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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Phosphatidic acid has been shown to enhance the anabolic effects of weight training, according to new research. In one of the first studies of its kind, scientists looked at the effects of phosphatidic acid supplementation on strength and body composition. Thus, daily supplementation of 750 milligrams of phosphatidic acid combined with a four-days-per-week resistance-training program for eight weeks helps both strength and body composition in young, resistance-trained individuals.1 So phosphatidic acid is another ingredient you’ll soon be ‘stacking’ with a bunch of others in your supplement arsenal. Here’s a question: Why is it that some studies show that additional protein supplementation helps you gain muscle and strength, and others do not? Basically the protein-spread theory states that there must be a sufficient per centage difference in the amount of protein consumed daily by the two groups, at least 66.1 per cent greater consumption by one group.

Whatever you call it, if you do eat more protein, it does help the adaptive response to weight training. Sixteen resistance-trained men were randomly assigned to a group that took in either 750 milligrams of phosphatidic acid or a placebo. In the protein-change theory, the average change in habitual protein intake also has to be about 60 per cent higher! Efficacy of phosphatidic acid ingestion on lean body mass, muscle thickness and strength gains in resistance-trained men. Dietary protein to maximize resistance training: a review and examination of protein spread and change theories. The takeaway point is that you need to eat 60 per cent more protein than what you normally get.

Thus, if you’re already taking in 100 grams of protein, in order to achieve an anabolic effect, you’d need 60 per cent more, which would be 160 grams.
So consider your current protein intake and do the math: Figure 60 per cent of that, and add that amount to your total daily intake.

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