designed to provide liver, I think that it is properly designed to only include … liver.

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