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Offit’s latest interview with Medscape’s Eric Topel, MD, makes the answer completely clear. Nutrients, supplements and herbs, on the other hand, kill virtually no one, year in and year out. The two doctors appear to have ‘forgotten’ that the consistently nutrition-hostile FDA in the US, the TGA in Australia and other similar agencies in other countries DO regulate nutrients and supplements and any suspected toxicity or infringement of regulatory requirements is selectively enforced against nutrients in a way that pharmaceuticals and vaccines never have. Fish oil is the natural oil found in the tissues of oily cold-water fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines, fish that we have been encouraged to eat for many years as they are said to boost concentration, brain development and prevent heart disease.
If Offit is correct and fish oil can really lead to the risk of cancer, then why do we not see cancer rates spiralling out of control in countries such as Italy and Japan, where these foods have been part of their staple diet for thousands of years? The researchers did find a relationship, however, according to Mark Hyman MD who researched this study in depth, their results showed a correlation, not a causation. If the fish had of been contaminated, it may have been the contamination exposure that caused these men to develop from prostate cancer rather than the fish oil itself. I, too, found the study to be seriously flawed: the researchers had ‘forgotten’ (or worse) to look at crucial variables, such as the subjects’ ages, smoking status, alcohol consumption, environmental exposure to known prostate carcinogens, genetic history and general health. Or is he suggesting that the general public is led by the continuing ‘poison press’ that declaims constantly, using incredibly poor science, against the use of nutrients to replace pharmaceuticals? In my experience, nutrition experts definitely do NOT agree that the recommended daily allowance will promote health.
Offit continues by quoting a 1994 study in ‘The New England Medical Journal’ where 29,000 Finnish men, all smokers, were given one of the following: vitamin E, beta carotene, or a placebo.
However, on reading the study further, I found that the researchers had excluded references to the following information: how long the men had been smoking, how ill they were before the study took place, how many cigarettes they smoked per day and how many other diseases that they may have had before participating in the study. This study is deeply flawed and has been widely repudiated for its lack of scientific credibility.
According to Offit, the same journal published another paper two years later in which 18,000 people at an increased risk from lung cancer due to their exposure to either asbestos or smoking, received a combination of vitamin A and beta carotene, or a placebo.
In the computer world, the useful concept of Garbage In, Garbage Out is widely known by its abbreviation, ‘GIGO’.
Scientists and the medical profession often use GIGO Studies to demonstrate how dangerous a natural product is. Eli Lilly, the creator of thimerosal, demonstrated this in the original thimerosal studies in 1930. How can we trust what we are told when worthless studies like this are regularly taking place and highly enmeshed and financially conflicted ‘experts’ like Paul Offit frequently cite them as evidence for their position? Sardi states that there has not been a single death attributed to vitamin or mineral supplements in the past few years and compares this to the number of patients that have died after being prescribed prescription drugs in hospital. However, despite the mounting and irrefutable evidence that it is not vitamins that are dangerous but prescription drugs, Offit continues to insist that vitamins should be taken off the market and wants the consumer to conclude that vitamins are harmful. I would counter by suggesting that the consumer asks why it is that approximately 50% of fully approved prescription drugs are quietly pulled from the market within five years of being introduced because of their toxicity and why they were permitted to enter the market in the first place when there are so many safe and effective alternatives to be found among vitamins and minerals!
Comparing that to the 2.2 million US hospitalized patients who suffer from serious adverse reaction to properly prescribed prescription drugs every year in the US, Rappaport added that the FDA and it’s quack buster allies (would that include Offit?) go after vitamins, demean what they call ‘unproven remedies’ (‘forgetting’ about the widespread use of off-label prescribing by doctors which is so strongly encouraged by the drug companies that make the dangerous prescription drugs), and generally taking every possible opportunity to ‘warn’ people against natural options, which they demean by calling ‘alternatives’ on the basis that they aren’t scientifically supported.

In the five long years that it took the FDA to finally remove this exceptionally dangerous, regulated, fully unrestricted and approved drug from the open market, it had killed at least a massive 60,000 people in the US alone. 1.He is the Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), which recently became the first hospital in the world to ban the use of ANY nutrients for its patients! 2.He is a consultant to Merck the manufacturer of Rotateq®, a vaccine for rotavirus, for which he is a patent holder and which he developed with Merck. Despite that (or because of it?) he voted for Rotateq®’s approval as a member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), voting himself vast profits as a consequence.
3.He is the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) where, presumably, he recommends the use of vaccines and, apparently, moves against the use of nutrients, a magical disregard of both biochemistry and physiology. CHOP has become the first hospital in the world to forbid the use of nutrients to its patients indicating that they, too, have been infected with Dr.
4.He sits on the advisory boards of Every Child By Two and PKIDS, the Immunization Action Coalition. Offit also believes in the magic of incantation: say something and it becomes real, right in front of our eyes. The numbers do not lie: more vaccines = more diseases of childhood and the whole life-span (shortened though it may be).
However, financially rewarded ‘experts’ lie when they have no moral compass and a huge conflict of interest and this I believe, describes the magical Dr. It is a well-documented fact that Offit condemns vitamins and natural remedies at every opportunity, despite the reality of huge numbers of adverse events and deaths from prescription drugs which so far outweigh the deaths caused by vitamins in such a way that no statistically meaningful comparison is possible.
Not only is Offit heavily tied into the pharmaceutical industry and therefore has massive conflicts of interest, the studies that he uses to back up his claims are so deeply flawed that they cannot be used as reliable evidence (‘GIGO Studies’). Discussing ‘Do You Believe In Magic.’ Offit’s latest book, which is explicitly anti-supplement, Topel and Offit openly criticize natural remedies with such absurdities as fish oil has since ‘been found to cause cancer’ and that fish oil, vitamins, minerals and other supplements would come with a “black box warning” if they were regulated (as drugs).
Offit and Topel both conveniently ‘forget’ that natural medicine has been used successfully for hundreds of thousands of years and has benefited millions of users without side effects, worldwide.
Offit is referring to, although it is not specified, the 2012 study by researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre entitled ‘Plasma Phospholipid Fatty Acids and Prostate Cancer Risk in the SELECT Trial’ . Simply put, to make their conclusions, researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center used data from a previous study conducted in 2011 called the SELECT (Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial). If this had been an intervention design study, where half the participants got fish oil and half didn’t and they were followed for 20 years to see if they got prostate cancer, then you can say pretty definitively that they are connected. Closer inspection showed that the Brasky study is methodologically unsound and dismally lacking in factual content. I found it fascinating that this cartel of vitamin supplement companies came together in Santa Barbara and put out this big campaign with Mel Gibson [featured in commercials].
Offit reveals in this astonishing statement that he really, does believe in magic – the kind of magic where just by naming something, in this case a supposed ‘lack of regulation for nutrients’, automatically makes it real. Offit saying that the general public are all incredibly stupid and that none of us is sufficiently educated to know that big pharma has their fingers in all sorts of pies, including making money manufacturing and peddling multivitamins which are generally adulterated, GMO derived and nutritionally worthless? Offit leaves out (forgets?) is that these studies are invariably conducted with poor quality, substandard, often GMO-derived, poorly available and, in some cases toxic synthetic variants of the nutrients which have already been shown to be toxic.

Offit repeatedly makes his belief in magic clear, by stating just how safe and efficient prescription drugs are in comparison to the massive dangers he says are hidden in the vitamin bottle. Vitamin manufacturers argue that a regular diet doesn’t contain enough vitamins, and that more is better. The study found that those who had taken beta-carotene for five to eight years were more likely to die from lung cancer or heart disease. Offit explains that the investigators stopped the study when they found that the risk of death from lung cancer for those who took the vitamins was 46 percent higher. These studies are heavily weighted in favor of those funding the study to give the appearance that a product is safe and effective when in reality it is dangerous.
The Vitamin Makers or Big Pharma?’ author Bill Sardi asks why it is that ‘The New York Times’ has seen fit to give Dr Paul Offit unopposed space in their opinion pages when in his opinion Offit cannot even accurately interpret a scientific report? Merck, the manufacturer, received little more than a slap on wrist with fines amounting to a mere $321 million in exchange for a guilty plea to a misdemeanour. Offit is just protecting his financial assets when he fights so hard to protect the pharmaceutical industry.
Offit’s particular brand of magic belief: drugs are safe, nutrients are not, drugs are necessary for life, nutrients are not. His vaccine interests are supported handsomely by his membership on these boards, of course.
Equally conveniently, they ‘forget’ that according to the Journal of the American Medical Association and other mainstream journals, properly used pharmaceutical medicines are among the leading cause of death in the US and UK.
Frequently, they act as anti-nutrients, blocking the vital functions of nutrients in the body leading to side effects and toxicities which are often treated not with nutrients, but more drugs, compounding the problem. It’s important to note that the original SELECT study did not have the same objective as this current one.
For example the fish that these men consumed may have been contaminated with mercury or toxic waste. Rappaport wrote that he found the link to the study in the middle of an interesting article by Dr.
This is despite the fact that Merck had lied all the way to the bank, even hiring ghostwriters to write their research studies for them. After all, he does have massive conflicts of interest and can therefore hardly be thought of as impartial, now can he?
If I did a study on sunrise and humans waking up, I would find 100% correlation, but that doesn’t mean that the sun came up because you woke up. It turns out, however, that scientists have known for years that large quantities of supplemental vitamins can be quite harmful indeed.

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