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Saizen [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is a human growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology.
Growth hormone is used clinically to treat children's growth disorders and adult growth hormone deficiency. Saizen® [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is a human growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology.
Saizen® is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, white, lyophilized powder intended for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection after reconstitution with Bacteriostatic Water for Injection, USP (0.9% Benzyl Alcohol). The diluent is Bacteriostatic Water for Injection, USP containing 0.9% Benzyl Alcohol added as an antimicrobial preservative.
Growth hormone is used clinically to treat childrens growth disorders and adult growth hormone deficiency. At this time HGH is still considered a very complex hormone and many of its functions are still unknown.
Saizen® [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is indicated for the long-term treatment of children with growth failure due to inadequate secretion of endogenous growth hormone.
Childhood Onset: Patients who were growth hormone deficient during childhood as a result of congenital, genetic, acquired, or idiopathic causes.
In general, confirmation of the diagnosis of adult growth hormone deficiency in both groups usually requires an appropriate growth hormone stimulation test.
Saizen® [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] dosage and schedule of administration should be individualized for each patient. Treatment with Saizen® of growth failure due to growth hormone deficiency should be discontinued when the epiphyses are fused. A lower starting dose and smaller dose increments should be considered for older patients, who are more prone to the adverse effects of somatropin than younger individuals. To prevent possible contamination, wipe the rubber vial stopper with an antiseptic solution before puncturing it with the needle.
To reconstitute Saizen®, inject the diluent into the vial of Saizen® aiming the liquid against the glass vial wall. Saizen® can be administered using (1) a standard sterile disposable syringe and needle, (2) a compatible Saizen® needle-free injection device or (3) a compatible Saizen® needle injection device. HGH injections are often administered to athletes for the purpose of improving their physical performance.

Conditions which are usually involved to AIDS wasting syndrome like excessive weight loss, are known to be corrected by HGH injections. Injections of HGH can lower the level of body fat which is said to be the most noticeable benefit an individual can get from it.
HGH injections can lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) while increasing the level of good cholesterol (HDL). It minimizes the feelings of anxiety, provides feelings of serenity and security, and makes you more resistant to stress.
The benefits of HGH injection is achieved gradually after 6-12 months after the restoration of growth hormone levels and these benefits will continue to increase until 18 months or more.
If you are planning to purchase natural HGH supplements, read this article first to know some information about the product. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) increases the depth and quality of sleep, and obtaining more rest can lead to greater energy throughout the day. In recent years, replacement therapies with human growth hormones (HGH) have become popular in the battle against aging and weight management. Biological potency is determined by measuring the increase in body weight induced in hypophysectomized rats.
Its amino acid sequence and structure are identical to the dominant form of human pituitary growth hormone. Patients who fail to respond adequately while on Saizen® therapy should be evaluated to determine the cause of unresponsiveness.
In addition, obese individuals are more likely to manifest adverse effects when treated with a weight-based regimen. It is recommended that Saizen® be administered using sterile, disposable syringes and needles. Its function is to stimulate the cells of the different tissues so that they will grow and divide. Although this condition can be remedied with appetite stimulants and exercise, some patients get benefits from HGH injections in order to acquire body mass. In a clinical study that has been conducted among older men treated with HGH injections, their body fat is reduced by 14.4% after treating them for 6 months. HGH injections helps in restoring back the hair color and at the same time stimulate new hair growth.

Reported effects include decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, increased bone density, increased energy levels, improved skin tone and texture, increased sexual function and improved immune system function.
Clinical response, side effects, and determination of age-and gender-adjusted serum IGF-I levels may be used as guidance in dose titration. In order to reach the defined treatment goal, estrogen-replete women may need higher doses than men.
The syringes should be of small enough volume that the prescribed dose can be drawn from the vial with reasonable accuracy. They are administered in children with growth disorders and to adults who are recovering from serious injuries. However, there is still insufficient evidence that these injections can actually enhance strength or athletic performance. Saizen® is produced by a mammalian cell line (mouse C127) that has been modified by the addition of the human growth hormone gene. Some people have insufficient amount of HGH especially the elderly that’s why HGH injections are required to increase muscle mass and promote muscle growth among them. In short they are administered to both young and adults who have HGH deficiency so as to increase their bone density, muscle mass and their exercise capacity and also to reduce body fat. Saizen®, with the correct three-dimensional configuration, is secreted directly through the cell membrane into the cell-culture medium for collection and purification.
Most of all HGH injections can aid to the overall health of a person especially for those who suffer from premature aging and loss their sexual ability.
Hau Liu, it is stated that HGH can only increase lean muscle mass but not to increase strength and exercise capacity. DO NOT INJECT Saizen® if the reconstituted product is cloudy immediately after reconstitution or refrigeration. Occasionally, after refrigeration, small colorless particles may be present in the Saizen® solution. Some studies even found out that HGH injections increases lactic acid which is said to cause muscle cramping.

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