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6 Boxes X 10 Capsules 30000 Super Whitening Professional Glutathione (Dietary Supplement From Switzerland.)have Been Tested By Halal, Gmp. 30000mg.GLUTATHIONE BERRY COMBINATION FIBER+VIT D DEVELOPMENT SUPER WHITENING SKIN Professional Glutathione from Europe *Prompt Shipping!!!!

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From real supplement of fruit and Europe mix with organic extract procedure was removed by combined fiber cold.
It’s improve with Vitamin-C that support enhance skin-cell and against radicals in the torso which makes your skin lines and boring. A powerful antioxidant that’s 50 times more and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin-C vitamin skin to be protected by E in the of collagen.

2000 individual that is test were volunteers:- 99% Skin more sleek after 1 week 90% 93% easy Repair of pigmentation from smog and sunlight aswell. Freckles stops black places and substances in wood bark OPC may decrease the lid’s strength along.

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