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Everyone wants to get value for money so being able to compare each protein powder is important.
Depending on what you are taking your protein shake for will alter how much protein you want in it.
It’s important to get all of these ingredients into your system at varying times before, during and after workouts. The type of protein you want will depend on when you are taking the shake and what you are using it for. Quite often you will find added ingredients like BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and other items such as green tea extract.
We know that choosing a protein powder is a difficult decision, made even harder by each manufacturer using different serving sizes per tub which makes it almost impossible to compare each protein powder like for like. So we decided to compare the various whey protein powders on the UK market showing you the costs, nutritional information and levels of key ingredients so you can make an informed decision about which protein shake to buy.

Maybe you’ll try sprinkling a powder on your food or drinking a specially formulated diet drink, or taking pills that suppress appetite or block carbs. Julie Butts is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN™), the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA), and the American Council on Fitness (ACE). Most of the manufacturers don’t give you this price or you have to work it out based on their own serving size, which is why we have worked it out for you. More often than not people are looking for a very high % of protein per 100g so just make sure you check out the contents and use the tables below to see exactly what’s in each one. It’s a complex subject but the general consensus is that after a hard weights workout you need carbs and protein for sure.
She is a certified health coach and weight management consultant who combines holistic and conventional wisdom to support women who crave lasting weight loss.

Carbs at that time help to build your muscle so using a supplement is a very convenient way to do this.
She offers a variety local and online programs to support her clients and is known as THE Lifestyle Mentor for Lasting Weight Loss™.
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