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We received a call from a kaizen facilitator who was concerned that their suggestion system was losing steam. In the case of this company, there were too many things the maintenance team needed to do between kaizen newspaper action items from kaizen events and all of the workers’ good suggestions.
We introduced them to the skill matrix, a simple and visual tool to show who has training and experience in what skill. This led to further discussion with their management of the need for a full TPM program including Autonomous Maintenance and developing the maintenance skills and mindset of the operators. In general, the skills should be as specific as possible and linked to an actual process or job. Job knowledge is a prerequisite to job skill, and the first quadrant of the skill matrix (top right position) is usually the knowledge of the process (familiarity with tools, materials, equipment, quality standards, etc.) So I would think of knowledge that way.
The best way to use the skill matrix is to show people how specific skills are tied to the work they do, and how having more people cross-trained helps everyone. The leadership skill matrix I would also tie to a job, such as team leader, supervisor, CEO. Instead of trying to capture all possible skills for the people on your team, have several skill matrices by process or job. Is there knowledge of a company using skill matrices to determine a pay scale based on an employee’s skills? One of our local clients is also developing something like what you describe but they are in the early stages. One point is that rather than using the skill matrix to determine a pay scale, you need to determine a pay scale based on several other factors and then use the skill matrix as a ways to measure the job skills development portion of salary evaluation.

You can make a skill matrix for your company and departments, but unless your company is very small it is best to start with small, local teams. It will be easier to manage a matrix with a smaller group of people and smaller list of skills.
The book Toyota Talent: Developing People the Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker and David Meier has some good information and examples on how to use the skill matrix, as well as supporting tools such as Job Instruction, job breakdown sheets, and standard work documents.
I still haven’t figured out how to fill in sections of the little pies in the skills matrix that indicate a persons level of knowledge. Basically, it would be person x has this skill at this level, and for his job the ideal would be this other level, so …. For those still confused about filling in the pie pieces, just post up the matrix and use a marker. If you are using spreadsheets to construct this type of matrix then you should use numeric scales and not pictures to represent competency levels. Does anyone have an idea of the procedure that i can take to review or update a skill matrix. Is there anyway I can remove the circles in this matrix and replace them with simple checks. He is co-founder and Partner of Gemba Academy LLC, and serves as Advisor to Kaizen Institute. The more you can tie these skills to specific jobs or work that happens and can be observed, the more practical you can make it. My idea would be that, by having it like this, you can further add the person and this way to obtain a 3D matrix.

As in the steps, and if possible a case study of how it can be done in a power plant for the operations and say maintenance guys. I am in the process of creating a skills matrix for recruitment and I find your idea very interesting. I’m a teacher and want to match the activities that we do with the skill that we are trying to build.
And i also want to get some information about the need of origin of skill matrix and some history of skill matrix. Some of the traits you described can be quantified, others aren’t so easy, and are not necessarily trainable. In 1993 Jon was fortunate to start his career working in lean, kaizen and continuous improvement.
If the skill matrix is seen as a discipline enforcement tool it may lose its effectiveness as a cross training and people development tool.
He traveled learned while visiting many gembas with engineers who were students of Taiichi Ohno.

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