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Each move blends the body-sculpting benefits of strength training with the mind-body emphasis of yoga.
How it works: Do each move in order, seamlessly flowing from one to the next using the transitional instructions provided to create connectivity. Once the entire sequence is done, repeat the series on the opposite side, so you balance the body and finish the full flow.
Repeat the entire flow (both sides) two or three times, pausing for 1 minute between flows to rest and focus on breathing.
Maintaining lower-body position, do an Arnold press, extending arms and lifting dumbbells overhead, palms facing away from body.
Stand in low lunge position, right leg extended toward back edge of mat, heel lifted and left knee bent 90 degrees.

Allow left forearm to rest lightly on left thigh while extending right arm, fully drawing dumbbell toward mat. Maintaining lower-body position, do a single arm row, drawing right elbow straight back while bringing right hand to ribcage. In a wide stance facing the long edge of mat while holding weights at heart, align heel of front left foot with the heel of back right foot, angling right toes slightly.
Bend left knee, lowering until left thigh draws parallel with mat while right leg remains extended. Point left thumb upward slightly as arm reaches shoulder height (to minimize impingement in the shoulder joint).
Start in wide stance, facing long edge of mat and both feet turned out slightly, weights positioned at heart center.
Lower back into a horse stance while simultaneously bending both elbows, lowering dumbbells behind neck.
Straighten legs and re-extend arms overhead before bending knees and elbows again for a second repetition.

In stagger stance facing back of mat, align heel of front right foot with heel of back left foot. With hips and shoulder squaring toward back edge of mat, bend into right knee, drawing right thigh parallel with mat. Rest right forearm lightly on right thigh while extending left arm fully, palm facing body. Without moving legs, extend left arm out for a front raise, angling thumb slightly upward as arm nears shoulder height.

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