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Some regions are known to be prone to hurricanes, and some are more likely to have earthquakes or tornados.  Which places have the best tradeoff between the various hazards, and can be known as the safest places for natural disasters?
Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet of the full ranking of 379 metro areas, home to 85% of all U.S. After the epidemic of tornados in 2011, the New York Times asked us this question, and we created a ranking of all 379 U.S. Looking at crime statistics in a vacuum isn’t always the best way to determine how safe your town is. Our five safest cities are all small towns, mostly located in northern New Jersey, with the exception of New Hanover Township. Of the 353 cities surveyed, New Hanover Township takes the top spot on our list with a crime score of 17. Old takes second place with a crime score of 48 – 93% better than an average New Jersey city.
The Hunterdon County town ranks third, with a crime score of 77, beating the average New Jersey town by 88%. In order to compare cities with similar population and crime dynamics, we broke out the cities by three population categories. The “Township of Lakes” also happens to be the 6th safest small town in New Jersey, as well as the 6th safest town overall.
Here is a map showing the 353 cities we looked at in NJ and how they fared in terms of safety.
Below is a list of the 353 cities we included in our study on the safest cities in New Jersey.
We sourced our data from 2013 FBI crime statistics by city, which provides the most recent data available. We standardized the data to reflect violent and property crimes per 100k, to account for population.
When it comes to plan a new car, it’s obviously not possible for two parties to be agreed at similar choice.
Well, it sure isn’t a bad idea to let them drive but you have to keep in mind both opinions, you and your teen’s before buying a car for them. Economically it effects because one cannot b much sure about how the new driver will handle it.
Teenager consider car’s looks, if that is for a boy it must be stylish enough and if a girl is going to own, it must be cute. So concentrating at both opinions, we can easily conclude that cost is a major factor which we have to tackle.
First of all used cars mostly don’t have any warranties as their owners sale them after their warranties expire.
Standard anti-lock brakes, side airbags, curtain airbags (If passenger meet an accident, the airbags keep them inside), AWD version which helps in uncertain weather.
Another interesting feature is that radio won’t turn on until the driver will not fasten his seat belt.
It stands 8th in 40 affordable small cars, sometimes parents want to choose such a car which is huge because they thought their teens will be safe in a massive car but it is not good for them.
This Wagon style is best at both ends for teens, large enough to carry all their sports Items and its back passenger’s seat is small for less number of people. Teens and senior driver both need an easy and smooth control over vehicle and Honda Accord is best for both. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety releases a list of the safest vehicle from the widespread series of testing and analysis for every model year. Although The Buick Encore scored a Poor rating in the small overlap front test, it was awarded three Good ratings like the BMW. The Honda CR-V is the only safest small SUV that earned a respectable Marginal rating and awarded Good ratings in all.
The small overlap front test has become the obstacle for new cars for the safest small SUV as The Ford matches the Buick’s scorecard.
The Sportage got a Poor rating in the front overlap test although it is in keeping with the trends. The Jeep Patriot achieved Good ratings all over for the 2014 model year yet it tot up a Poor rating in the front overlap test.
The Subaru Forester received a Good rating though the 2013 model across the board although it was not exposed to the front overlap test. The Mitsubishi Outlander earned Good ratings for the safest small SUV in all as it earned the honored gratitude of being a Top Safety Pick+.
The Toyota Rav4 received a Poor rating in the frontal overlap test, but it achieves whole board with Good ratings for safest small SUV. This entry was posted in BMW, BUICK, FORD, HONDA, HYUNDAI, JEEP, KIA, MITSUBISHI, SUBARU, TOYOTA and tagged 2014 safest small SUV, 2015 safest small SUV, best safest small SUV, safest small SUV for sale, safest small SUV review, top safest small SUV, update safest small SUV.
Are safety and seating more than a couple kids your top considerations in selecting a new vehicle? In the NHTSA testing, it not only received a 5-star overall rating, but also received 5-stars in each of the five individual crash tests at Safercar.gov.
For fitting three carseats or passengers across the second row, the Odyssey is a hands-down winner for any minivan or SUV. Maybe you already have a minivan, or just want something smaller and easier to fit into a parking spot or garage? When the IIHS implemented the new small offset test it required major modifications and or redesigns from the safest manufacturers.
If money was no object and I wanted the safest 3 row SUV I could buy, I would probably invest in a 2008+ Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX570. If you’re not convinced that size trumps crash test data, than I would get the 2016 XC-90.
Crash testing results from Europe, Australia and Japan are all interesting and valid in those countries, but not necessarily relevant in the USA. As you mention, weight is definitely a factor for frontal crashes with another vehicle, tapering off for the heaviest vehicles, but weight is not as much of a factor in side impacts.

As for the LX570 and Land Cruiser, well, I wouldn’t want my family in one daily compared to other choices available.
Hi Annie, the Mazda 5 is a very nice family hauler; we have a review of it here at CarseatBlog.
I also agree that death rates and injury rates cannot be completely statistically adjusted for all of the different factors that come into play.
However, the data that we do have shows that the type and brand of vehicle purchased is extremely important.
By studying the injury rates and driver death rates (even those with fairly broad 95% confidence intervals), and then incorporated worldwide crash test results to help explain the trends in the data, it is possible to derive a good overall understanding of the relative safety of different vehicles. As I pointed out above, the trends show that bigger, heavier vehicles have lower injury rates, and that is what is critical from a child safety perspective. As an example of the importance of vehicle size and weight, the NHTSA commissioned a study to measure concussion likelihood in side impacts for children in car seats.
In regards to manufacturers cutting corners and having poorer performance from one country to the next, I would argue that global NCAP results show a big difference between the manufacturers that truly value safety and those that only pay it lip service. Tests around the world have shown that certain manufacturers truly value the safety of their occupants. As far as getting an older one without stability control, no I wouldn’t recommend that either. I really wish it could be proven that vehicles were identical in all markets, but it is simply impossible. As for the Acura MDX that rated tops in this survey, nimble handling and being child seat friendly were not among the reasons it scored well, though personally I think they are also important things for some to consider.
The analysts at ValuePenguin took a comprehensive look at crime statistics at over 350 cities and towns in New Jersey to determine which are the safest and least safe relative to each other. They all have exceptionally low rates of violent crime and relatively little property crime. We included the average crime scores by population breakdown for Big, Midsize, and Small cities and towns. The city can now add another accolade to the list – it’s the safest large city in New Jersey. You'll see that many of the safest cities in the state are clustered in the northeastern suburbs.
The towns are listed from safest to least safe with their corresponding " Adjusted Crime Score" highlighted. We excluded towns with populations less than 5,000 because many of these towns experience serious fluctuations in population during the summer months and have population sizes too small to fairly compare to larger cities on the list. Especially if one is a young new driver and the other is a senior one, parents have to be quite careful when picking a vehicle for their young one.
They will definitely not want to purchase a high costing car in their teen’s initial driving stage as it is harmful at both ends. Secondly, old cars give less mileage and often their repairing costs trigger your expected budget to an uncertain boost.
Its engine is less strong than other models alike in market so it is a good choice for teens.
It comes with ‘Mykey Technology’ which parents will prefer for their teens as they can easily keep the speed control in their hands. Reviewers quoted that it’s an ideal car for families because of its safety measurements and lots of space.
In fact cars that are easy to drive, small in size and easy to control are safe for teen driving. Vehicles are rated on a scale of Poor, Marginal, Acceptable or Good by the IIHS according to their performance in a side impact and rollover, minor overlap frontal crash, temperate overlap frontal crash, and assessments of seat and head restraints for protection to prevent neck injuries in back impacts.
Small overlap test is a latest trial and extremely challenging that companies are scrambling to build safest small SUV.
The German car company builds safest small SUV and cars and it is also known for its performance, luxury, and sophistication. However, it accomplished scores of Good all over the rest of the test making it to be the safest small SUV. However, if the 2013 came fitted out with the optional side airbags model, it would have received the same scores and become the safest small SUV. However, the 2014 model was the only car on this list that earned a Good rating for the safest small SUV. But the front overlap test earned the minimum condition for a Pick+ title of an Acceptable rating. However, I feel like requiring NHTSA crash test data is depriving your readers of some great selections.
However, vehicle safety can be measured in three ways: crash tests (NHTSA, IIHS, Euro NCAP, Australian NCAP), IIHS driver death rates, and HLDI injury rates.
Frame height and preventing override are the reason why SUVs are seven times safer than cars in head on collisions (4x safer if the car had a better NHTSA rating, 10x safer if the SUV had the better rating). It is the heaviest vehicle to have a 5 star rating from a country that uses the moderate offset test, has a relatively high (and very stiff) frame, and comes from a manufacturer that has not made a poor (safety wise) SUV since the introduction of electronic stability control. My concern is that by overvaluing American crash test results, people could be misled into thinking that a small 5 star rated vehicle is safer than a large 4 star rated vehicle. In the Latin NCAP scores, the best manufacturers were Honda, Toyota, and Ford (with the exception of the Skoda built Ford Ka).
Honda, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes and Volvo all create vehicles that have consistently excelled. But the last year you could get a Land Cruiser without stability control was 1999, and that was a long time ago.
Yes, there’s a lot of confounding data in the results that we have, and no, you cannot look at death rates or injury rates in absolute terms. The full complement of available crash avoidance safety features (mostly lacking in the LX) and a perfect set of IIHS and NHTSA crash test results are the main factors in the survey. The average adjusted crime score for our five safest cities is around 51 and the scores range by around 60 points (low crime scores are better than high crime scores - some cities scored as high as 3,000).

The town is home to Waterloo Village, which exhibits historical artifacts from the town’s previous Native American inhabitants as well as historic gristmills and sawmills. If you want to know how we arrived at these rankings, you can take a look at our methodology here.
We attempted to account for seasonal population statistics, as many of the shore cities listed have much larger summer populations. In order to calculate this, we weighted violent crime at 90% and property crime at 10%; though property crime is far more prevalent, we figured that the violent crime data points are more relevant when calculating the relative safety of these cities.
Secondly there also comes social factor, at very initial stage, parents should not provide such a luxurious vehicle to young ones which will lead them to expect more and more.
So it’s better to buy a new vehicle, no matter if it is of an older model and not the latest one. According to reviews, accord is one of the “best cars for teens”, and not only teens, it is also best for seniors. Two great choices that are 5 star vehicles in Europe and Australia but don’t sell enough for the NHTSA to test them are the Volvo XC-90 and the Toyota Land Cruiser. Frontal crash tests show how well a safe a vehicle would be in a collision with the identical vehicle. The last Volvo SUV to be released, the XC-60, had the best crash test scores Euro NCAP had ever seen.
Toyota didn’t until several models completely flunked, and they went back to the drawing board. For children, the most important aspects of crash testing are deceleration forces and cabin intrusion, neither of which a crash test can predict if you are in a collision with a larger vehicle. And, as you pointed out, there are gaps in the data that we have (especially for new models).
In 2008, Americans who purchased a new Toyota Tundra (a Top Safety Pick) had an adjusted driver death rate of 23 deaths per million, making Tundra drivers among the least likely to die in the nation. Cabin intrusion is related not only to side impact scores (which is why I would not buy a full size van) but also by the height of a vehicle. Chevrolet had some poor results, but the cars that aced the IIHS moderate offset test also aced the Brazilian moderate offset test, showing that Chevy is at least being honest. A 2003 LC or XC-90 (or an older GL-class) in rust free condition is (in my opinion) safer than the vast majority of new cars available today. However, there is little data detailing this change in population, and the crime rates reported by the FBI are not broken out by month. Music accessories are appreciated at both end, girls and boys equally like a car with a high quality sound system and iPod attachments, tapes etc. They are generally good for seeing how well a vehicle would do against a similar or smaller vehicle.
It resulted in the worst star rating (only 3 stars) that Mercedes had received in 15 years. Americans who purchased a new Nissan Titan had a death rate of 111-126, putting them among the least safe drivers in America.
Car seats in SUVs tend to perch above the crush zone of other vehicles, keeping children safer. For example, the second generation Dodge Caravan had a 4 star safety rating from the NHTSA in a frontal crash. A crash test generally shows how crashworthy the design is, and how safe it is compared to other vehicles of the same weight or smaller. Driver death rates have shown for the last several years that the safest vehicles (least likely for the driver to die in) are midsize to large SUVs and minivans. The GL may have no crash test results, but it comes from a manufacturer that is renowned for safety design. A used Titan may look just as big and safe as a used Tundra, but the safety difference is dramatic.
Acceleration forces will vary based on the mass of the vehicle that the car seat is in (f=ma).
So future car seats in SUVs and minivans will be safer because they’re assuming worst case scenario (installation in a small Nissan).
They are the only manufacturer that I know of that has been caught substituting cheaper steel into the safety cages of vehicles they sell in other countries.
In fact, a few years ago the IIHS tried to find a fatal rollover accident in a vehicle with those three features and couldn’t do it. The Europeans tested it in a moderate offset and said it was only a 2 or 3 star rated vehicle (depending on steering wheel location). A heavier vehicle with stability control is generally safer than a lighter vehicle, and taller vehicles tend to have fewer occupant injuries than lower vehicles.
Injury rates show that the safest (least likely to be injured in) vehicles are heavy SUVs and pickup trucks. HLDI injury rates show a general downward curve of about 20% fewer injury claims per 1000 pounds of curb weight.
When Ford bought Volvo in 1999, Ford vehicles were some of the worst in America, with driver death rates comparable to Chevy, (though not as bad as Nissan or Mitsubishi). Less than ten years after buying Volvo and adopting much of their safety technology, Ford drivers became as safe as drivers of Honda, Toyota, Mercedes or Jeep. The dummy’s head hit the steering wheel through the airbag in the first and second tests, indicating that concussions were possible. Simply redesigning the F-150 so that the engine compartment (instead of the passenger compartment) would crush in a moderate offset cut the driver death rate in half.
The left femur could have broken on the first and third test, and the right leg would have been injured in all three tests.

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