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If you’ve been shopping for skin care products during the past few years, there is no doubt that you have seen countless products advertising the inclusion of vitamin C for better skin. Vitamin C is an incredibly powerful antioxidant that provides skin with protection from free radicals.
Ascorbic acid is the form of vitamin C that is used most frequently in skin care products, primarily because it is the form of vitamin C that has the most research where skin care benefits are concerned. Because vitamin C is such a potent antioxidant, there are multiple benefits to using this ingredient in your skin care.
Sun Protection - While you shouldn’t skip sunscreen when using products with vitamin C, this antioxidant does provide protection from environmental damage, including UV rays. Collagen Production - As you age, your body naturally produces less collagen and vitamin C can help to increase collagen production to keep your skin looking young. Around the time I turned 60 I began to get splitting skin at the tips of several of my fingers. I had heard about Vitamin C’s purported benefits regarding the common cold so I began a trial. Until you have experienced the impact of dermatitis, I do not think you can appreciate the quality of life improvement from doing away with this condition.
Vitamin D helps you maintain your joints and bones healthy because it helps your body absorb more calcium.
Recent studies have proven that a vitamin d deficiency can lead to an increased risk of type 1 diabetes, muscle and joint pains and in severe cases breast, colon, prostate and other types of cancer.
What I find fascinating about vitamin D is the fact that it is presumed that it can slow down and even hinder the development of cancerous cells.
Eating lots of vitamin D foods is a great way to get all the vitamin D that your body needs. The constantly evolving world of skin care sees buzzworthy ingredients come and go, but there are those ingredients that stand the test of time for the simple reason that they are effective. The most frequent sources of free radical damage are inescapable environmental factors like the sun, pollution and oxygen.

Vitamin C is a required component for the production of agents that bind the molecules responsible for producing collagen. The tiny blood vessels located under your skin carry nutrients and oxygen required for healthy skin. This antioxidant also increases your natural defense against sun damage and enhances the effectiveness of your sunscreen, keeping your skin well protected. If your body lacks vitamin D you are just one step away from having some serious bone problems like osteoporosis.
By getting enough vitamin D in your system you also avoid your chances of ever suffering from diabetes, having a heart attack, getting arthritis or sclerosis.
If you had cases of cancer in your family you should increase your consumption of vitamin d foods just to be on the safe side.
Perhaps the most famous use of vitamin C is as a boost to the immune system, but this vitamin is also a seriously beneficial skin care ingredient.
Use of vitamin C in conjunction with your sunscreen increases the effectiveness of your SPF by boosting your skin’s natural defenses against photodamage. Increased collagen means firmer skin with a visible decrease in the number of fine lines and wrinkles.
Elastin is another essential ingredient to healthy, even skin and vitamin C increases elastin formation, which in turn thickens the skin and adds additional protection. If you aren’t using skin care products that contain vitamin C already, you should certainly consider adding this amazing antioxidant to your skincare routine. Vitamin D also helps your pancreas produce more insulin which in turn will strengthen your immune system and keep diabetes away from you. For example, an egg yolk contains only 25 UI of vitamin D and 100 grams of cheese contains just 9 UI of vitamin D. Unfortunately as we age our body needs more and more vitamin D and we find it harder and harder to supply it. Keep reading to learn more about vitamin C, it’s derivatives and just how using well-formulated products with vitamin C can improve your skin.

Collagen is an essential protein that supports the structure of your skin, in addition to ligaments, tendons and blood vessels.
I inquired if my body was simply not producing or utilizing essential nutrients as it once had but this idea was dismissed by my dermatologist.
Now after using this therapy for almost a year the dermatitis is in complete remission (if that term is proper). By bathing in the sun it is actually possible to produce more vitamin D than your body needs. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, which means your skin remains strong, smooth and firm. My sister (obvious genetic linkage) also had similar issues and after sharing my experience with her, she tried the vitamin c with similar success. From 100 grams of salmon you can get 425 UI of vitamin D and form 100 grams of sardines you can get about 260 UI of vitamin D. Nowadays you can buy vitamin D enriched yogurt, margarine, cereals, orange juice and many more vitamin d foods can be found on the shelves of the supermarket. Like all antioxidants, ascorbic acid (and other derivatives of vitamin C) are vulnerable to destabilizing when they are exposed to air or light.
I was desperate and in constant pain due to the splitting skin where even the slightest touch would cause a crack.
My recommendation is if you can choose between two similar foods choose the one containing vitamin D.

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