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Please note that these Table Tents are © Food Services, UGA and may not be reproduced without permission. All our dining commons are open to the public so you don’t have to be on a meal plan to dine at these locations. From full-service cafes to grab-n-go eateries, there are also twelve retail locations across campus. UGA Food Services is operated by the Auxiliary Division of the University of Georgia and is a service for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Every UGA freshman (and weird upperclassman still on meal plan) knows the ultimate struggle of finding decent food.  To help with this, we’ve ranked UGA’s dining halls based on food quality, proximity to campus, and overall atmosphere to help you navigate the unknown territory of UGA food services.
After a kick-ass workout at Ramsey (aka stretching on a mat to look like you know what you’re doing), The Village Summit is an obvious choice to stop and grab a bite before busing back to your dorm. Whether you’re coming for midnight drunchies or Snellibrating after midterms, Snelling has what every college kid wants: late-night breakfast food. Many incoming students wonder if the costs for a meal plan is worth the frustrations that accompany this glorified cafeteria food.
The Tate Student Center is home to Bulldog and Tate Café which offer a wide-variety of dining options including Chick-fil-A Express, Barberitos, pizza, pasta, hamburgers, Asian cuisine, and deli favorites.
From weddings to meetings, to conference breaks, Campus Catering provides professional food service for your event. The division is totally self-supporting and receives no funding from University, State or Federal sources. Is it the fact that we’re a student driven-media company that drew you to us, or did you like how we’re a fast-growing company with products at over 50 campuses?
From the smoothie bar to Giorgio’s pizza, ECV has a selection to fit any kind of food-mood you may have. Unfortunately, your other option is enduring Atlanta Highway to reach a Trader Joe’s or Kroger for groceries (adding the devastating potential of losing your awesome parking spot).

UGA Food Services is committed to supporting your learning environment by providing exceptional dining services. The Red Clay Café in Joe Frank Harris Commons provides East Campus with coffee, ice cream, soups, and made-to-order salads and sandwiches. Gift-o-Grams can also be purchased through Campus Catering to surprise any student for their birthday or special occasion.
Do you like the challenge of working for a growing start-up, one that understands a college student’s life is busy, and works to accommodate their schedules? If you do decide to embark on this exciting culinary adventure through the dining halls, our list is here to help you let the Big Dawg eat.
This means we want to make sure you receive the best quality food and service to help you be successful during your academic and extracurricular activities.
Grab-n-Go eateries are located in academic buildings all across campus, on the Health Sciences Campus, and in the new Veterinary Medical Center. All expense incurred, including the cost of food, payroll and operating expense, must be covered by revenue generated in the food service operations on campus. Well, then you should read the job descriptions below and then apply to the job that best suits your unique set of skills. UGA Food Services offers abundant residential, commuter, and retail dining options on campus. We strive to be diversified in our menu selections and to offer our customers a wide variety of service options and styles. The UGA meal plan offers students 5 day or 7 day unlimited, all-access dining options at our five dining commons along with our plus plan with features Paw Points to use at retail and vending locations around campus. Commuter meal plans are also available in block plans to offer off-campus students the flexibility to use their meal plan and Paw Points when and where they want around campus.
Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure you have the best staff in place to create and promote the best local, timely, relevant, funny content possible.

Enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious menu items served at some of the busiest social hubs on campus.
Horton Dining Awards for Excellence, the National Restaurant Association Great Menu Design Award, the Food Management Industry Leadership Award, the IFMA Silver Plate Award for College Food Service Operator of the Year – 2002, and the prestigious Ivy Award for Excellence. In turn you will receive training and support from your corporate-level National Campus Editor. The division has also received 19 culinary awards including the Bronze Medallion at the National NACUFS Culinary Challenge. Since 2001 our culinary team has competed in every Regional NACUFS Culinary Challenge and has received 7 Silver Medallions and 12 Bronze Medallions. Ultimately you will build brand awareness for The Black Sheep and our clients through paid strategic marketing campaigns customized for your campus.
Our customers are important to us, and it is our sincere desire to serve food in a courteous and friendly manner in pleasant surroundings. These activities will include organized street team sessions, targeted distribution throughout the campus community, promotional events on campus, and other activities focused on dorms and Greek life. We think you'll find our professionalism and dedication to service parallels the mission of the University of Georgia. Therefore, Online Marketers will post content from The Black Sheep either on their personal feeds or in other relevant Facebook groups.

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