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Four years after her weight loss surgery, Polly Whalen from Monmouth County is a new person.
Both negative and positive emotions can entice you to eat when you don’t need to, or worse, eat the wrong thing to feel better, calmer, even more in control.
Spring has arrived here in central New Jersey and with it comes the start of new beginnings and opportunities for us to thrive. At this time of year, I encourage my bariatric patients to introduce something “new” to their weight loss journeys in order to promote mental and physical stimulation.
Today, many people battling diabetes, most of whom are significantly overweight, are unaware that undergoing weight loss surgery may significantly lessen symptoms or even put the disease into remission.

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to a host of serious and potentially debilitating chronic health problems including heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness and even amputations due to nerve damage. For some, all the summer eating and extra drinking can lead bariatric surgery patients off track. In fact, doing so regularly can quickly pack on unwanted pounds which can be even more difficult to lose.
Many people are unaware that this inexpensive and plentiful resource is extremely beneficial in protecting your overall wellness and plays a key role in helping you lose extra weight.
For those considering or already in the process of weight loss surgery, a new start toward health and wellness is already underway.

In fact, almost 25 percent of people who are affected by severe obesity (body mass index or BMI greater than 35) are expected to be eventually diagnosed. Seun) is a board-certified, fellowship-trained general, laparoscopic and NJ bariatric surgeon specializing in minimally invasive weight loss surgery and general surgical procedures including diverticulitis, gallbladder and hernia conditions.
Spring and summer are great times of the year to explore the rich variety of fruits and vegetables available, especially the ones that are locally grown right here in the Garden State.

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