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Nuclear XLoaded with 400 mg caffeine per two scoops, Nuclear X will get your fired up for every workout.
If you are like many bodybuilders or strength athletes, you have tried a ton of Pre-Workout products or supplement combinations. Caffeine Anhydrous: PreSurge boasts 125 mg of caffeine per scoop, and with 45 scoops in one container, that is a great amount of caffeine per serving. 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCL (Geranium): As many of you know, this is the newest ingredient found in nearly every pre-workout product on the market now. Neuravena™ (wild green oat extract): This ingredient is not found in many products on the market today, but it represents one of the most interesting new ingredients that stimulate mental well-being and focus. GlycoCarn™ (glycine propionyl l-carnitine): Despite this ingredient’s proven nitric oxide boosting effects, it is not found in many pre-workout products. Definitely gonna have to look into this when im done with my current stock of pre-workout supps. Although there is not a ton of caffeine in this, I may not be the best person to judge that, as they really have never affected my sleep, even if I take them at 7,8 PM for a workout I can still go to bed around 11.
I have been taking this product more for my swimming and running, which it gives me great energy.

Our scientifically formulated pre-workout powder will help you achieve your potential every time. Some succeed and give a good boost of energy, focus, and muscle pump, while some just send you running to the bathroom.
I have never been one to get a ton of benefit from excessive caffeine, but I think it’s a tested and proven ingredient that makes adifference in your workout. I don’t feel the need to go into great detail about this one because it has proven to be a difference maker. In a double-blind study, twenty men and women were either given 2500 mg of Neuravena™ or placebo, and the results were that Neuravena™ “significantly increases delta and theta wave activity in the brain regions closely connected to mental performance.”1 This ingredient is new, but it certainly contributes to increased focus and mental clarity and is one that sets PreSurge apart from others.
GlycoCarn™ is the future of nitric oxide boosters, demonstrating its superiority to arginine in many studies. PreSurge does also contains creatine monohydrate, and the Russian Tarragon helps shuttle it through the blood stream.
Although it does contain many of the same ingredients found in products today, such as caffeine and 1,3-Dimethylamylamine as listed above, the ingredients that really separate it from its competitors are the other three named. It gives you more of a sustained energy than a jolt, which I think should help you get to sleep.

One could speculate that shuttling other nutrients could be positively impacted by Russian Tarragon. It seems that PreSurge desired to find ingredients that, when combined, all worked synergistically to shuttle nutrients, induce NO production, give mental clarity and focus, and give a boost of energy.
Up to this point, my favorite pre-workout supplements were Jack3d, Dirty, and a simple combination of caffeine powder, L-Tyrosine, and DMAE. Overall, this ingredient helps really separate PreSurge from other products because it makes carbohydrates for nutrient shuttling obsolete. Unfortunately, many available products fail to create a perfect combination, but rather throw all the ingredients they believe will work into one product. With this in mind, I will go through the main ingredients that are in other common products and also those that I believe separate PreSurge from other pre-workout products on the market.

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