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One of the big myths about muscle and metabolism is the idea that for every pound of new muscle, your body will burn an extra 50-100 calories per day. When you gain muscle, your resting metabolic rate (the number of calories your body burns at rest) does go up. In studies that have tracked changes in muscle mass and metabolism, it might appear that the metabolic rate of muscle is somewhere in the region of 50-100 calories per pound. A good example comes from a study that tracked a group of 26 men during an 18-week program of resistance training [3]. Dividing the increase in resting metabolic rate (263 calories) by the increase in fat-free mass (2.8 pounds) gives us a figure of 94 calories per pound. The first problem is the daily metabolic rate includes the energy cost of physical activity. What’s more, methods for measuring resting metabolic rate and body composition vary widely in their precision and accuracy. In addition, other studies show an increase in resting metabolic rate even when gains in fat-free mass are taken into account [2]. Muscle actually has a very low metabolic rate when it is at rest, which is most of the time. In fact, the heart and kidneys have the highest resting metabolic rate (200 calories per pound). In contrast, the resting metabolic rate of skeletal muscle clocks in at just 6 calories per pound, with fat burning just 2 calories per pound [5].
In other words, while skeletal muscle and fat are the two largest components, their contribution to resting energy expenditure is smaller than that of organs. The vast majority of the resting energy expenditure of your body comes from organs such as liver, kidneys, heart, and brain, which account for only 5% to 6% of your weight. That’s 10 calories per kilogram of muscle, or a little less than 5 calories per pound — not too far away from the previous estimate of 6 calories per pound. The estimates of the resting metabolic rate of muscle I’ve just given do make one assumption — a constant rate of protein turnover. However, most types of resistance exercise will accelerate protein turnover (an increase in the rate of protein synthesis and breakdown), which is going to increase calorie expenditure in the hours (and, in some cases, days) after exercise. And there are studies to show that the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn after an intense workout [1]. And the more rebuilding that has to be done, the more calories (mainly from fat) are being burned after your workout is over. Or to put it another way, while the metabolic rate of resting muscle isn’t as high as previously thought, the metabolic rate of recovering muscle means that people with more muscle mass are going to burn more calories in the post-exercise period.
If you were to lose two pounds of fat and replace it with two pounds of muscle, your resting metabolic rate will increase by less than 10 calories per day.
It would take a vast amount of muscle to substantially increase your metabolic rate — far more than most people are going to build in the gym. Unless they’re very overfat, returning to exercise after a layoff, or just starting an exercise program, very few people gain a lot of muscle and lose a lot of fat at the same time. Despite the fact that the resting metabolic rate of muscle is not as high as previously thought doesn’t mean that training with weights is pointless if you want to lose fat.
If you want less flab and more muscle when you look down at your abs (or where they should be), check out The Flat Belly Cheat Sheet.
It's a “cut the waffle and just tell me what to do” PDF, written in plain English, that tells you exactly how to get rid of belly fat.
Christian Finn holds a master's degree with distinction in exercise science, is a former personal trainer and has been featured on BBC TV and radio, as well as in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Fit Pro, Zest, and Perfect Body magazine. Are you wanting that ripped, muscular body that you have been dreaming about for years now? By taking Lean Muscle X, you are energizing your muscles and body and allowing you to get the most benefit from your exercise routine without feeling sluggish and very tired. If you are in the gym every day trying to build muscle, you may already have the body you envision, you just need to lose the fat.
If you are attempting to build muscle and you do not have a lean physique (See: Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart if you are unsure), I strongly recommend you focus on losing fat without losing muscle before attempting to add some bulk to your frame. Gaining muscle without gaining fat is a very difficult proposition, even if you count every calorie you eat meticulously. I must disclose I have a bias against muscle building – I think most guys have more than enough natural muscle once they reach maturity and after putting in a few good years of quality lifting and eating. If you are at, or above 15% body fat (the chances are likely), I highly recommend focusing on losing fat first.

If you are not lean, you have body fat that is hiding your hard earned muscle mass and even more important, hiding the shape of your muscles. For example, your shoulder muscle is a round, teardrop shaped muscle that is involved in all pulling and pushing movements.
In the photo of me to your right taken a couple of years ago, I have 155lb of lean body mass and I weighed around 167lb. Let’s say you want to add 10-15lb of muscle to your frame, do you know how much volume 10-15lb of muscle has?
I’m not a big fan of using weight when it comes to building a certain amount of muscle. The better way is to measure your body parts to see if there are any major areas of improvement.
You may learn after doing some body measurements that you can definitely get your thighs and calves an inch bigger. I hope after reading this article the choice is very clear as to whether you should lose fat first, or build muscle. My overall goal is to get to 190 at 10% body fat, so to get to the point, would going up in weight to about 210 lbs and then cutting be more effective than going up to about 14 or 15% body fat and then cutting not to allow my body to become too accepting of holding onto bodyfat.
To answer your other question about adding bulk, yes, adding some fat is ok at 10% body fat, just want to be careful, that’s all.
After changing your body fat percentage from the high teens to the low teens, hitting a plateau is almost expected from my experience. 2) Add more intensity to your exercise program – You may want to first take down the volume of exercise down a little for a couple weeks to gain your bearings, but then whatever you have been doing, take it up a notch either in terms of volume, or intensity. Be sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep, which can easily effect your results.
For the answer to your second question, I could write a book on it, but in the meantime, i just added this article so that you can appreciate the difference between maintenance vs. Hey Marc, I’m 15, a male, and I am 5 feet 3 inches tall is 122.4 pounds too much wait for me ?
Thanks your site is amazing and can you do a pull up video on how to do pull ups properly and how to get from one pull up to 20 pull ups? After reading several of your articles I’m really understanding the science of getting lean alot better.
Hey Devin – I suggest you check out some of the motivational articles under the motivation category (top right of this site there is a box which has the categories tab). I’ve been fasting on water only for 7 days and have dropped from 93 kgs to 87kgs in 7 days. Can you read the message that I sent you on You Tube (PolishBob96), the message that is about my workout and can you tell me if it is a good workout and will this workout make me stronger and build muscle and if it is bad what should I add or get rid?
Is there anything that I can do to help this web site grow, I wrote about your website on my you tube account, you can check it out if you want to or when you have the time.
Thank you for making a video on how to do a push up properly and how fast that I should do them, I finally know how to do them correctly! Sorry for all these long message, and sorry If I am being annoying by writing so much and asking so many questions. For nutrition you are saying to eat only all- natural food or organic food and how much water should I drink a day ?
You also may consider my BuiltLean Program for a structured approach to getting the body you want. But this increase is a lot less than the 50-100 calorie figure you’ll often see written. It just seems to be one of those myths that have been around for so long that its accuracy is no longer questioned, and probably exists for the same reason we have misconceptions about a lot of things.
We can’t say for sure that the increase in calorie expenditure was because of the extra muscle alone. Researchers think that mechanisms other than the increase in fat-free mass (such as changes in the activity of the sympathetic nervous system) are partly responsible. The brain (109 calories per pound) and liver (91 calories per pound) also have high values. Not just during your workout, but – provided you train hard enough – after it’s finished as well.
I provide science-based fitness advice to men in their 30s and 40s who want to lose fat and build muscle in its place. There is a supplement that you can purchase that will help you achieve your goal sooner than you think.

It helps burn fat quickly and it will help shed off that extra weight that you have wanted to get rid of. I have been active for years, but this is the first time I have taken a workout regime seriously.
How long should a person do this, and when do we know that all of the fat is gone we don’t have to focus on getting rid of the fat and when all of the fat is gone do we have to do any workouts on getting rid of fat or just focus on building muscle again? I eventually wised up, focused on fat loss, then switched to improving my strength once I hit my target.
It's a “cut the waffle and just tell me what to do” PDF, written in plain English, that shows you exactly how to get rid of belly fat. Lean Muscle X is a supplement that is used for building those muscles and having that ripped body that you want.
When you decide to get into bodybuilding you are committing yourself to a lot of hard work and you should realize this before you get going at it. I am curious if you have any tips for breaking through a barrier like this in your workout regime.
I am planning to apply for them after graduating college because currently I want to double major in Exercise Science and Chemical Engineering.
It’s not nearly as frustrating to add some fat with the muscle now than it was when I was heavier.
The effects of intensity of exercise on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and energy expenditure in moderately trained men and women.
Strength training increases resting metabolic rate and norepinephrine levels in healthy 50- to 65-yr-old men.
When taken alongside a regiment of eating right and exercising properly, you will start to see results very quickly.
One thing about bodybuilding is that you will need to stick with it if you want to see the results that you are hoping to achieve.
The product contains acai berry, green tea, zinc and other ingredients to help boost those muscles. I want to take your advice against bulking, but I am not sure what regimes are good for developing muscle mass without necessarily going through the bulking phase.
I have hit a couple of plateaus during this adventure however I been stuck at this weight for over two weeks. Lately I have been utilizing an Atkins type diet, high fat, high protein, low carb approach. Some are advicing me to get into HGH and steroids to burn more fats and get the solid look but am still not convinced. It is one of the products on the market today that will actually help you to achieve your goal because it does what it is designed to do. You can get a free trial of it so that you can try it out to see if it is the right product for you. My problem is that I am second guessing my workouts and diets now, and I want to know what the best options are for me at this point. I read that your body can burn fats in place of carbs and it won’t raise your blood sugar. By trying the product out, you will see that you will have a boost in your energy and you should start seeing results.
I’m very lean everywhere except for my belly they guy who did the measurements thought it was a little odd how lean I was everywhere except for my belly. I have just started this approach with the diet to lose the last bit of fat to get ripped, ( already a devout gym rat doing HIIT three times a week with weights 2-3 times a week). And then a run for an hour…i dont like to really lift weights, my diet is rather well, I would asume.
But I would LOVE your advise in what I can do to achive a decent toned body (im not picky), what I should change and keep. One thing in your get ripped article that you didn’t mention is the type of carbs to eat?
I am afraid even with high protein and high fat, with little to no carbs I may burn muscle!

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