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In computing the passive loss accumulation for rental property, it adds in all other passive losses, not just those in the same category. We had problems with TurboTax this year due to the fact it was issued before all the necessary data was available and we experienced complications with downloading the needed info.
I will be sooooo glad when some other company besides Intuit comes up with a quality accounting program.
Prospective purchasers of this product would do well to read the customer reviews of Quickbooks Pro 2004 before making their purchase, as many of the same issues should apply.
Product DescriptionPeachtree Simply Accounting 2005 Basic.Simply Accounting 2005 Basic was designed for fast moving businesses. Product DescriptionQuicken WillMaker Plus 2004 provides you with the legal forms you need to help protect your family's future. If you use TurboTax to assist you with your Federal income tax return and haven't yet tried the State version, you have to try it. I did my federal tax with turbotax delux and my state tax also with turbotax.I made some errors entering information. I didn't have a problem using TurboTax last year (even with the software activation) so I used it again this year. After 20 or 30 attempts to run the V-box installer program after dowloading it from the Amazon digital library, I was just about to request a refund when my boyfriend starting doing some troubleshooting research for me.
When it imported my information from 2002 it also picked up internet connection data that is no longer valid. I bought this software because it's cheaper than Quickbooks, and actually rated better (or so it says on the box). After purchaing this software to change from Quickbooks, I learned the information in Quickbooks is not as easy to convert, and only converts names, etc. Updated Quicken 2016: “We’re working harder and smarter than ever to delight customers,” said Eric Dunn, senior vice president and general manager of Quicken. The Quicken Home & Business Personal Finance application allows you to manage all your personal and business accounts and puts them all in one place. Quicken Home & Business will automatically categorize all of your personal and business expenses, allowing you to see exactly where you’ve been spending. You can also directly export your data to TurboTax to accurately and quickly prepare your taxes. The author run multiple websites aimed at helping people get the best deals for their money.
This year, however, due to it's software glitch, I received a message on April 18 that the IRS had not accepted my return because it didn't match the info from my 2002 return (which was also filed using TT) and my PIN was incorrect.
Having used quickbooks for over 5 years i am really dissapointed with the the 2004 release.
Each interactive form takes you through a step-by-step interview - Quicken WillMaker Plus assembles the documents you need based on your answers. I have switched to Intuit because prior programs (Tax Cut and Tax Act) would not allow me to e-file my state return (Arizona), because they did not contain a form I needed for a state credit.
The federal form allowed me to make corrections after I was done.However, the state interview denies me access. While it has some advantages, there are sufficient traps,confusions and incompletions to make this a potentially hazardous undertaking. The software with its interview format worked for me, was able to save my return as pdf and e-file without a hassle.
However, three hours later I have a very comprehensive itemized return, which would have been way too complex to do on my own without the guidance of the filing questions. Although I hate several things about Quickbooks, I will be returning this and shelling out for it. You can manage your credit card, 401(k), baking, loan, and investing accounts using the Quicken Home & Business.
Quicken Home & Business also allows you to easily create, save, and print professional-looking invoices and estimates for your customers and clients. In this world we live in, the internet has become so saturated that it's so hard to find honest deal and coupons.

I had already gone through the update procedures, received verification of my PIN and no changes had been made to my 2002 return.
Whether you sell products or services, Simply Accounting Basic has all you need to run your business. However, it is hard to work with and extremely unforgiving. The first problem is that Simply Accounting assumes that you will always enter all transactions in ascending date order, and that you use the program at least every week.
Includes Wills and Living Trusts, Healthcare Directives, Powers of Attorney, Child and Elder Care Agreements, and more! The State version will automatically read in everything you've already done for the Federal version - which cuts down your time immensely! The new addition imports everything you punched in the year before and therefore takes less time to complete.
The good news is that I had done my taxes by hand last night and came up with a large amount owed, and after using the deductions calculator in TurboTax ended up with a refund instead. The description you read here, and on the box, makes it sound like converting from Quickbooks is a breeze. Our new features for Mac and Windows users help remove some of the complexity around managing and paying bills.
Quicken downloads your expenses and income from your brokerages, banks, and your other financial institutions so that you won’t have to manually enter transactions. I ended up filing by snail mail and included a letter to the IRS listing all the problems I'd had with TT. My return package arrived at Intuit - with confirmation of receipt - but no refund was issued. Business Services is crucial to my job, because I'm constantly e-mailing invoices, which, of course (!) has to be done through Quickbooks Business Services.
You have to answer a few State-specific questions, like your county of residence - but you'll be done with the whole thing in about 5 to 10 minutes.
Since you can't do state without having loaded TT Deluxe, the video on the CD walks you through the process and sends you to the answer if you type in a search. State program installs with a blink of the eye, and complements Turbo Tax Deluxe beautifully. I had to go to Intuit's website to look for info and play around with my broadband connection to get the updates to download. When I tried to update the program by going to their support site through my browser, I simply could not get on despite repeated attempts. I could get the software to work, kept giving me errors, keeping me in a continual look to keep entering information and than giving me an error.
Quicken Home & Business captures all of your deductions, including the expenses and mileage for specific jobs, or household expenses you can write off partially. Simply answer a few questions and you’ll see how Quicken works and what you need to do next. The update to read Taxcut files wasn't available until Jan 2004 and then it would not read state files from Taxcut. The program complains if you enter any transaction that is more than 7 days before or after this date. I had absolutely no trouble using TTS in Virginia and had my state and federal refunds within a week of e-filing. My return has gotten easier over the past few years but with the update annoyance, I may just buy TaxCut next year. I sent the software back since I was unable to use and was unable to get the software update and tax update refunded. A summary of the business tax reduction shows the status of your tax deduction throughout the year so you can avoid any surprises on April 15th. Fortunately, I'm supposed to get a refund (although that may now be eaten up by penalties for late filing).I also had trouble with the 2003 State version of TT and ended up filing that by snail mail, as well.
Then there was a printing problem where the solution was to manually search font files and manually delete them and reinstall the program. Customer Service said it could do nothing, had no fax machine at which to receive info, and that Returns has no phone at which I could contact them.

It also complains if you then try to move the session date to another date more than 7 days away -- as if this were some major accounting heresy. Dumb things like trying to assess a premature IRA withdrawl penalty for a 1099-R pertaining to a matured life insurance policy. If you just have to fill out 1040EZ it isn't worthwhile, but the auto fill in is a big time saver for 1040 filers, especially if you have to do the capital gains calculations.
I just received my State refund so guess that went okay (so far, anyway).I will be demanding a refund from Intuit for the Fed and State versions of 2003 TT as soon as I find out what happened with my Fed return. I used to just enter paycheck amounts by hand (I did not want to shell out for tax tables, because we only have 2 employees, and let's face it it's not that hard to do yourself for just 2 employees), but not anymore! So if you are going through your paperwork catching up on your accounts at the end of the month, this gets incredibly annoying very quickly. Secondly, if you ever have the temerity to enter one transaction that precedes any other, you get another warning that the earlier transaction will affect any reports you might have run. I will also demand a refund of the charge they applied to my credit card for e-filing, which never happened. Just for comparison I entered the same data into both programs - TurboTax came up with different results- owed more taxes. Due to the TurboTax downloading complications, we worked with a tax accountant for the first time this year. Sorry, but I just don't have that kind of time, and to be honest with you, this software doesn't even seem worth it.
I planned to return to TurboTax next year but no longer think so after my experience with Customer Service.
Once you've loaded TTD or the federal variation, you can download states off the internet.This product is better than last year. Now, if I was just starting up a business and had never used a higher-end software like QB, or if I had a few weeks to do nothing but enter info from QB to SA, that would be one thing, but please! If Intuit doesn't refund our monies, perhaps a class action lawsuit will persuade them otherwise. How this company stays in business with putting out this kind of software is hard to explain.
So you'd better order all your paperwork by date, or else suffer death by a thousand clicks to dismiss this warning message every time. Thirdly, if you make a mistake entering a transaction, there is no way to go back and correct the transaction. For me, paying a little extra to sit down face-to-face with an accountant who is not only service-oriented, but able to educate me on taxes in the process, is a far better choice than TurboTax. You can reverse transactions, but this means adding a second transaction to back out the old one and a third for the corrected transaction.
You won't be sorry.My only criticism of TT products is you can only e-file one time per purchase. I understand that this is important for audit trail purposes, but make it possible to collapse the audit trail into a single transaction. If you're just fat fingered like me or forget to change the date from the last transaction (this happens to me a lot), your accounts become littered with incorrect transactions and their reversals -- three transactions for each mistake. If renders any kind of reporting on account transactions almost useless, because the debit and credit columns are swelled by (irrelevant) transaction errors and their corrections. I'm a one-man business -- I don't need an audit trail to show that I messed up the date of a payment or invoice. You'll need to navigate by mousing and clicking extensively to get to these fields and enter the relevant information. No, you can't start typing the first few characters of the name of the account and have the software auto-complete. If you click on the pick-list of accounts, they are ordered by account code and not alphabetically, which makes it vastly harder to find the account you want to use. Finally, the software assumes you are fluent in accounting jargon, terminology and practices. It claims to have a mode where it uses "non accounting terms" but this is more confusing than using the actual terms themselves.
There's no help for novice business owners -- you'll need to get a basic grounding in account-keeping because the software and manuals offer little to no help.

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