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We all know that to get the results we want with the workout we choose, we need to follow the meal plan that came with our workout. Former esthetician & LMT turned #GIRLBOSS, vegan food & fitness, travel, beauty, FUN!! After 8 weeks with Tony, and P90X3, Autumn and her 21 Day Fix arrived!  It arrived a week after many people had already been starting and were seeing great results – including my 68 year old mother (more on that to come!) – so I was excited to start! I was even more excited because my husband decided to do the program with me – the eating, the exercising, everything!  Yay!  He eats well anyway, but I knew this could help kick us both into getting in some better nutrition.  Plus, the only exercise he was getting was occasional basketball, and chasing our 19 month old around. I won’t lie…at first I was a bit nervous about the eating.  Yes, me!  I was a bit nervous, but by the third day I was good to go, and now I feel like I am actually able to just visualize what and how much we should be eating.
So, what have we been eating?  Check out my first week’s meal plan below.  I have not felt deprived, and I have definitely not been hungry. This program has already done great things for so many of my friends and family (and myself of course). Hi I’m wondering I love salad can I have more than the 4 containers required during the day?

Join The Club to get free advice, support and encouragement + plus a copy of my green smoothie e-guide! The ideas discussed on this site are based on our personal experiences and should not replace recommendations given by a doctor or another health professional. I kept the descriptions simple, but I want you to know that this was all seasoned up, and very very yummy!
I just need a jumpstart would you say this is a easy way to get started and stay on the right path? I am getting ready to start my second round of the 21 Day Fix and I’m looking for a vegan coach as I am vegan too and my current coach has a hard time advising me. I can help to an extent, but I really only work with women that are willing to try new things, step outside of their comfort zones and really want to make a lifestyle change.
It’s hard to find 21 Day Fix vegetarian sample meal plans and we could all probably use as much as help as we can find! But this can be especially difficult for people who follow a vegan, or 100% plant-based, diet.

I'd love to hear more of your fitness journey and i was wondering if you can provide me more details about coaching as I'm seeking one. Sure, you can substitute tofu and protein powders for the animal proteins in the meal plan, but who wants to be living off of tofu and protein powders for the next 90 days? Ask yourself, "Would I eat like this AFTER day 90?")  Every time I do a new program I try to follow the meal plan 100% (while still remaining vegan) because it's the best way to find out just what kind of results someone can expect from it, and it's the fastest way to get results. I just finished up the 21-Day Fix this weekend and was able to easily do it vegan, and I even did a round of Body Beast, including the competition prep week, vegan.
It's seriously so simple.) The P90X3 meal plan gives you a simple calculation to figure out which level of calories you need, and each level is broken down into carbs, protein and fat. For myself, I fell under "Plan A", which is roughly 1,500 calories, and each day I was allotted 5 proteins, 10 carbs and 5 fats.

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