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Following a diet to gain weight and lose fat requires a different approach than the way most people eat. When young muscle trainers start out on a diet to gain weight, their main concern is usually to get big. Protein cycling allows you to get the protein that you are putting into your body to work at full capacity for you. By scheduling your protein intake through protein cycling, however, you will be able to make sure that all of that vital protein that you are shoveling into your system will be used for muscle growth. Protein cycling can take any number of forms, but it essentially involves varying protein intake systematically to help counteract any loss of protein that would occur when protein intake is reduced. All diets to gain weight presuppose that you are training hard and consistently, and this one is no exception. Starting with your baseline of 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, increase your daily consumption by 30-40 grams per day. During the recovery period you gradually reduce your protein intake back to your baseline level of one gram per pound of bodyweight. As you are cutting back on proteins during this two-week period, you should up your levels of carbohydrate and healthy fat intake.

Almost unhealthily obsessed with fitness, James is a Southern California native with a degree in Nutrition science. A lot of popular diets are concerned with losing overall body-weight, but many of them result in losing a substantial amount of muscle tissue as well as stored body fat.
But, as they become more experienced they realize that their goal should be to control their body composition, that is to change one kind of body into another kind of body, rather than blindly packing weight onto their frame.
If you are getting less than one gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight per day, then you need consume more protein. Although protein loading – simply eating more protein – will greatly help you to gain weight, there comes a point when you just can’t keep piling more protein into your body. Let’s find out how protein cycling can help you to fine tune your diets to gain weight to provide for maximum muscle growth. Following a six week diet to gain weight program utilizing protein cycling could see you put on as much as 10 pounds of quality muscle. The balance of your eating plan should be clean, consisting of starchy and fibrous carbs and healthy fats. Focus on cutting back on the number of protein shakes you are having, as opposed to whole food to curtail your protein levels.

I am also an avid ‘body hacker’ and am constantly looking for ways to disrupt the standard ideas of how to get in shape. Even some bodybuilders fall prey to the temptation to half-starve themselves in an attempt to achieve maximum muscularity.
The sooner they realize the difference between building muscle mass and just putting on bulk, the better. Once you have that foundation of quality, lean protein, you can start focusing on how and when to eat that protein in order to get the most out of your diet.
Train hard and follow the guidelines above to make the most of the protein in your diet to gain weight and you’ll grow muscle fast.
A lot of what you are paying for will simply come straight out when you go to the bathroom. That is a lot of protein (for a 200 pound guy, it will men eating about 305 grams of protein per day), but these slow increases over time will really help you to gain weight.

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