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Unfortunately, as we know all too well, this is not always the case for a variety of reasons, some as simple as the our chosen food preferences or the decreased intake that many experience in older years. Vitamin CA – essential for growth and repair of tissues especially during healing, it may shorten your cold but no evidence that it prevents one at this time. CalciumA – builds and maintains strong bones and teeth, helps with blood clotting too. MagnesiumA – helps keep your immune system strong, regulates heart rhythm, and may help decrease high blood pressure for women. Vitamin B6A – helps create red blood cells and strengthen your immune system, caution in high doses as it may cause damage to nerves resulting in trouble walking.
Folic acidA – helps red blood cells, folate is the form in food, and caution high levels may mask a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Never stop taking a doctor prescribed medication on your own because you think a supplement can replace it. Remember that supplements should be just one part of a healthy lifestyle approach, one that includes a healthy diet and staying active. I really like the information about vitamins and mineral supplements that my senior can take.
For too many, nutritional deficiencies are a matter of economics, resulting from trade-offs that are made in order to cover expenses. Has shown to reduce your risk of heart disease and second heart attacks but may interact with your blood thinner.
Always purchase supplements from a trusted source because nutritional supplements are unregulated and may not contain what you think, which could be a waste of money but worse a risk to your health.

Take supplements according to recommended amounts because too much of a vitamin or mineral can lead to negative side effects and toxicity.
Remember to store vitamins and supplements safely up and out of the reach of curious grandchildren.

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