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Immigration Success is an immigration guide which helps you to make successful visa application for abroad regarding UK work permit, UK student visa, USA visit or tour, Australian settlement cases and Canadian business establishment.This platform will gives you fresh and latest updates of immigration rules.
Worldwide, there are many people work hard to build a career in US but individuals who are interested to develop their career in USA need to fulfill certain requirement for visa. Once you got non-immigrant temporary work visa approved by USCIS, you will become eligible to enter in USA for employment. H-1B Visa: This is the basic category of work visa given to those persons who have critical skills and knowledge. O-1 Visa: O-1 visa is issued to persons having extra ordinary abilities with rare skills in the field of science, art and business. The rest of category include, L- visa, person looking for work visa in USA transferred to US office by the employer of the multinational company, the rest of the crew members given to D visa.

Above mentioned all types of visa is approved and cleared by USCIS on Form I-129, so before going to apply for visa, you must aware about the procedure.
Non immigrant temporary visa is necessary, if a person either want to go us as temporary agricultural worker or go USA after getting employment in the IT field. There are different types for work visas issued by US Citizenship and Immigration services. The person going for religious activities in us, gain R visa.L visa is granted to the media and press individuals while people interested to invest or trade in USA got E visa.
You must file the petition of Non-immigrant work visa on Form I-129, 180 days before your job starts in US. Once a petition is approved by USCIS, petitioner is send to department of Labor for labor certificate which need to submit while filling for visa application.

An employer can not apply for sponsorship visa once before all of the visas approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Service. The notice of action on form I-797 issued to concerned potential employer once USCIS approves temporary work visa requirement for hiring a foreign worker.
After filing the petition on Form I-129, you got the receipt number of form which you need bring to at the time of interview instead of copy of for I-129 for authentication and validation of your temporary work visa.
The key benefits is foreign workers working in US will get same remunerations package and benefit as given to the local us workers.

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