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This week, Life Training Online is reviewing First Things First: To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy, by Steven Covey, the twelfth of fifty-two books in the 52 Personal Development Books in 52 Weeks series. To help strengthen our understanding, Covey brings into play the analogy of the clock and the compass — two powerful tools that direct us. To more effectively deal with the issues of urgency and importance, take a look at Covey’s Time Management Matrix below. After moving from an urgency paradigm to one of importance, you may have wondered what exactly these “first things” are and how can you put them first in your life? Although it’s important to fulfill these four needs in our lives, equally important is how we fulfill them. In chapter 5, Covey delves deeply into the importance of creating and living an empowering mission statement. An effective and empowering mission statement should be one which transforms you and is based on principles of contribution and purpose that are higher than self. It’s quite extensive, but I felt it needed to be in order to give his book the due diligence it deserves. The clock represents things like our schedule, commitments, appointments, goals, activities — basically what we do with and how we manage our time.

In fact, some of us get quite good at putting out all these little fires that pop up in our lives that we begin to thrive on them. The problem is when urgency, not importance, becomes the dominant factor in our lives and the important things get left by the wayside. If you’re familiar with the Franklin Covey planners, these principles form the basis of them. The things that give your life meaning and ultimately determine what you want to do and who you want to become. And this is where this book promises to help us — to help us learn to put first things first in our lives. The compass on the other hand represents the visions and priorities we have, the principles we follow, and the direction we feel we should go. However, according to Covey, these tools leave much to be desired and a new generation time-management tool is required.
Sure they put stress in our lives, but they also give us excitement, leave us with a feeling of accomplishment and success, and by golly we get good at it. Although we all need to spend some time in this quadrant, it’s when we spend too much time here that we risk stress issues and burnout.

Covey explains that these aren’t necessarily recreational things, because recreation is an essential Quadrant II activity.
And finally creative imagination is our ability to envision a future state, to create something in our mind, and visualize our potential. Covey recommends choosing at most seven roles and selecting those which work together to contribute to the fulfillment of your mission. If there must be changes, then those changes come only when conscious directs you to do so. In my college years I used to pride myself in not studying the whole semester and then cramming like crazy to ace the final and yes, I got real good at it.
And finally, the need to leave a legacy is our spiritual need for meaning, purpose, and contribution. When you align with those principles, and bring each of your needs in balance with all the others, you’ll experience true fulfillment in life.

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