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Bad Boy has outdone itself by offering both superior quality at a great price for our best workout glove yet! For maximum muscle gain, the focus of your workouts should consist of free weight exercises. This weight lifting belt is a great all rounder, designed for you average gym go-er, to you professional power lifter .

This allows the spinal erector muscles, which would normally provide this support of the lower back, to produce less force during the lift. Wearing this weight lifting belt causes the lifter to be more aware of the position of his or her back while body building. It reduces stress on the lower back while the person is lifting in an upright position and prevents back hyperextension during overhead lifts. This is because the physical sensation of a weight lifting belt against the skin provides additional information prompting the lifter to consider his or her back position and what muscles must be activated to maintain good posture.

The weight lifting belt reduces low back stress by compressing the contents of the abdominal cavity. This increases the intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), providing more support in front of the bones of the lower back.

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