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Details:Royal Jelly & Vitamin E Skin Oil is a unique Vitamin E oil Enriched with Natural essence specially formulated for normal to dry skin type. Millpledge Veterinary UK Account ApplicationPlease complete the following form to apply for and set up an account with Millpledge Veterinary UK. Please note, the online account facility and purchasing through this web site is strictly for the veterinary professional within the UK, Northern Ireland & Eire. Due to the nature of the products available from Millpledge Veterinary, each and every account application is handled offline, an account invitation will follow should you meet the required professional veterinary criteria. Dietary supplementation with Vitamin-E has also been shown to reduce free radical injury and has also been reported to improve fertility and breeding success in small mammals and birds.

This special formulas render skin an optimun level of moistarization and revitalization, improving the apperance of aging skint.
Thank you for your interest in Millpledge Veterinary and we look forward to being of service. With our Vitamin-E Facial Oil, You Skin will always stay young and healthy, silky soft and Smooth. Blackmores Vitamin E is a natural source vitamin supplement.Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant vitamin, directly involved in preventing free radical activity and lipid peroxidation (damage to polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes).
The action of vitamin E on the skin and blood vessels is likely to be due to its antioxidant actions.

Free radicals may be generated by essentially normal metabolism and lifestyle factors such as exposure to cigarette smoke, alcohol intake, certain preservatives in food (eg.

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