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Testosterone is a hormone which is very important for your male characteristics and which enables you to perform sexual activities successfully. Due to reduced level of testosterone hormone, you may face erectile dysfunction problem and decreased level of sex drive. Hence if you feel or know that your testosterone level is low you need to increase testosterone level for better sex life. Protein is considered to be very important nutrient for the growth of your body and build muscles. Due to high intake of protein their muscles develop but testosterone level goes on decreasing.
Zinc is another important nutrient which plays vital role in increasing testosterone levels.

Apart from general exercises you should choose some tough exercises which can enhance your testosterone hormones.
Dumb bells of less weight aren’t going to help you much in increasing your testosterone levels. Vitamin C is very good in increasing testosterone levels in men because this vitamin lowers coristol levels. Zinc converts estrogen into testosterone as well prevents testosterone form being converted into estrogen.
So if you see some body builders, looking like giants, don’t assume that their sexual power would be very high.

Some research state that work outs such as weight lifting, doing squats, bench presses etc increase your testosterone levels. Only those weights which you cannot lift them more than 5-6 times would lift up your testosterone hormones.

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