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Popularity is usually a good benchmark of success and this point is very much highlighted in the weight loss pill industry.
This past 12 months or so have seen the emergence of a handful of commercial weight loss pills take control of the UK market and distance themselves from the also rans. From its arrival in 2009 it has forged ahead in the fat burner market-place and carved out its own sub-niche by almost single handedly introducing the concept of the chili diet pill. A product very much made in Scotland but with a Hollywood facade, Capsiplex is the invention of privately owned Glasgow based Advanced Health. A reported 50,000 advance ordres were taken prior to its release prompting several newspapers to run high profile stories.
Capsiplex is the non prescription fat burner that employs the use of capsicum as a key ingredient. Capsicum is highly efficient at raising the body’s core temperature and creating a thermogenic fat burning effect. There have been numerous testimonials and weight loss success stories attributed to the use of the fat burner. Giving up cigarettes and promising to diet are two of the most commonly adopted new years resolutions.
Over half of the adult population in the UK make a promise to try to slim with good intentions.
As a guide to whats hot and popular in the world of weight loss pills the following are products that have a good reputation and have sold extremely well throughout 2010. Capsiplex was introduced to the UK at the end of 2009 after a highly successful USA launch and sold a reported 5ok bottles in just three days.
Meratol – the latest weight loss pill from Advanced health, Meratol could even eclipse the success of Capsiplex with 30,000 advanced sales even prior to release.

Meratol has a quadruple action, it can stop the absorption of carbohydrates, burn body fat, stop fat absorption and reduce daily calorie intake by reducing hunger. Meratol is said to be more than 4 times as effective as competitive over the counter diet tablets and has endorsements from the medical profession. Pure Hoodia – is possibly the best known and most widely used appetite suppressant in the world. The Western world adopted and adapted Hoodia Gordonii around 10 years ago for use in the commercial slimming market. Pure Hoodia is a premium brand Hoodia Gordonii product and ideal for anyone who finds it hard to control calorie intake – the biggest cause of initial weight gain. WAG, actress, TV star and now proud mum for the second time Nicola Mclean is looking slim and sexy as she spotted and subsequently snapped on a night out on the town with Footballer boyfriend Tom Williams. Capsiplex is very much the diet pill of choice in the celebrity world with its growing list of hollywood elite that include Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Britney Speers. The information on this website is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.The information on this website is consumer based and although impartiality is paramount some remuneration may occur. Even the most optimistic could not have foreseen the sheer hysteria it caused even before its official release date. Capsiplex is mentioned in association with serval high profile Hollywood A list celebrities as well as our very own former Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett. Kicking the smoking habit is something that we can offer little advice on but weight loss is something that we can. Capsiplex has been the darling of the media over the last year with the Daily Express, Daily Mail and countless other womens lifestyle publications featuring success stories from both real life and celebrity circles.
Pure Hoodia is radically different from most other brands as it comprises of pure Hoodia powder as opposed to refined or extracted Hoodia.

Phentermine was a powerful chemical substance that was only available via GP prescription – it was prone to cause side reactions and side effects and was subsequently withdrawn. Keep living like you already do, take a pill a day, and effortlessly lose your excess weight.
Common side effects of topiramate include somnolence, fatigue, depression, attention disturbance, memory impairment, cognitive disorder, impaired psychomotor skills (i.e. Contrave was recently approved (under the name Mysimba) but is not for sale yet as I write this (September 2015).These two drugs work on different receptors in the brain to control appetite. Fortunately this one actually shows a lot of promise and can speed up weight loss quite significantly.This drug is an injected variant of a satiety hormone called GLP-1.
There are many other similar GLP-1 drugs for treating diabetes type 2, but none of them are sufficiently tested or approved for treating obesity yet.Saxenda already available in the US at the fantastic cost of $1,000 per month. Other people get a lot more than the extra 12 pounds lost in a recent study – this is only an average.Finally Saxenda only works as long as you use it. Only you can decide.For most people even the best weight loss drug in the world can only be an optional complement to other treatment, mainly lifestyle oriented treatment. But surgically removing healthy organs is rarely the best way to treat a disease caused by a hormonal imbalance.

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