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By taking advantage of China's international production capacity cooperation initiative, which allows Chinese companies to use their specific advantages in cooperation with different parts of the supply chain in other countries, the government of Central China's Hubei province is encouraging more companies to go global with "certain plans, procedures and targets". The initiative, which was championed by Premier Li Keqiang, can not only help the province cut industrial overcapacity, reduce inventory and lower costs, but also is conducive to improving the local industrial system to increase employment and tax revenues, the government said. By the end of 2015, Hubei had more than 620 companies tapping overseas markets in some 70 countries and regions.
Of these projects, 40 were located in countries along the routes of the Belt and Road Initiative, and involved investment and contracting. Investment projects covered more than 10 sectors, including chemicals, optical communication, automobile, agricultural products, steel, cement and new energies, and were distributed throughout 21 countries, including Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Poland. Contracting projects were located in 10 countries including Bangladesh, Iran, Mongolia and Myanmar, and had a contract value of $8.8 billion. CGGC compared the project to China's hydroelectric Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest power station in terms of installed capacity.
China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, another leader in the sector, undertook overseas contracting projects worth nearly $4 billion during the past decade.
For most of the local companies, "overseas factories will serve as a new growth point for corporate development", said Li Yeqing, president of Huaxin Cement.
Huaxin began its global strategy in 2013 by establishing a cement production line in Tajikistan, the first of its kind in the country, which helped end the central Asian country's dependence on imported cement. Li said the company also has 10 cement factories in other countries, including Cambodia and Kazakhstan.
China's Angel Yeast, the world's third-largest yeast manufacturer, has exported its products to over 140 countries and regions.
The company said it chose Egypt because of the country's natural gas reserves, as well as its sugar cane and sugar beet crops, which are among the raw materials needed to produce yeast. In July 2015, Angel Yeast invested $463 million to build its second overseas factory, which is in Lipetsk Oblast, Russia.
In addition, many companies in Hubei have increased their international competitiveness and mastered high-end technologies by purchasing related business sectors from established European and US enterprises. In 2013, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Co, one of China's biggest steel producers by capacity, signed a deal to buy the automotive-steel manufacturing unit from the German industrial giant ThyssenKrupp AG, with the aim of entering the high-end automobile laser welding market. Following two years of development, the company currently occupies a 42 percent market share in Europe and the United States in the sector. That same year, Chinese special-purpose vehicles manufacturer Tri-Ring Group bought Poland's largest bearings maker FLT Krasnik, acquiring its core technologies in car bearing R&D and production. In 2014, Tri-Ring Poland generated about 560 million yuan ($84.9 million) in sales, an increase of 52 percent year-on-year. Chinese pharmaceutical company Humanwell Healthcare Group established marketing teams and a research center in the US in 2009 and 2010, and in 2015 became the first company in the industry in Hubei to pass the inspection by the US Food and Drug Administration. Last year, the firm became one of the top three suppliers of soft capsules in the US, with sales revenue hitting $50 million. Humanwell also built a production plant in Mali in 2013, which at the time was China's largest pharmaceutical plant in West Africa. The company plans to invest 300 million yuan to build another factory in Ethiopia to serve markets in East Africa, Wang added. Located in the easternmost part of Central China, Hubei province covers 185,900 square kilometers, or 1.94 percent of China's total territory. As the provincial capital, Wuhan is located at the central point of China's high-speed railway network, making the province an important transportation hub. Thousands of lakes also dot Hubei's Jianghan plain, and the water-rich province has been dubbed the "land of 1,000 lakes".
Hubei has a rich culture and history: Emperor Yan, who is said to be the first ancestor of the Chinese civilization, lived there. Hubei has abundant resources in education and technology, which boost the development of the province. It is also maintaining a rapid pace of development thanks to national strategies such as developing the Yangtze River Economic Belt, developing the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the Rise of Central China Plain Strategy. The Forum on Global Production Capacity and Business Cooperation kicks off on Sunday in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, to promote international capacity cooperation and equipment manufacturing for central China's provinces. The two-day event, co-hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hubei government, will attract more than 400 overseas representatives from more than 70 countries and regions, including 55 senior officials from sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture and equipment manufacturing.
More than 1,300 delegates from domestic and overseas companies and representatives from international financial organizations, such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and Silk Road Fund Co, will attend the event. In a speech in Latin America on May 25, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang announced that in his industrial-capacity cooperation plan, a country brings in equipment, production lines for building materials, advanced technologies and management experiences from other countries to reduce the cost of infrastructure construction. At a keynote forum on Sunday, 10 speakers will discuss development strategies, government policies, financing channels and successful cases related to international capacity cooperation. The hosts will also organize a promotional and negotiations activity for Chinese companies that aim to invest abroad as well as for overseas investment promotional organizations and enterprises. The activity has five sections: infrastructure, energy and minerals, mechanical equipment, network information, agriculture and agricultural product processing. There will also be six special matchmaking events centering on central Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, Hungary as well as optical communication equipment and engineering.
Officials in Hubei said local companies and other Chinese enterprises are anticipated to make achievements globally in the next five years as the country's government promotes international capacity cooperation. The province plans to focus on steel, cement, plate glass, auto parts, optoelectronics information, solar photovoltaic and electric power to support its local companies' cooperation with other countries and regions on production capacity and equipment manufacturing. Local officials said it would promote the construction of economic and trade cooperation zones in Southeast Asia and central Europe this year to support the global expansion of more local enterprises. The Hubei government signed a cooperation deal with the National Development and Reform Commission in December.
Government officials, researchers and company executives will share views and case studies on cooperation strategies, policies and financing to build international production capacity. Exhibitions will cover infrastructure, energy and minerals, machinery equipment, internet information and agriculture and farm-produce processing and will involve Chinese companies planning overseas investment, overseas companies and investment promotions institutions. Campaigns will be held for Russia, central Europe, Hungary, Africa and Asia as well as for the optical communications and infrastructure sector where there is high potential and solid foundation of production capacity cooperation. Focusing on practices in the cooperation on global production capacity, scholars and industry insiders from home and abroad will discuss the importance of working together on international production capacity and how to improve the effectiveness of that cooperation in central Chinese regions by seizing on their advantages. A picture of three snow monkeys, those fascinating creatures that have bright red faces and look as though they could do with a haircut, was vivid in my mind when I and two friends suggested we visit Hakone, the hot spring town 85 kilometers southeast of Tokyo. Leaving fascination aside, the first thing to consider about this destination, from which you get a spectacular view of the revered Mount Fuji, is the dress code. The geological features that give Japan its most fearsome aspect - its tendency to be shaken by earthquakes - also provide it with a rich source of thermal water, and for centuries animals and humans have enjoyed soaking in its springs. The etiquette in all of this is quite different to that of China, the traditional onsen usually being shared by men and women, even those who are strangers to one another. On a drizzly morning we arrived at the Green Plaza Hotel, a 35-minute drive from downtown Hakone, where we would be staying for two nights. Its snow-capped peaks, the onsen, and the beauty of Hakone's natural surroundings make the area one of the country's top tourist attractions.
After an afternoon trekking around Lake Ashinoko we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner before preparing for our first onsen experience.
A hotel guide briefed visitors on the etiquette of bathing, the main points of which were wearing a kimono before entering changing rooms, having no cameras and being equipped with a smallish towel. To avoid the embarrassment of seeing each other we three took off our gowns as quickly as possible and entered the bath area. The rules dictate that you wash carefully before entering the pool, and I was relieved that as I was going through this ritual I had my back turned to all those present. That initial outing set the tone for the next two days, and we thoroughly enjoyed going into the water just after getting up in the morning, in the afternoon, before dinner and just before retiring for the night. One of these long dips provided a sensation I will never forget: lounging deep in the hot water as cool drops of rain washed down my face, a delightful coming together of hot and cold. Because of the inclement weather we never did get to see the majesty of Mount Fuji, but with the exhilaration of the onsen, those inhibitions about our being naked evaporated with the steam and I finally understood why those snow monkeys always look as though they do not have a care in the world. In Argentina, South Africa, Rwanda and elsewhere around the globe, there's something that sticks out for Blake Mycoskie about the one-for-one shoe company, Toms, he started in his Venice, California, apartment 10 years ago. While the idea was to give away one pair of his unique canvas slip-ons for every pair sold, another benefit emerged. The love of soccer remains, but much has changed for Mycoskie since 2006, when he decided on the for-profit model of giving through shoes. For starters, he sold a 50 percent stake in his company to the private equity giant Bain Capital LLC nearly two years ago. Mycoskie, who isn't CEO but still has a hand on many fronts, including design, would not disclose his net worth, but with expansion came more money for projects. In addition to shoes, the company's other wares help provide clean water, eye surgeries and the availability of safer births around the world. Now, about 40 percent of all shoes given away are made in the countries where they are distributed, he says.
Mycoskie acknowledges that as "chief shoe giver," his preferred title, things were chaotic in the beginning. Toms would not share company valuation numbers but its worth at the time Bain bought in was estimated at $625 million.
Once a simple slip-on doing double duty for girls and boys, Toms now makes women's wedges - a top seller - high heels and ballet flats, along with brogues and athletic shoes. In the early years, Toms got a boost when celebrities started wearing the shoes peddled by the young and handsome Mycoskie.
As a Christian businessman, Mycoskie was lambasted in 2014 for giving a speech at an event hosted by the conservative group Focus on the Family, itself criticized as openly anti-gay and anti-choice.
Toms operates in more than 75 countries, including Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and China.
Mycoskie remains the face of Toms, including on social media streams, where he chronicles his globe-trotting adventures. If you think it is only women who can have a fetish for shoes, take a quick look into the Aladdin's cave that belongs to Xu Bo, and it will set you rethinking. The cave is his Beijing home's 12 square-meter living room in which reside 400 pairs of sports shoes, about 150 of them bought solely as collectors' items. Like many of his peers born in the 1980s, Xu started buying sports shoes because of a love for NBA, something that developed when he was in middle school. He began to assiduously follow basketball on TV and in other media in 1991 and started collecting basketball player cards at the same time. One reason for his taking a fancy to the shoes and beginning to collect them was that at the time many were unobtainable in China, he says, and a lot of those were unaffordable to him in his student days.
His enthusiasm for shoes became professional when he landed a job as a journalist with the Chinese edition of the magazine Sports Illustrated, and he began writing a column devoted to footwear. Most would eventually go home empty-handed because most of the outlets had just a few dozen pairs of the shoes.
Those left out would have had to turn to private sellers or scalpers if they wanted to land the shoes they desired. The official retail price of the NMD shoes was from 1,099 yuan ($168) to 1,499 yuan, but private dealers were asking for as much as 3,000 yuan. The same dealers can demand a premium of 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan on the Air Jordan 1 classic series, a private dealer nicknamed Lao Lyu says.
Some shoes, such as the Yeezy, made by Adidas, have sold for almost 10,000 yuan in China, the official retail price being a fifth of that.
Lyu suggests anyone buying shoes use their common sense when they find what they want, because some are exorbitantly priced. Chen Chaodi from Shanghai started to sell sports shoes at the end of 2012 when he was studying in Japan. He sensed the rising market when he found many people in Japan and his friends at home talking about wanting to buy Air Jordan, made popular partly by the American rapper Kanye West.
So he began to buy popular sports shoes in Japan and then sold them to China and was able to sell 40 to 50 limited edition pairs of shoes a week, and he usually marks up the price 30 percent. He continued the business on the side to earn a bit of cash after he returned to China in 2014. With years of sales experience he has built up purchase channels of his own, and most of his customers are men.
Xu has neatly sorted out all the shoes in his living room, so he will have more space for future purchases.
For many decades, declawing cats has been a routine veterinary procedure, but this is no simple pedicure.
New York's first-in-the-nation legislative proposal to ban the declawing of cats has sparked a heated debate among veterinarians and cat lovers alike, with some insisting it's inhumane and others saying it should be allowed as a last resort for felines that won't stop scratching furniture, carpets and their owners. The state and national veterinary organizations that say they oppose a ban on declawing do so because it's often the only way for cats with behavioral problems to keep from being abandoned or euthanized, they say.
Brooklyn elementary school principal Lisa Fernandez says she declawed her own cat before she knew what it entailed.
The debate comes as Americans' feelings about their four-legged friends continue to evolve. At the Animal Haven shelter in lower Manhattan, associate director Kendra Mara says about 10 percent of the cats up for adoption are declawed. Manhattan resident Brian Gari, one of several cat owners interviewed by the AP, inherited his 10-year-old cat Kiki when his father passed away and declawed her because "he put his furniture in front of the welfare of the cat." Gari says Kiki has problems using the litterbox, forcing him to put her into a room lined with newspapers.
Vets who speak to the AP say cat owners increasingly turn to alternatives - scratching posts, regular clippings or small caps that go over a cat's nails.
New York's firstinthenation legislative proposal to ban the declawing of cats has sparked a heated debate among veterinarians and cat lovers alike.
It's hardly a dog's life of just eating and sleeping for President Barack Obama's pets, Bo and Sunny.
The pair of Portuguese water dogs - Bo with his distinctive white chest and front paws, and the all-black Sunny - are canine ambassadors for the White House, very popular and so in demand that they have schedules, like the president. The dogs have entertained crowds at the annual Easter Egg Roll and Bo has been at Mrs Obama's side when she welcomes tourists on the anniversary of the president's inauguration.
Bo already had a job as a "helper" to Dale Haney, the head groundskeeper at the White House, which happens to be a national park. President Bill Clinton's chocolate Labrador Retriever, Buddy, helped Clinton weather the scandal over his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Mrs Obama says her four-legged family members had been nice overall, but she exposes Sunny's naughtier side. US First Lady Michelle Obama walks with her dogs Bo and Sunny as she welcomes the Official White House Christmas Tree to the White House in Washington on Nov 27, 2015. Seducing hyper-connected "Millennials" poses an increasing challenge for luxury brands, which find their markets slowing as young, skeptical consumers force them to rethink strategies.
Goldman Sachs estimates that 92 million Americans are in the Millennial generation - born between the early 1980s and the 2000s - surpassing the famed cohort of postwar Baby Boomers who are now approaching a geriatric phase. The huge pool of Millennial consumers grew up with the internet, smartphones and a sharing economy in which owning things like cars is seen as almost unhip.
Studies show many have different expectations than their elders, who were relatively better paid and less indebted at the same point in life.
A Deloitte study targeted Millennials as an opportunity for luxury brands, but warned that they require "a high level of investment" and are more "mercurial" consumers whose brand loyalty can quickly shift.
Luxury-sector sales, excluding the effects of currency changes, were up only one percent last year, and similarly tepid growth is expected this year, according to global management consulting firm Bain & Company.
US jeweler Tiffany recently announced a disappointing financial forecast, and the maker of the well-known British Burberry trench coat has embarked on a money-saving plan. Oligarchs with lavish spending habits in oil-rich countries such as Russia and China have seen growth slowing in their countries.
But Burberry has taken aim at those Millennials with a digital strategy cited as an example for the industry. And LVMH, the France-based multinational luxury goods colossus, reached into the Silicon Valley talent pool last year and recruited Apple executive Ian Rogers.
Luxury brands including Burberry, Vuitton and Tiffany have taken to relying heavily on social networks such as Snapchat that are popular with young people.
It promises to become even more important as people use smartphones while making buying decisions on the move. Still, brands such as Tiffany face a problem: some young people see them as "old-world luxury" items that don't jibe with their internet age values and lifestyles, according to Neil Saunders of Conlumino retail research company. Being on social networks has become a "must" in the marketing equation, but it is not enough, contended Quinlan. The fading lure of luxury items among Millennials is "not necessarily an income problem," she contends. Data collected by Mastercard describes consumers who choose to enhance their lives with spending on trips, dinners, outings and other experiences instead of on "stuff".
Yet, Pope saw the luxury goods market as "absolutely sound," so long as brands recognize the shifts under way and offer "value enhancing" products. Thus, companies could transform their shops into places where people can socialize and linger as they might in a coffee shop, or connect with increasingly popular historical, ethical or sustainability trends. The coffee obsession has reached a new peak: You can now know the altitude at which the beans used for your morning cup of java were grown.
Spurred by the popularity of boutique coffee purveyors, Starbucks and other chains are taking steps to appeal to the growing ranks of coffee aficionados. At Augie's coffee shop in Redlands, California, bags of coffee list the elevation at which the coffee was grown. The company is also offering more coffee from a single origin, rather than the blends most Americans are familiar with. For iced coffee, it also switched to "cold brew" rather than merely brewing hot coffee and chilling it. The moves by Starbucks come as smaller chains have touted techniques like "nitro brew", which infuses nitrogen gas to create a creamier coffee, and "pour over" brewing, which essentially entails pouring hot water over grounds.
Chris Vigilante, the founder and CEO of Vigilante Coffee, was experimenting with roasting methods in a basement a few years ago and travels the world to hand-select beans. The popularity of a new wave of smaller chains was enough that another major chain, Peet's, last year acquired Stumptown, based in Portland, Oregon, and Intelligentsia, based in Chicago. Even Dunkin' Donuts, which has an everyman image, introduced a dark roast coffee in late 2014 in nod to changing tastes.
When the pronouncement was made it was akin to a doctor telling a patient he must give up drinking and smoking - and that if he is to survive one of his legs will have to be amputated. The patient in question is Nanluoguxiang, an area of Beijing that has grown fat on the attention and money of tourists over the past 10 years and now lies enfeebled, its arteries clogged. Those arteries are the area's main alley, about 800 meters long, and the 16 alleys that run off it to either side which once bustled with healthy activity and were the toast of the tourist industry. In the heady days, which began about the time of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, tourists, most of them overseas ones, flocked to Nanluoguxiang, which has a history dating back 700 years, to roam through the alleys with their old courtyard houses, cafes, bars and creative shops. The pronouncement in question came six weeks ago, when Dongcheng district said that Nanluoguxiang had voluntarily renounced its title of national AAA-level scenic spot - an implicit admission that tourism has brought ills as well as benefits to the area.
If that were not enough, it was announced that tour buses, often the life blood of tourism operations, would forthwith be banned, helping reduce road traffic and improve the lot of residents and historic buildings alike. Nanluoguxiang is emblematic of many tourist sites around China whose promoters walk a fine line between raising awareness of local culture by showing it off to tourists but in doing so risk doing irreparable damage to that culture by dint of the huge numbers that flood in, changing the very nature of the place.
In the case of Nanluoguxiang, the place became so well known that Chinese joined their overseas counterparts in flooding in to enjoy it, leaving it overcrowded, and those numbers fed rampant commercialization whose agents became crass purveyors of goods that you can find in myriad other tourist spots throughout China.
On April 30, five days after Dongcheng announced that it was taking action to try to remedy Nanluoguxiang's ills, 70,000 tourists visited the area, about 23,000 fewer than had been there on the previous April 30, offering long dreamed of respite for harried local residents, who now do not have to worry as much about nosey tourists invading their privacy wanting to know what courtyard houses look like. However, for businesspeople the changes have acted as a warning that they need to act decisively if the neighborhood is to thrive again. Tourist groups now mainly stay for only about 40 minutes and consume little and though the new policies have done a lot to ease traffic congestion they have had little impact on business, he says. On May 17 the district government announced a three-year plan to better develop the rich historic resources of Nanluoguxiang and set a target for more than 60 percent of establishments to have a cultural theme by the end of 2018. The chamber is doing its bit with the government to give the area a new face and character by persuading businesses to smarten up their act.
When Xu opened his restaurant called Taste in 2007 there were just 56 stores in the main thoroughfare and at one point this grew to as many as about 250.
In 2009, the year after the Olympics, the area had attained worldwide acclaim, Time magazine ranking it among its 25 places for the best authentic Asian experience. The average rent was about 2 yuan a day (30 cents) per square meter, but these days it is more than dozens of times that, he says. Dominic Johnson-Hill, an Englishman who sold souvenir Beijing T-shirts, says people started selling cheap snacks such as kebabs and stinky tofu on the street from about 2010. Johnson-Hill had moved to Nanluoguxiang with his family in 2003, and in 2006 founded his Plastered 8 store there. The opening of a subway station at the end of 2012 proved to be another turning point, he says, drawing more people to the narrow hutong and driving rents up even more. Non-Chinese are attracted to secluded places, he says, and when they become more and more crowded, they go somewhere else.
Wang Haiyan, who with her husband opened a bar called Passby in 1999, says that before 2008 many of their customers were regulars, many of whom loved literature and art, but now most are tourists. She hopes that as fewer people come, those who want to make easy money will be squeezed out of the market, rents will return to what she considers a reasonable level and creative types will be drawn back to the area. Apart from tourists who may pay a quick visit, there are those keen on taking a look at the way of life in hutong.
More than 30 ancient residences of well-known people such as nobility and cabinet ministers, before and during the early 20th century, such as China's last empress Wanrong, are well marked. Xu says there are plans to develop comprehensive tourist products that take in surrounding cultural sites in the alleys.
Liu Simin, vice-president of the tourism branch of the Chinese Society for Futures Studies, says it is inappropriate to develop a residential hutong into a commercial street because it will gradually lose its essence - culture.
Liu acknowledges that early on what really attracted many people to Nanluoguxiang were its cafes, bars and arts and crafts stores.
The famous cafes along the Seine in Paris are scattered rather than squeezed into a narrow alley, he says, and Parisians are proud of their cafe culture and would not open a teahouse there just because many Chinese travelers visit the place.
It is important to restore buildings to reflect earlier lifestyles, he says, and to open to the public more residences that were owned or occupied by notable people or establish hostels that focus on Beijing culture.
One of the best ways to get to know Beijing is to stroll through its hutong and chat with locals. The main street of Nanluoguxiang, lined with shops, also boasts 16 hutong on both sides, where you can experience like Beijingers and trace the city's history via ancient residences.
Some outsiders choose to become a tenant or a frequent visitor, to know about the authentic hutong life.
She opened a small henna studio last year in a hutong in the area and works and lives in a small cozy room decorated with traditional Indian paintings and green plants in colorful vessels. In the spirit of the Chinese saying that "a distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor", Li gets on well with her neighbors.
Some neighbors are interested in the exotic henna art and she painted henna once for one of them. In 2013 she left her hometown in Hunan province and became a Beipiao, or Beijing drifter, which refers to those who struggle to make a living in the capital. She prefers in-depth travel and reads books about the culture and history of the places she goes to in advance. She lives in a hotel for one or two days and then couch surfs so she can communicate more with the locals. A few shops on the commercial street of Nanluoguxiang invited her to paint henna in front of their stores, but she refused.
In 2015, Bai, now a grade-one senior high school student, started a public service project to teach those younger than him about cultural heritage in Nanluoguxiang.
More than 30 ancient residences of well-known people such as the nobility and cabinet ministers before and during the early 20th century are scattered throughout the 16 narrow hutong. For example, Keyuan Garden owned by Wen Yu, a cabinet minister in the latter part of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), is of the style of Suzhou gardens.
Only three residences are open to the public: those of the Chinese writer Mao Dun, the painter Qi Baishi and China's last empress Wanrong.
Bai often has to stand in the alley and explain the layout of Beijing's traditional courtyards and a pair of stone drums at the gate that represent the owner's social status. He believes each residence of a well-known person represents a story that is out of the ordinary and which is imbued with cultural values.
In 2014 he started an investigation on the Nanluoguxiang area as his junior high school graduation project. He did a survey among his classmates and found that they are interested in exploring Nanluoguxiang culturally, rather than just eating and taking photos like tourists. What he sees in Nanluoguxiang is different from the common hustle-and-bustle street views in Beijing. Documentation on Nanluoguxiang is sparse, he says, and one way of making up for that is by drawing on oral history, the stories of people from different walks of life. He has interviewed local residents, pedicab drivers who act as tourist guides, shop owners and experts.
Bai once talked with a man who used to trade in goods such as clothes between China and Russia in the 1980s and 1990s, when China was moving from a planned economy to a market economy. According to Bai, commercialization in Nanluoguxiang has affected local Beijingers' lifestyles and prevented tourists from experiencing traditional Beijing culture.
His first impression of the area was gray bricks and walls and green plants such as ivy, when he went there when he was 3. He has traveled to places such as Japan and Italy, and shops on the ancient streets there sell goods and souvenirs related to local culture, he says, but in Nanluoguxiang few shops sell goods related to Beijing. He hopes some junior students will continue the project when he goes to university, bringing more students to the alleys.
He is also writing a book about his exploration of Nanluoguxiang, with its culture, history and various stories, to arouse the public's interest in traditional Beijing culture. Bai Tianhua has guided about 100 local primary andmiddle school students to cultural heritage in Nanluoguxiang. If you want respite you can flee to the 16 narrow alleys that shoot off to each side from the main one. It is difficult now to imagine that business here was sparse in the early 2000s, just a few newish bars and restaurants in the central artery. She recalls that the commercial structures used to be walls of residential courtyards when she first settled down in the area more than 50 years ago. An Yan, 34, who lives in the area, misses the days when he was a middle school student and could close his eyes while riding a bicycle down the empty alley in the morning. Last year, according to Beijing News, the average number of visits to Nanluoguxiang was more than 30,000 on weekdays and 50,000 on weekends, and 100,000 during the national holiday period. Tourism, often vaunted as an economic godsend, can be a real pain for those who live in the areas that are the supposed beneficiaries, not least because of traffic. In Nanluoguxiang, An used to be a regular customer of Wenyu cheese store, which sells Beijing-style cheese jelly. Legal Evening News reported that in 2010 about 20 stores closed or were forced to relocate because their rent had risen three times in three years. Six decades of positive Sino-Egyptian diplomatic relations received a fresh boost in January 2016 when the leaders of the two economic powerhouses signed investment and aid deals worth $15 billion in a move that underlined the continental giants' mutual respect. Chinese President Xi Jinping said the 21 landmark agreements and fiscal packages for a string of major power generation, infrastructure and transport projects would provide "a new impetus to the economic development of Egypt" and further tighten the strong bonds between the pair. During the signing ceremony, Xi said 32 Chinese companies and their combined investment of $400 million were currently involved in the new Suez Canal economic zone, and the next stage of the project would see those figures climb to 100 firms and $2.5 billion. His Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah El Sisi hailed the substantial investment program as the "best evidence of the two countries' determination to improve their levels of cooperation", adding the deals included a $1-billion financing agreement for the central bank and a $700 million loan to State-owned National Bank of Egypt. The massive investment package underlined the high regard in which each republic holds for the other and will further improve foreign confidence in the Egyptian economy, which has yet to reach top gear despite greater political and economic stability under the current administration.
Bilateral trade between Egypt and China totals almost $12 billion per year, 90 percent of which involves imports from China.
Ahead of his first overseas visit of 2016 to Cairo, Xi wrote a long article in the local press in which he underlined just how important Egypt is for China's political, economic and trade ties in the region.
Xi continued: "China-Egypt interaction and cooperation over the years are guided by the principles of mutual trust, mutual assistance, mutual benefit and mutual prosperity. To mark the 60th anniversary of close cooperation in economic, social and diplomatic fields, Egypt and China have designated 2016 as Sino-Egyptian Culture Year. The presidents of both countries marked the occasion by attending a concert at the Luxor Temple in late January. With roots that stretch back to the birth of civilization, Egypt has long been a popular destination for foreign tourists seeking to step back in time and explore ancient wonders of the world such as the Lighthouse at Alexandria and the Great Pyramid of Giza. According to official data, Chinese tourist numbers nearly doubled year-on-year to 125,000 visitors last year and that total is expected to jump by at least a further 50 percent in 2016 as more than a dozen flights arrive at various international airports each week.
During the El Sisi administration's first two years in office, ministers have undertaken a series of reforms to reduce energy subsidies and the national deficit, increase the tax base and improve social safety nets, while at the same time introducing attractive tax incentives for investors. Not only have the initiatives boosted GDP growth into single-digit territory, they have been warmly received by major financial institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. In October 2015, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi appointed Tarek Amer as governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) following the resignation of Hisham Ramez. The appointment was well-received as Amer is well respected within the banking and financial sector through his previous time with the CBE and his impressive resume features roles that have seen him develop extensive administrative and banking knowledge and expertise.
A few weeks before Amer's appointment, a team of financial experts from the IMF spent a week in Cairo assessing the country's economic performance and holding high-level talks with government officials, leaders from the private sector and bosses of public authorities. Following the visit, mission head Chris Jarvis said: "There have been positive economic developments since the mission's last visit. Egypt's banking and financial services sectors have undergone a period of consolidation over the past decade. Dubai-based bank Emirates NBD, having extended its reach from the United Arab Emirates to Egypt in 2013, has demonstrated remarkable growth, and now employs more than 1,500 people and runs over 70 branches in Egypt.
Another example is Bank Audi, founded in 1830 in Lebanon and which has a range of products and services for corporate, commercial and individual clients. Banque du Caire blends its heritage of more than half a century with Egyptian banking expertise and modern practices and technology. Foreign and domestic banks are not the only financial service companies benefiting from Egypt's resurgent economy, with overseas insurance companies, international investment groups and investment funds also reaping rich rewards.
Headquartered in New York, Concord International Investments Group is an investment management company and a leading fund manager of Egyptian securities in the world.
So the research began, I was reading up and collecting information on places of interest for children. As for Melbourne, we took a day tour on the Puffing Billy, had a warm fuzzy lunch by the winery, yummy gelato at the Yarra Chocolatiere and had a guided tour of the Healesville Sanctuary (got up-close with the Red Kangaroos, emus, platypus and koalas). So what could a Stay-At-Home-Mom do for money considering there is already so little time after all the dishes and laundry and cooking and cleaning are done? Blog - I started a blog when my first born was about 2 years old and began earning USD4-5 thousand monthly very soon after.
Write for others - This is if you can write, you could be a freelance writer for advertising agencies who are always on the lookout for part-timers. Bake - there are many, many Moms baking for income which means lots of competition but there is only one you. Start a little home business - this could be anything from making something to being a trader to being a marketing affiliate.

Failing which, allow me to interview you and I will think of what you could do for a living from home.
I have been working with a company for 18 years and for the past 7 years, I have been working full time from home.
My kids were 3yo and 1yo then and I knew I wanted to spend those precious growing years with them and not having to depend on anyone else to care for them. Working from home does not mean that you can sit at home, shake legs and catch the latest Korean drama Yes - unfortunately for some.
This is important because if you’re going to be in conference calls for a least 30 mins, the last thing you want is to be holding the handset to your head.
In between work, I need to step to for my school run and this timing is fixed and has been shared with my manager and peers.
If you’re going to be spending 8-10 hours of your day sitting in front of a computer, make sure your workspace is ergonomic. Remember to take mini breaks and stretch or go for a little walk to get that blood circulating. She was excited initially (we did some prep talk weeks before), thinking that she will be going into the same class as her older brother.
We didn’t have a party for Honeybun, we had a small celebration for her at her play school and also with our families.
Her favourite for the past few months has been rubber duckies (and bath toys) and particularly characters from a cartoon called Lucky Duck. It took me more than a year to resign from my previous job as an engineer in a multinational oil & gas company.
However, as time went by, I started to think about my children who were about to enrol in primary school.
But if you really want to change your profession from FTWM (fulltime working mum) to WAHM (working at home mum), I’d like to share some tips that might help you to have something in mind. I always suggest to friends who wanted to let go their jobs for a home business, to get some ideas about how and what their home businesses would be. I like to recommend to my fellow friends who want to resign and start a business, begin before you sign your resignation. Don’t leave your job if you just can’t take it, leave it if you figure out there are other priorities than your career. I was at the Asia Model Festival Awards 2015 in Seoul, Korea but had to rush back to attend Ashton’s School Day. Mother’s Day is coming so I would to wish all mommies, “Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy motherhood! He was in an art class holiday program which he enjoyed a lot; learning crafty things and the best part was that he had a good friend participating in the same program.
He also attended a three-day Speech and Drama program in which the main program focuses on the kids having to perform a mini sketch. I will not deny that a couple of months ago, I bought a tab (of course, it’s slightly smaller than my iPad) for my then 2-year old. Even when my son was younger, I started to expose him to technology – I absolutely loved the idea that my son will not feel like an outcast had he not been exposed to one from an early age.
Fast forward two months later, we re-introduced the iPad & the tab to him BUT very gradually. As parents, I guess the hardest part of actually spending more time with Nooh to do these exciting fun-filled family activities is….
Gradually moving away from these gadgetries and being less attached to these smart electronic ‘imps’ really does make us better parents.
Especially for kindergarten - if they can’t make it for a full day, we can send them for maybe an hour or so. Set boundaries and set some rules during schooldays so that the child won’t feel attached to home during his school time. Our bottom line is to plan properly, get mutual understanding with our spouse, decide and stick to the plan.
But then whenever I look at my son (who himself loves other people’s birthday celebration), I feel guilty of not organising his own birthday celebration.
So much has happened in the last year that this New Year 2015, is a year full of changes for me and my family.
I found out that it is impossible for women to get along in a group of more than a hundred. Although everyone knows what is good for you for great health, they are still not practising good healthy habits. So after all the stress that I went through last year, there was one blessing that entered my life despite having to quit my job and make regular visits to the hospital. Ashton went on a holiday without us for the first time and it was also the first time he was away from us. When he was walking pass the immigration check point at the airport, he kept looking back at us.
It is the school holidays and I am already cracking my head on kids’ activities as we are not planning any trips this time. Last but not least, they had a ride on a pony.  The fee had increased from last year and even the ride’s duration was shortened! Letting kids take a year out from school or at any time during the course of their educational path is a great choice that many parents are reluctant to make due to the kiasu nature of Asian parenting in always wanting to get ahead and staying ahead. The thing is, at 15 or 16 or even at 20, did you know exactly what you wanted to do with your life? We ourselves here have experienced taking a year out merely by accident but nonetheless a good thought out coincidence because my kids are only 10 and 5 this year yet they have already experienced what it is like to not only NOT go to school every single day but were given the great opportunity to explore the world and get to know themselves a bit better. NEW EXPERIENCES & EXPLORATION – With not going to school, we actually had the opportunity to participate and attend many events that being in school would not have allowed us to do due to scheduling conflicts. EXTRA TIME - Being at home every day gave them the extra time to learn new languages and skills such as how to make glue, how to make sago Melaka, how to make Sugee Cake, how to prepare for a public exhibition, how to present publicly, etc.
GETTING CLOSER TO SELF – Inherently, I feel that one succeeds in this world when one is comfortable in their own skin. Iceland had always been my dream destination because I would like to see its midnight sun during summer solstice, where there is no night in Iceland. When my husband told us that the next country on our list would be Iceland during the mid-year school holiday (in June), I took it as a gift! However, we were lucky as the weather was so good from day one – the sun shone brightly for us. Iceland is a land of fairies; many locals still believe that trolls and elves still exist around the island. Ashton is at the willfull stage – I made my decision already, I am not going to change my mind!  And he has a ready reason for everything he wants to do too.
I asked Ashton for his opinion on his coming birthday party and he surprised me with “I am already a big boy, I don’t want Angry Bird party.
Ever since the kids were comfortable in the water, it has been part of our family weekly activity – Swimming! About 43 global capacity cooperation projects were carried out at a contract value of $14 billion. The largest one, worth nearly $2.5 billion, is the construction of a hydropower station in Pakistan, contracted by China Gezhouba Group Corp, a leader in overseas contracting projects. The plants are scheduled to begin operations during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20). The company set up its first overseas factory in Egypt in 2013, with an investment of $80 million.
This year, sales in the US are expected to exceed $200 million, said Wang Xuehai, chairman of the company.
During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), the state of Chu occupied Hubei for over 800 years and created the Chu culture. Combining China's manufacturing prowess with the cutting-edge technologies of the developed economies, we can, together, supply good equipment at good prices to the developing world, sustaining robust growth with supply-side innovation," he wrote in an article for The Economist. Countries and regions that have potential cooperation with China on production capacity were invited to attend the events. The commission would help coordinate and promote the 12 international capacity cooperation projects that Hubei businesses have in countries including Kazakhstan, Egypt, Russia, Vietnam and Poland. The programs will involve Chinese companies planning overseas investment, overseas companies and investment promotion institutions and foreign diplomatic envoys. When I reminded my friends not to forget to pack their swimming suits, they mocked me gently, saying that onsen culture dictates that you wear the bare minimum - the emphasis being on the word bare. As for Hakone, it provides some wonderful lessons in a very different culture relating to bathing. I sat on a stool close to the pool and washed as quickly as I could, then skipped into the pool and hid my torso deep in the water. We were all well immersed so there was not the slightest hint of embarrassment about our state of undress.
A young woman took a white towel into the pool, and an older Japanese woman, apparently a staff member, spoke earnestly to her as she grabbed the towel from the water, folded it into a square and placed it on the bather's head.
The norm at hot springs baths in China is to wear swimming costumes, and the Japanese way of doing things was liberating, freeing us from tight garb and invigorating us physically and mentally.
On the personal side, he became a dad at precisely the same time, a huge motivator to give up some of the day-to-day responsibilities of Toms, now a force that includes a great variety of footwear, along with eyewear, bags and coffee. With his personal wealth, estimated at $300 million when he sold to Bain, he and his wife help young, socially minded entrepreneurs like he was when he hit on shoes as his focus while watching kids go barefoot as he traveled in Argentina. There was manufacturing, for one, and how to remain ethical and profitable, along with distribution challenges that once had a partner request money for a rented donkey to get the shoes where they needed to be. The company estimates that through cataract and other surgical procedures, the company has helped restore sight to about 400,000 people, along with providing more than 335,000 weeks of safe drinking water and supporting safe birth services to about 25,000 mothers. Since starting the company, hundreds of others have jumped on the one-for-one bandwagon, from Pampers and Crocs to Subway and the Gap.
The company's name, he says, stands for his vision from the beginning: Sell a pair of shoes today and give away a pair tomorrow. Most are limited editions and the brands he covets most are Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Hundreds of people lined up at Adidas outlets in Beijing, Guangzhou and Wuhan on March 17 when the brand's NMD sports shoes went on sale. He gets his information about shoes mainly from official channels, the media or shoe dealers, he says.
There's anesthesia, pain medication and the amputation of the cat's toes back to the first knuckle. Such medical decisions should be left to the professionals and cat owners, not lawmakers, they add. Unlike human nails, a cat's claws are attached to bone, so declawing a feline requires a veterinarian to slice through tendon and nerves to remove the last segment of bone in a cat's toes.
Students at her school are now participating in a lobbying campaign to urge lawmakers to support the ban. Another bill in New York's Legislature would remove sales taxes on pet food, and lawmakers here voted last year to allow dogs to join their human companions on the patios of restaurants. Some of the felines who have the procedure resort to biting instead, and some avoid using the litter box because the litter can aggravate their wounds.
President Susan Wylegala says the number of declawings at her Buffalo-area practice is less than 50 percent of what it was just three years ago. The dogs also have cheered wounded service members, as well as the hospitalized children the first lady visits each year just before Christmas.
Bush's Scottish Terrier, Barney, had an official web page and starred in "Barneycam" videos that were filmed from a camera hung around his neck.
Johnson angered animal lovers by lifting his pet beagle, Him, by the ears in front of news photographers. She leaves the kitchen and she'll sneak and she'll go poop on the other end of the White House," the first lady says. It is unclear that Millennials, with their fickle and prudent spending styles, will take up the slack. Internet titans are pitching instant shopping opportunities based on time, location, interests and more.
They are experimenting with different roasting and brewing techniques, while providing more information about the origins of their customers' favorite brew. And it recently began using the "Clover" brewing system that it says helps extract the optimal flavor for every cup.
More than 80 stores will be shut down temporarily or permanently in early June, because of licensing irregularities, the way they were running their businesses and the physical appearance of their shops that was deemed to be unfit for the historic area.
But as rents rose people started to cut corners to make a fast buck, for example by selling snack food, and there were those who used low-grade ingredients.
In fact some of his regular customers started buying his T-shirts online because they did not want to jostle through crowds at Nanluoguxiang, he says.
In the early days about 70 percent of customers were Europeans but now only about 30 percent are non-Chinese, she says.
Wang, who reveals only her surname, says she is interested in architecture and rents a bicycle so she can do a tour of Nanluoguxiang's ancient residences and chat with the locals. Many of those who visited nearby Houhai gradually shifted their attention to Nanluoguxiang, and similar stores opened. One of them is Li Mei, 26, a henna artist who sought tranquility in bustling Nanluoguxiang.
In India and its neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka, people apply henna designs on their hands, feet and back on festive occasions, including weddings and traditional ceremonies. Sometimes they share home-made dishes such as zhajiangmian, or fried sauce noodles with her.
She carefully paints on the skin with a cone-shaped tube filled with henna paste, a dye made from the powdered leaves of the henna plant. She usually stays in Beijing to work for about five months to save money, and travels alone as a backpacker at home and abroad for the rest time of the year. She learned henna, miniature art and yoga in India, and got a diving certificate in Malaysia. She makes an appointment for one or two customers every day, so she has sufficient time to teach painting and do her own things such as brush up her English.
She knows the great flows of tourists there mean much more income, but she prefers to stay in the peaceful hutong, where she feels more comfortable.
He doesn't pause at the main alley with stores, cafes and restaurants, but turns into one of the 16 narrow hutong on both sides.
About 100 local primary and middle school students followed him in exploring the capital's history.
General Fengshan's Mansion from the same period boasts a well-preserved brick-carved arch with patterns such as plum blossoms. Others are mainly state or private properties, vacant or used as multi-household compounds.
He hopes the buildings will be preserved properly and that more will eventually be open to the public, for example with regular open days. When he was about 10, he no longer recognized the place because it was lined with colorful commercial structures, he says. He will probably do an English version, to promote it among foreigners who are interested in it. It was just another one of those quiet Beijing residential hutong, with a few small shops and a hairdresser's. She is enjoying the sun and a cooling breeze, sitting on a chair at the front gate of a traditional courtyard in a hutong next to Nanluoguxiang in Beijing.
She never goes to the bustling street next door because it is difficult to move in the busy hours.
In the case of the hutong residents, tourists can mean prying eyes and intruders, and many of the residents have signs on their gates warning that their property is private. Just as they were beginning to make money two years later, he says, the landlord broke the terms of their rental agreement and forced them out by asking for more rent. More than 1,200 Chinese enterprises operate in Egypt, mainly in the construction, financial and commercial arenas. Under the headline "Let China-Arab friendship surge forward like the Nile", Xi wrote: "Since late 2014, I have had two meetings with President El Sisi in Beijing.
The two sides have treated each other with mutual understanding, respect, trust and support.
The two countries are indeed each other's good friend, good brother and good partner that can be counted on. Combined with beautiful beaches, great climate, fine cuisine and the warm nature of Egyptians, it is clear to see why Chinese tourists are flocking to the cities and Red Sea resorts and taking advantage of its wonderful natural and cultural assets. In addition, several leading credit rating agencies have lifted their evaluations and outlooks for the country's economic prospects and fiscal climate.
Some of the pledges made at the Egypt Economic Development Conference in March 2015 are already in the implementation phase. Macroeconomic figures also point to some improvement, with growth rebounding to 4.2 percent in 2014-15, and inflation has declined. Mergers and acquisitions have reduced the number of operators by around a third to less than 40. The government is taking the right steps and you see improvements in fiscal deficits and the introduction of new investment law. So far, we have been taking the kids on holidays to no other than beach destinations in and out of Malaysia and the kids loved every bit of it, even more especially after they had learnt how to swim. If you don’t, you just need to be that much more disciplined but it can be done and I am pure testament to that. But then blogosphere got crowded and I got pregnant again and then went back to full time employment for a bit so the blog got put aside for awhile. Finding something you could do from the computer is an easy and fast way to save some pocket money. I switched from a consulting job to a desk-bound program support job which enabled me to work from home full time and support the Asia Pacific region. So when I got this job, I thanked God and my colleague, Agnes because she was the one who roped me into her team. Therefore, it’s important that you invest in a good headset with the ability to mute your line. I also block off my time in Microsoft Outlook for school runs so that my colleagues will know that I will be out of office at specific times of the day.
We are all given a notebook to work from but since I am a teleworker, I am able to order additional accessories for my notebook which include a docking station, monitor stand and a 24 inch monitor so that I can comfortably work in front of the computer (like a geek). We should resign from our job in a way that reinforces our professional image and keep our current employer relationships positive. It might be different for those who resign and decide to stay at home taking care of family, without any proposal to do home-based business or work.
If you start now, you’ll get the rhythm and it’ll be easier to adapt later when you leave the office. Sugar is not just defined as the raw sugar that you put into your coffee but sugar from fruit, sugar from carbohydrates such as white flour, rice, noodles, bread and pastry.
Although you may lose weight purely by limiting the portions and the quality of food that you eat, exercise is still incredibly important because it not only strengthens your bones and muscles but promotes the circulatory system within your body. In order to live a great, healthy life that will not succumb to illnesses, the body requires an ovoerfluous amount of vegetables.
It is so worth it to do so because I have seen too many people suffer from poor health being once a patient of poor health myself. Recently, he modelled for Lord’s Tailor at the Pavilion Fashion Week show (he stole the limelight!) and was the opening model for the Go Go Green Charity show. Chinese schools give their students a lot of homework so my husband and I have to watch him finish his homework every day. He is the first person I want to see, the first person I want to kiss, the first person I miss. Every night, as mummy is lazy to read bedtime stories, he’ll ask me to have a chat with him before he goes to bed.
Well, really I had intended it for my own use, but over time I felt it was more convenient (and lighter) for me to bring around just to console my son whenever my husband and I needed some “rest time” during our family outings. He’ll get to use it if he truly behaved and finished his food or slept earlier the night before. We even introduced Nooh very light housechores for him to assist Mommy & Daddy with, and we began to seriously organise more fun-filled family activities on alternate weekends.
My cousin makes really beautiful cakes, so I’m going to ask her to make a customised birthday cake for Nooh. Over the last year, I learnt several lessons along the way that I would like to share with you in hope that it will benefit you in some way. To be fair, not everyone in Malaysia is educated enough about health but they should really take the initiative to learn it up as it is their own bodies and they should never take that for granted. We had planned for the trip to a theme park in China well in advance but I could not make it as it was just 3 days after my operation. I spoke to him every day for the 5 days that he was there.  The first day he asked, “Mommy are you okay?
Sometimes, he gets drinks of water for me and tells me that when I am sick, I need to drink a lot of water. We plan to have a small do with just my family but my friends asked me to hold a small party. We had been there before last year but it is still a fun place, especially for young toddlers. I can never understand this concept why it is so important for children to be the youngest graduate.
By widening your children’s eyes, stretching their ears, increasing their perspectives in having a broader mind, they get to think more, do more, and ultimately make better decisions about what they like and do not like.
This year alone, we got to participate in entrepreneurial markets where my eldest daughter got to learn how to barter, trade and sell. They also managed to hone in on their language skills and dug deeper into any subject of interest such as loom bands and art and model making.
The world becomes clear and there is no pretence on any part when you know who you are, what you are capable of, where you want to go and how you are going to get there. When people are directionless sometimes, they take a year out from the hustle and bustle of work and spend a year traveling or doing other things to decide where they truly want to be. It is extremely enlightening and if you ever have the opportunity, don’t think too hard about letting your kids take a year out. We departed from KLIA to Schipol, Amsterdam and transited for about 8 hours to taste the freshness of raw herring, standing on the bridge overlooking a canal near Central Station. Our target was to drive from Reykjavik to the South, around Iceland, and back to Reykjavik from Sn?fellsnes Peninsula. One minute, you might be blinded by the hot sun whilst the next minute, you could be soaked by an extreme downpour. According to an Icelandic we met, they were having bad weather for weeks before we arrived. I asked my children about going back to Iceland and they replied that they really wanted to visit Iceland again. I want Pocoyo party!“ So, he is going to have an entirely different themed party this year after having Angry Bird themed parties for three years. He has set ideas on colours for girls and boys - pink and red are for girls and blue is for boys. My son already knows simple arithmetic like 1+2=3, 4+5=9 and can count the money I give him .
I was going,  “The Angry Bird opens his hands to pick up the things” when he said, “NO NO Mommy, Stop! Fortunately for us three, who regard ourselves as traditional Chinese women, what we had was a separate bath.
There was quite a large pool next to the showering area, and two people were soaking in it. The air was fresh and a bit chilly, which made it slightly uncomfortable before plunging into the pool, but once I was settled in this pool It seemed a lot more enjoyable to soak in than the indoor one. For the first time for me, a dyed-in-the-wool prude, the idea of naturism did not seem that odd at all. All of that wouldn't fit on the first tags he put in shoes back in Argentina, so he shortened "tomorrow" to Toms. It is the equivalent of taking a cigar cutter and cutting the end joint off," says Jennifer Conrad, a California veterinarian who traveled to Albany this past week to lobby lawmakers for the proposed ban. Estimates are that about a quarter of all household cats will be declawed in their lifetimes - though vets that speak to the AP say it's becoming less and less common.
In a sign of just how recognized Bo and Sunny are, authorities in January arrested a North Dakota man who they say came to Washington to kidnap one of the pets. Like Mrs Obama, first lady Laura Bush was involved with the video scripts and the taping schedule. This is a common sight in the hutong, where it is routine for residents to drop by and natter away. They include Buddhist music in her studio, birds singing, a passerby who is on the phone having an argument and a pedicab driver recounting a tale to his customers. A few cyclists ring their bells and shout "Out of the way, please", trying to get through the crowds. A few meters away from her house is a small bar decorated with pretty flowers and beer bottles from all over the world.
Our agreement to elevate China-Egypt relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership led bilateral relations onto a fast track. China supports the government of Egypt in restoring social stability and economic development.
In August, the parallel Suez Canal was opened after just one year of work; and a major gas find in Egyptian waters bodes well for the country's outlook in the medium term.
Financial soundness indicators point to the continued resilience of the banking sector, and the authorities are making efforts to deepen financial inclusion," Jarvis said.
The industry is now leaner and private and State-owned institutions have been a major beneficiary of the foreign direct investment that continues to flow into various sectors from multiple sources. If we have the chance to visit Melbourne again, we’ll definitely take a train to spend our own sweet time at those places.
Whatever it is, whatever it takes, you either have a project going or take time out to be by yourself, do something.
Many of us waste far too much time on Facebook when some of that time could be spent more productively. All you need to do is to have samples of your writing in hand and inform them that you are available. Get out of your comfort zone and start a business where you will be in complete control of your life. When I work from home, I am very productive because I already save time to get ready for work and to commute to and from work and there have been times that I work through lunch as well.
It’s important that they are not neglected as well because the whole idea to work from home is so that you can spend quality time with the kids right?
But the good news is; on the 1st week itself, the teacher informed us that she just sobbed a little and stopped after we left.
This can be anything from processed cheeses, processed cereals, canned food, snacks that you buy from the convenience store wrapped in plastic, even commercial muesli bars; they all add toxins into the body over time. Good circulation ensures that every part of your body functions well and gets good quality oxygenated blood that is filled with the nutrients that each part of your body needs. Usually this is not possible and especially not for children when they are fussy eaters and thus, good, natural supplements are necessary.
This is because water has Hydrogen and Hydrogen is everywhere in our cells binding our DNA. If you do not sleep enough, you are giving the free radicals more opportunity to multiply within your body. Think of your children, they need you thus you owe it to them to care best for your own body at no sacrifice. The place was pretty packed which limited us to much fewer activities in comparison to the first time we were there. Of course, occasionally work beckons, but it is more important to be connected with your own children – especially during their formative years.
Now at 4 years old, he still carry that same temperament even though I had sent him to kindergarten since he was 2 years old with a change to another school since then.
However, after meeting his friends and as the learning session begins, he starts to enjoy himself.
As much as I tried to moderate little tiffs and differences in opinions, some women are so set in their ways and are unforgiving. She had always been a sparkle of health doing daily morning brisk walks and eating mostly vegetables and fish with very little oil and lots of fruit, but still despite the clean health record from the Doctors, she died suddenly when her heart stopped without warning.
Instead of taking prescribed drugs from the Doctors which could potentially lead to other problems, let alone side effects and what not, I am now healing with only these natural supplements and it has been very positive. My husband also stayed behind to be with me so my mother-in-law and father-in-law took Ashton on the trip. Your tummy is okay?” Second day, he asked: “Mommy why so long you aren’t here yet?” I had to explain to him again that I told him I cannot go and he sounded disappointed. We had a great time with the orphans and I am very glad that Amber Chia Academy and Pensonic supported this campaign. He keeps asking me, “How many days are there to Christmas?” Christmas and his birthday are the 2 occasions that he looks forward to the most.
It is not entirely stroller friendly as there are a couple of bumpy rides but overall, a stroller comes in handy especially with younger toddlers. Had we been at school, the most we could have taken off would be 2-3 weeks but since we weren’t at school, 5 weeks was our Haven. With all this time, the world was their oyster and they only needed to drown themselves in anything that they wished.
Unfortunately for us, this was also a year that my Mother-in-Law passed away, my Mother passed away and the diagnosis of my heart disease happened, all within this last 2 months. It is nourishment for their soul to find themselves and it is only when you know who you are that you can truly succeed in this amazing world. We had no internet connection and relied only on the hotels’ wifi (which we didn’t book any, except Reyjavik’s), a GPS and our travel book.
We went to the district which is famous for the hidden valley of elves, fairies, and puffin! I think it is because of the different experiences they had while they were in Iceland - rivers, waterfalls, larva field, fjords, valleys, hills, glaciers, icebergs, beaches, lagoons, towns, villages, and many more.
We went back to Keflavik, had a little rest before catching our flight back to Kuala Lumpur via Amsterdam at 2.30 o’clock in the morning. What was most important thing was the kids: as long as they enjoyed themselves, the whole trip would be the best we ever had. Ashton will be turning four soon, at the end of this month and it’s time for me to plan for baby number two. It is a different stage of motherhood, a different set of experience and I enjoy every moment of it.

Recently, I asked him to try on a wig so that we can have an idea of how his sister will look like. I think it became a habit from the time he was little when I would ask him about his day without fail.
Sometimes when I ask him about a certain character, he will go to Youtube and tell me the history. Focusing on whole foods such as grains and fresh fruits and vegetables while minimizing processed foods, establishing and maintaining adequate hydration, and being aware of potential adverse reactions to food and food additives contributes to wellness. I was extremely hesitant, not wanting to be seen naked in front of my friends, but finally plucked up the courage once they had shown the way for me. Rather than being hung up on whether you are fat or thin, the main thing is that it all makes you feel good within yourself.
Kennedy, D-Mass., a key supporter of Obama's 2008 presidential campaign who became close to the family. Suddenly, a pedicab driver is passing by and recounting a tale about the hutong to his customers.
So, we narrowed it down to Hong Kong (as they have Disneyland there), Japan (Disneyland too, but main language is in Japanese) and Australia (heard good reviews from people who travelled there with young children). Generally, the people there are ever willing to give an extra hand and give way to people with strollers. We also managed to visit the SeaLife Aquarium, spent some time at the DFO South Wharf by Yarra River. We of course pray that it never happens, but is it not wise to just be prepared even if a little? This is also something I have done before and is a good way to earn if you do not like moving about. Actually, I should start this business on what to recommend for Stay-At-Home-Moms to do to earn an income! Instead of spending every waking moment in front of the TV, spend some time actually building something for yourself. If you consume it in very low quantities, you can probably get away with it, but if you are a regular consumer of processed food, at some point in your life or your child’s life, there are bound to be consequences. If you have poor circulation, certain parts of your body will start deteriorating and over time, disease sets in.
However, if you can be diligent to juice several times daily in order to make up for the lack of nutrients that your body requires, then you could almost negate the supplements but honestly, how many of us have the time to juice 6-7 times a day on top of eating 3 meals that are filled with several dishes of fruit and vegetables? Sometimes, it is a struggle, “Mommy I don’t like Chinese!” I think he is picking up Mandarin well. For the first few days, he kept asking and looking for the iPad & tab – pining like a lost lover! Nooh is now 3-years young, and every time we look at him, we know we’ll miss his baby face and cheekiness when he eventually goes off to college to pursue his studies. I have led a life of over indulgence eating lots of sugary desserts and chocolate, and I literally ate anything I wanted to as nobody slapped me into consciousness. I have much more energy as a busy Stay-At-Home-Mom now (previously I would collapse in exhaustion whenever my Oxygen levels were low and sleep during the day for up to 4 hours) and I haven’t had a bout of chest pain since. By choice, we did not visit all the touristy sites in Europe because we decided from the start that this was a children’s trip to experience another continent, the weather, the food, the people, learn about currencies, and to observe most of all how people lived other than in our home country.
We attended the Home schooling Sports Day which was completely different from a typical school’s sports day where the community just stuck together with support and trust with everyone seen helping one another and not being at competition with each other. When you truly know yourself, you get to dictate your own terms on how you will live your life and not have the urge to compare yourself and your life to anyone else like the majority of people do. This makes me realise that there is a reason for everything and had we not taken a gap year, the stress of these changes might have flung me towards a nervous breakdown. We wanted to discover Iceland’s glory for ourselves and decided that the best way to explore the country was on a road trip. During that flight, the man who sat next to me would not allow us to change seats with him despite my child crying in front of him.
It was 11 o’clock and supposedly near midnight in our country but thanks to the midnight sun, it was bright as day.
I have been trying to conceive for a year and I thought a relaxing holiday may well do the trick. The other day, he told me, “Mommy, it is okay to have a boy” because I am used to comforting him with, “Ashton, it is okay…” whenever he is not happy with something. There is no magic potion involved to instantly make you slim and fit, only a little bit of learning and practice.A The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the accepted measure for assessing weight most accurately. At the last minute, wanting to cover all eventualities, I put my swimsuit in my suitcase before we left for Tokyo. Bo helped Obama keep a promise to daughters Malia and Sasha that they could get a dog after the election.
It is similar to a science centre; older children would be able to relate more on the exhibits. We learnt how to take a train to Brighton Beach where the famous colourful bathing boxes are located (those boxes are basically storage space for surfers).
One would go mental and seriously lose a lot of self-esteem plus not to mention that once the kids leave the nest, you’d be crippled. I’m too lazy to bake these days so I’d most likely order from you instead if your cake tastes good. If you are interested, send me your CV and tell me what you like to do and I will find you a work from home job based on your interests, your time that you want to put in versus how much money you would like to make. Processed food contain food preservatives, additives, fillers, food conditioners and flavourings, or you would not be able to keep them in your pantry for more than a few days. Because it not only feeds our already existing but dormant cancer cells within our body but overworks our pancreas and gallbladder into producing excessive insulin. Exercise will also strengthen bones and build muscles, keep a healthy heart and give you overall great health. Of course there is a thing as too much water so the correct amount to drink per person is based on their weight in pounds (lbs) divided by 2 in ounces (oz). Sleep is the time when our cells regenerate and heal, so if you sleep very little, there is very little opportunity for your cells to do a thorough and complete cell renewal process. And as much as I tried to diffuse situations, it was only me in the end that ended up getting burnt to charcoal. The lesson learnt is that if you have spent quality time with your loved ones continuously, the tragedy of loss will be much easier on the heart. I was an emotional eater too and that didn’t help so it was a very bad habit, this daily eating bad food habit. I am praying very hard that these supplements will heal my heart so well that I will not have to go for an open heart surgery as the Doctors have suggested. Some just want their kids to get into the working world as fast as possible to either be ahead of their peers or to start earning as early as possible. From the batch of my classmates and peers, I’d say less than 50% are performing what they graduated in.
It was an amazingly rich experience for us just spending the whole 35 days as a family unit moving from city to city, having to make decisions, compromise and spend quality time with host families in every country. The kids got to participate in story telling sessions, yoga classes, baking classes, started Capoeira classes, went ice-skating, made an array of new dishes in the kitchen, learnt how to prepare a full dinner without my intervention, visited Bank Negara, the National Musuem, etc and you know what? Having this time out of school undeniably has given my girls a chance to get to know themselves better. I have to really study all the cartoon characters as Ashton is getting more knowledgeable about the cartoons than me. It’s a great tool for many reasons but is reading and posting about what you ate yesterday going to change your life? They are stuck because they never had the forethought to keep something for themselves and when shits hit the fan, they are well and truly stuck with not enough options. Whenever we consume sugar, our body produces a spurt of insulin to balance out our body’s blood sugar level. For example, take a heavy, large me who is 80kg which is 176lbs, divide that by 2 to make 88 ounces, which is the amount of water for my body to function optimally, which converted into litres is 2.64 litres. So when’re you can, do sleep and best by 11pm because that is the best time the body starts its healing work. Where are you?” It can be frustrating at times when I am busy at events but I enjoy the sweet feeling that he misses me. The ring is not my style but I love it and wear it because it was given to me by my beloved son.
At that moment, I saw a different side of my son, the expressive side and the confident side.
I truly think now that if you want your kids to love school, to give them a year out and keep them at home but do NOTHING with them until they get so bored that they are begging to go back to school.
I am thankful that we did just that and so although we are terribly saddened by their deaths, we are not crippled and celebrate their passing with continuing their legacies in our daily living.
And suddenly last year, when I least expected it just before my Mother passed away, I had a bout of chest pain and was diagnosed with heart disease. Another blessing is that I found a business that I could run from home and am exploring other business opportunities too!
I want him to know that there are children who are not as fortunate as him,  children who do not have parents but are still able to stay positive.
Some did a degree of their parent’s choice because they just couldn’t decide and didn’t know how to decide, some are just going with the flow and carrying on with the degrees they’d graduated with. It has given them a quiet confidence that no school could ever instil as it is a solo journey of self-discovery. He can also explain somewhat the meaning of words – “Surprise is when you see something and you are happy” and “Disgusting is when the people are very ugly”. When I asked him to tell me bed time stories instead, he insists that it is Mommy’s job to do that.
You could have your own definition but better still if whatever you do actually contributed to the family income, wouldn’t that be fantastic? It takes many years of experience to know what works and what doesn’t and I have experimented with various blogs to learn all that. Over time, our body becomes insulin resistance and despite the pancreas producing more insulin, it no longer works to remove the sugar from our blood. However if you exercise or are active and sweat a lot, then there is no harm drinking a little more than your recommended water intake. If you have work to do, wake early to do it even at 4am, but sleep early rather than sleep late.
It is not that I have no confidence in him but he is such an active character, always bouncing about, moving and learning ever so quickly that I am amazed he could listen to the drama teacher’s instructions pretty well. Just be the politician and be nice to everyone even if you do not really agree with what others do. Some people are not so fortunate and feel a deep sense of regret, sometimes for the rest of their lives.
I hope he continues with this habit in future as I want to be able to give him proper advice when required. When I asked him about his China trip, he told me, “Boring, Mommy!”  I am looking forward to our little family holiday trip. I am very grateful that my kids had this opportunity to give themselves the time and love for the things they are truly passionate about. As body fat increases and lean body mass decreases, the risk for cardiovascular disease increases. We grabbed a couple of souvenirs at Paddy’s Market for decent prices and our kids were overjoyed with their new kangaroo and platypus soft toys.
I’m just saying out of the very little time that you already have, spend a portion of it doing something productive. Like it or not, we will die without water and water contains good Hydrogen that will repair and cleanse out our defective cells known as free radicals from the body. I want to spend as much time as possible with him so I try to cut down on my trips and travel. So listen up, if you have not been spending quality time with your loved ones, start now because they can go. Happy with sticking to our core degrees and spending the rest of our lives making a living out of it?
Free radicals are defective cells that get produced from bad food, stress, environmental pollutants, smells, creams, pollution, and the mere act of breathing because our body is like a car and cars produce fumes as a by product from burning fuel. If any of you are Stay-At-Home-Moms and want to have something for yourself apart from children and the household only, there are definitely options that you could explore. Time to come home.” I am touched that he misses me so much but sometimes I feel helpless, not being able to have him understand why I cannot be with him. This ratio is calculated by dividing the waist measurement in inches by the hip measurement in inches.
However, most people aren’t consuming sugar after a long workout and their livers are already full of glycogen. And I believe that even if you had the most forward thinking women in a group, this problem will still surface. It is a big problem because now, not only have we lost a source of big income, we have an extra expense – HOSPITAL BILLS!!!
So please, please, please, make a conscious decision on how you will be improving your lifestyle health-wise today. Your goal should be to take your body and make it as healthy, strong, flexible and well-proportioned as you can.
Some of this fat gets shipped out, but a part of it remains in the liver and builds up over time and you get Liver Disease. Thin or plump, young or old, you will be more beautiful, have a prouder carriage, healthier glow and a supple flow of movement which says that you are comfortable and confident about your physical self.i»?The fastest, healthiest, and most effective, interesting and rewarding way to lose weight is by combining 300 minutes of cardio exercise a week with a healthful diet. Eating sugar also increases bad cholesterol and triglycerides and can contribute to Leptin resistance which will then cause weight gain, cravings, sleep problems and such. Eating sugar will create an addictive sugar response in the brain plus it doesn’t fill you up and instead encourages you to eat more.
The best results come when you simultaneously cut down on caloric intake and increase the calories you burn up through exercise.A A Some of what you'll learn is basic common sense, but hopefully you'll gain some insight into how you can change your bad eating habits into good eating habits so you can lose weight and keep it off.
In this guide I'm going to give you straight talk about what it takes to rapidly lose weight and get fit in a healthy way. I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, so you can reach your weight loss goal and keep that weight off for the long term. If you are going to lose weight and stay fit, you have to think i»?long term lifestyle changesi»?. You can't eat a banana or a bowl of cabbage soup for three days and think you've succeeded in your weight loss goal.
You've only developed a nasty habit of yo-yo dieting.A I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear. Most people want instant gratification when they make that all important decision to get fit and lose weight.
Granted, obesity does run in some families, but that doesn't mean you have to sit back and accept your overweight as a kind of family curse. More than likely it's simply the result of careless or naive eating habits and far too little physical activity - lazy habits passed on from generation to generation. Diet properly and you'll not only look better, but you'll eat better than you probably have in years. In that case, he's either being overly kind, or he's overweight himself, or he's simply telling a big fat lie!
Let it show you how to add not as much as a single pound though you add five, ten, twenty, even thirty candles to your birthday cake. It doesn't motivate many people to even try to lose weight because a vast majority of those who diet and lose even a little weight will eventually put all that weight (and many times more) back on as soon as they stop dieting.A Therin lies the problem. Diets are doomed to fail right from the start because most people view diets as a short term solution, something they can follow for a set period of time to get the desired results and then just stop.
But unless it's a diet plan they can follow for life, they're doomed to fail.A It doesn't really matter if you believe it or not. You wouldn't be reading this article if you did.A If you want to lose weight and keep that weight off, you need to stop thinking of a diet as a temporary fix.
Unfortunately, most people follow an "unhealthy" diet which leads to weight gain, high blood sugar, and for some, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.A Weight gain is the product of not paying attention to what you put in your body, how often you do it and when.
They also produce long term health problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, fatty liver, heart disease and more.A You may be feeling great because you've lost a few pounds. But I guarantee you this - If you stop following that diet, and go back to your old eating habits, very soon you'll find yourself on the wrong side of that diet failure statistic.A When you crash diet, you put your metabolismon a roller coaster ride.
Instead of speeding up and giving your body more energy, the lower calorie intake that normally goes with a crash diet puts your body in "famine" mode. Your body doesn't want to let go of what it knows it needs to survive.A You need to think i»?long term, healthy eating i»?that will help promote a healthy metabolism, not send it into shock. Some people are unable to digest dairy products because their body doesn't produce an enzyme called lactase. However, because the culture in yogurt produces its own lactase it can be enjoyed by most people.
Eating yogurt can combat the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers.Eggs- Skip that stack of pancakes and get a fat-burning boost with a plate of eggs. Eating the right meal within an hour or two after exercise can make the biggest difference you've noticed yet. That's the time when your body needs -and most effectively uses- food to turn your effort into stronger muscles and increased energy levels. Starting a meal with half a grapefruit is an old diet trick that does seem to work, according to scientists. In 2006, they found that this simple change helped a group of very overweight volunteers to lose weight.
Grapefruit is full of flavonoids that repair cell damage, combat cancer, and protect the heart.Avocados- They have a hunger-halting hormone called leptin.
Scientists have found people are more relaxed after a higher-fat meal, and even feel less pain.
Some fat is also necessary for the body to absorb nutrients that can improve your mood, such a vitamin E. Avocados are the healthier alternative: instead of saturated fat, they provide healthy monounsaturated fat. They are rich in tryptophan, along with vitamin B6 and folate, which helps the body turn tryptophan into the feel-good chemical serotonin.Mushrooms- Try swapping out meat for mushrooms in your favorite recipe. A recent study found that mushrooms were just as filling, but of course don't have the saturated fat that's found in meat.
Mushrooms are one of the richest sources of a powerful antioxidant called L-ergothioneine, which combats cell damage. They are also rich in vitamin B3, which might slow the onset of age-related dementias, and potassium, which helps to regulate blood pressure.
Research is being done into their cancer-fighting properties, including reducing the risk of breast cancer. Mushrooms might also help to slow down age-related muscle loss, as they provide protein in a form that the body can easily use. Shiitake mushrooms, in particular, are rich in iron.Olive Oil- With all of its heart-healthy qualities, olive oil contains a hunger-busting acid too. These three nutrients are associated with a lower risk of colon cancer, which becomes increasingly common in later age.
Together, these nutrients protect cells from the damage that can lead to cancer, as well as causing heart disease, hardening of the arteries, and skin deterioration.
The vitamin E content can reduce the severity of hot flashes.Whole Grains- To whittle your middle, go for the whole grains.
Folks who eat more whole grains have less belly fat.Red Pepper- Do you love crushed red peppers? The heat-inducing compound (capsaicin) that's found in pepper actually cuts your appetite.Fava Beans- Bring on the fava beans if you want to cut that belly fat. So it stands to reason that the first step in weight loss would be cutting back on your food intake. You don't want to starve your body.A When you don't eat enough food, your body will begin to take whatever it needs in the way of nutrients from other parts of your body in order to survive.
That means taking nutrients from your bones, teeth, and vital organs, leaving your body depleted. Your metabolism will shut down in order to reserve energy and your body will only use enough energy to stay alive. So while you may think that by starving yourself you'll drop weight quicker, what you're actually doing is sabotaging your metabolism.A The operative word when thinking of food is "healthy".
It's not enough to simply eat enough food to keep your metabolism running at optimal performance. You need foods that will give your body energy while allowing it to function with a minimal amount of effort.A It is true that there are no bad "foods" if you eat them in moderation and balance them with healthy foods.
No one wants to feel deprived of having their favorite dessert or a fast food burger every so often.
However, if you have that fast food burger every day of the week or eat that piece of triple chocolate cake before you go to bed every evening without giving a thought to how your body will react to it, you've established a bad eating habit.A A The trick is to balance the amount of food you eat with whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, along with lean meats. That means that whatever it is you're eating is sitting in you while you relax rather than being burned off as you go about your day.A A Furthermore, when you skip a meal, you're famished by the time you finally do get to eat later in the afternoon or early evening. By then end of the day, you've already burned most of the calories you are going to burn during the day. Your body ends up storing those excess calories in your body fat and keeps them in reserve for the next time you skip a meal.A A This can become a vicious circle of you trying to desperately cut back calories by skipping meals and your body is desperately trying to hold on to whatever nourishment it can get. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day, eat 5 or 6 smaller meals.A A Start your day with proteins and any carbohydrates you might want to have during the course of the day. That fat contributes not only to weight gain, but other health issues that are detrimental.A A But not all fats are created equal. Monounsaturated fats can be found in foods like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, avocadoes, and olive oil. Not only are they good for weight loss, as an added health benefit they help to lower your bad LDL cholesterol.A A Polyunsaturated fats also help lower LDL cholesterol levels as well as aid in weight loss. Foods rich in polyunsaturated fat are salmon, cod, corn and sunflower oils, flaxseed and other fish oils. Foods that contain polyunsaturated fat also contain omega 3 fatty acids, which help aid the body in weight loss.A A You want to avoid saturated fats such as foods fried in vegetable oil or prepackaged foods that add fat for flavoring.
I say changing lifestyle habits instead of focusing on just the kind of food you eat and when you eat it because losing weight, getting fit, and staying that way is not a short term gig.
Stored calories are held in fat cells.A A Break this bad habit by replacing your sedentary lifestyle with exercise in the late afternoon or early evening. A Another reason why exercising later in the day is good is because not everyone has the time during the morning before work or the day gets underway to do justice to a solid workout.
If you are a busy mom of two and need to get your kids off to school or to daycare before you head off to work, when is there time to get to the gym to workout? More times than not the workout gets bumped from the daily schedule and all the efforts at eating right and trying to lose weight are reduced significantly. A Get around this by scheduling your exercise at a time you know you won't have any conflicts that will interrupt you. Most people make the mistake of only writing down the foods they eat during a planned meal. But they forget about the cream they put in their coffee, a spoonful of ice cream they snuck when serving dessert, a few crackers they popped in their mouth because they suddenly had a sugar craving.A A Some people will find themselves disciplined enough to resist mindless eating. But if you're just starting out in your diet, or not sure how your willpower will hold out, the best thing you can do to kick this habit is to keep a small notebook tucked away in your pocket or in your purse.
Every time you get the urge to bring food to your mouth, pull out that notebook and write down what you are about to eat.
That one small move will snap you into the realization that you might be consuming calories that will negatively affect your diet.A A There are a whole lot of reasons why people eat mindlessly. That depression can range from life changes or even frustration over your current health and happiness. It could be anything from a sluggish thyroid to faulty genetics to just not having enough time to think about weight loss.A A I'm here to tell you to knock it off! The only way you will lose weight and keep it off is stop making excuses for why you're not succeeding.
In fact, having a sluggish thyroid or other genetic problem may be an additional barrier to how fast you can lose weight. People with "bad" genetics and even health problems do manage to lose weight when they put their mind to it. The thing that keeps them from losing weight is falling back on the reason it is so difficult for them.A A Use symbols of physical activity to represent your new lifestyle.
This takes your attention away from food and refocuses it on the new behaviors that will make you feel good. Put an apple, or a copy of diet books on your desk, put your walking shoes in a conspicuous place rather than in your closet.
Buy some books on walking, yoga, or other physical activities and place them on tables in different rooms. Each time you lay your eyes on them, you can give yourself a quick pat on the back for all the changes you are making. A visible token of the new you in every room of the house will stimulate you to keep up the good work, keep your eating under control, and remind you to keep up the positive dialogue with yourself.A A Deposit a certain sum of money to a savings account for the successful completion of your behavior change strategy each day. If you deposit a dollar for every mile walked you will soon have enough to buy the new clothes you are going to need. You deserve a good new wardrobe.A A Learn everything you possibly can about your "excuse" for not losing weight.
For instance, if you have a sluggish thyroid, talk to your health care provider about being put on medication to regulate it, if needed. Learn what foods interfere with thyroid hormone production.A Allowing yourself to use excuses for why you are unable to lose weight will only be self-defeating. Empower yourself to change those excuses around and become proactive in your desire to lose weight.A A You may not lose weight as fast as someone else who does not have the same issues you have. And I can guarantee that you won't lose any weight if you continue to use your excuses as a crutch.A If it were really that easy to lose weight then everyone would do it. We wouldn't be a society of overweight people.Weight loss takes dedication and a conscious effort to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.
It may not be intentional but most people underestimatethe amount of calories and fat they eat in any given day. If you're supposed to exercise for 30 minutes and you only exercise for 20, you're not giving yourself the truth.
Anyone would argue that 20 minutes of exercise is still better than zero minutes of exercise.
But you will go further over the long haul and make more progress towards reaching your goal if you are honest about exactly what it is you are doing. If you're eating something healthy like fresh garden greens and lean meats it may not make a difference. But there will come a time when you've reached your weight loss goal where you'll start introducing higher calorie foods occasionally. Not everyone in your household will be on a diet and not everyone will want to eat the same foods you need to eat to lose weight. It's also tiring to have to make two different meals to satisfy different people.A A Remember that no one is going to keep you on track but you. When there are differing menu choices for the family, make sure you incorporate your diet menu into the overall meal plan. For instance, if everyone else is having tacos for dinner, instead of using high calorie, high carbohydrate tortillas, make a taco salad for yourself. For every hour of the day, enter in what chores everyone in the family wants to do and needs to do for an entire week. Occasionally, you will find that you have cheated on your diet or skipped your exercise program and think you've blown it. Instead of getting right back on the wagon after you've fallen, you continue cheating and then decide to start back up eating right and exercising the next day.A A While I applaud you for getting right back on that wagon and getting back into your weight loss and fitness program again, I need to caution you about the mindset of blowing it all the way. But there are mistakes, and then there are disasters.A If you overindulge one evening or cheat on your diet, the best thing for you to do as soon as you realize your mistake is to stop right there and make yourself get right back on track. But as soon as you recognize it, then make sure you stop and get right back on the program to prevent further damaging your momentum. It's not enough to say that you'll do an extra set of crunches or an additional 15 minutes of aerobics. In this guide I'm going to give you straight talk about what it takes to rapidly lose weight and get fit in a healthy way.
I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, so you can reach your weight loss goal and keep that weight off for the long term. Granted, obesity does run in some families, but that doesn't mean you have to sit back and accept your overweight as a kind of family curse. More than likely it's simply the result of careless or naive eating habits and far too little physical activity - lazy habits passed on from generation to generation.
Some people are unable to digest dairy products because their body doesn't produce an enzyme called lactase.
Eating the right meal within an hour or two after exercise can make the biggest difference you've noticed yet. That's the time when your body needs -and most effectively uses- food to turn your effort into stronger muscles and increased energy levels.
It's not enough to simply eat enough food to keep your metabolism running at optimal performance.
You're body is only going to use what it needs at that particular moment and nothing more. By then end of the day, you've already burned most of the calories you are going to burn during the day. Sure, popcorn has a high amount of fiber, something that is good when you're on a diet. A Get around this by scheduling your exercise at a time you know you won't have any conflicts that will interrupt you.
But if you're just starting out in your diet, or not sure how your willpower will hold out, the best thing you can do to kick this habit is to keep a small notebook tucked away in your pocket or in your purse. It could be anything from a sluggish thyroid to faulty genetics to just not having enough time to think about weight loss.A A I'm here to tell you to knock it off! The only way you will lose weight and keep it off is stop making excuses for why you're not succeeding. If you're eating something healthy like fresh garden greens and lean meats it may not make a difference.

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