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This challenging, high intensity plan combines circuit training and drop sets to leave you completely and utterly exhausted by the final rep of each exercise.
Circuits allow you to work on aerobic conditioning while the sets allow you to work onr muscular endurance. Well, the truth is that I don't go full throttle every day because I don't want to over train. Although this opinion is based purely on personal experience, I don't suggest you complete a workout like this one more than twice per week.
With that said, I encourage you to try this workout if you're a fitness veteran who's stuck in a rut or if you're looking to improve muscular endurance.
You only have 20 minutes to squeeze in a workout, but you want to get both strength and cardio benefits, so what do you do?
If you don’t have much time to workout, circuit training is a great way to switch up your workout. DB Rows – Single arm, double arm, you can even use different wrist positions as well.
Resistance bands rows and TRX – these are other pieces of equipment that can help with pulling motion.

FYI, there are two types of pulling motions – (1) vertical pull and (2) horizontal pull.
For 2 types of pulling motion, I think pull ups are vertical and the remaining you mentioned are horizontal, correct? I was wondering are there alternatives to push ups and pull ups as they are apart of another workout during the week and I want to rest them on days when doing this circuit?
I need also a clarification about the fifth movement called Twist.Could you mention a few exercises?I already know the bicycles and ball twists.How about the bird dog or v-ups? Some of the best rotation exercises are a wood chop, or reverse woodchop, where you use a cable, or resistance band and pull down like sideways like you are chopping word. Follow my blogWhey Protein Shake: Vitamin C and A booster October 27, 2014Weight management, how to bulk up? However, if you're a seasoned lifter who's ready to shake up your routine, get ready because this advanced workout is KILLER.
I like a mix of hard, moderately hard and easier workouts, which you'll see if you check out my workout log.
You'll end up doing more harm than good because you won't have enough time to recover, especially if you work out more than three times per week.

I’d like to do this circuit at home, as going to the gym and back is quite a hassle for me. Shortly after I asked the question I discovered that there is something in the world called a pull up bar (from your other post about 7 fitness gifts) that can be installed at door frames and then I realized that I might have asked a stupid question. However, all opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions of any organization mentioned on this site.
Am hoping to get back into a decent level of fitness and of course, lose about ten-fifteen pounds. The problem is that I cannot do a pull up or lat pull down at home because there’s no equipment. The medicine ball twist took a little time to do, but I can now get my feet off the ground and maintain my balance while doing this segment.

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