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Both powerhouses struggled and the USA finished first in qualifying Saturday, three points ahead of Russia.
The silver medalist in the 2008 all-around was ninth best in qualifying.China was a shocking sixth after being undone by a series of sloppy errors.
John Orozco was fourth.For other individual competitions, Jake Dalton made the floor final and Sam Mikulak the vault.
Leyva and Jonathon Horton will compete in the high bar."I think we made a very big statement," said Horton, the team captain.

We have made a lot of big statements and we put a lot pressure and expectations on ourselves, and I think we showed the world that we are capable of reaching this goal. None of the scores carry over to the team final in which three gymnasts compete on each event and all three scores count. Since Olympic squads have been cut from six gymnasts to five, countries that relied on event specialists to rack up points in the team finals will probably have to lean on all-arounders. Then came the high bar at a point when his team needed him the most.Teammmate Sam Mikulak was first up on the high bar, but on release move, he fell splat onto the mat.

After landing on the side of his head, Mikulak shook his head, got back up and finished his routine.
For one, "The arms were too stiff," Mikulak said of the suit jackets.However, their splashy uniforms on Saturday were another matter.

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