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Even though we joined a gym in January, there are some days when getting to the gym just doesn’t happen.
Probably the best workout practices shown in this post, as gaining fitness is quite a tough task these days depending upon the type of diet we take but you totally provided the easiest ways to stay fit with these simple home workouts. Lots of Good information in your post, I favorited your blog post so I can visit again in the future, Thanks.
Here a tweet, there a tweet – tips, tricks, and workouts from T&T right here on Twitter!
Looks like this except you’re holding a dumbbell straight up towards the ceiling while doing your sit ups. For this workout, they use a light barbell weight set, but you could easily do this workout with some dumbbells. You know – a lot of the YouTube videos that I shoot here for Tone and Tighten are actually shot with my iPhone. Luckily my friends at SanDisk have come up with an awesome way to eliminate this problem forever!
When you’re ready to upload your photos to your computer, simply plug the iXpand into your computer’s USB outlet!

The coolest part about all of this is that the good people at SanDisk are HOOKING YOU UP today! I love doing HITT routines at home, so simple, don’t need much (or any) equipment, and it kicks your butt! I don’t have much workout equipment so I love when I find things that actually work without having to purchase any weights, balls, etc. Check out the gray box at the bottom of this post to share the love on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, etc. You will alternate sets of exercises (A, B, A, B, etc) in each circuit until the recommended number of sets has been completed. This is a great way to sculpt incredible lean muscle definition, boost your metabolism, and melt through some serious calories! I have the 128 GB version; I’ve put dozens of videos and literally hundreds of photos on it and have just barely taken up 5% of the available storage! I leave mine in my backpack and it comes with me everywhere (to the office, on vacations, etc.). Today I’m sharing some of my favorite exercises that make up my go-to total-body dumbbell routine.

Just don’t forget to take your vitamins and buy some energy drink to help you boost your energy during your exercise. I’ve taken five of my favorite barbell exercises and grouped them together into one, simple-to-follow, total-body shredder! I also wanted to share with you a device that has saved my digital life on more than one occasion and offer you a discount you simply won’t find anywhere else. That way, whenever you get the dreaded “cannot store a photo because your memory is full” message, you can easily clear up more storage and keep shooting those memories!
So just sit back and relax, go to a quite place and bear the sensation that will comfort your mind.

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