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In the articles below you will find all of the information you need to know about the maintenance phase (also known as phase 3, p3, or stabalization). We doesn't provide natural sleeping aid products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully.

Great as a dressing on a spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumber, avocados, etc; or as a marinade for chicken.
Consistency will be quite thick and sticky to begin, but you may continue to whip and add more water until it reaches a consistency of your liking. The below video not only sums up the diet, but features great tips on maintaining your weight. If you are ready to place an order for HCG drops or any of our supplemental supplies please click below to discover the great products that we carry!
These products are not intended to diagnose or guaranteed to treat, cure or prevent any disease. HCG has NOT been approved by the FDA for weight loss, and we agree that HCG alone does not induce weight loss.

It is when the HCG is combined with the very restricted diet reference to on these pages that some participants do report weight loss. Before using this product (as you should before beginning any product), please consult with your healthcare professional, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, have any medical conditions or are taking any medications.

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