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Pre workout supplements are known to be some of the most complex products in the supplement industry. Pre workout headaches are relatively common for those new to the pre workout category, especially those who are sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine.
Because of the high amounts of stimulants in pre workouts, sleep disruption is possible if pre workouts at used at night, or even in the late afternoon. Probably the most common side effect with pre workouts is that 15 minutes after taking it, users often experience a tingling or itching in their skin, which resolves in around 10 to 15 minutes. Rashes from pre workouts are relatively less common compared to the other symptoms described above.
Another possible cause for pre workout rashes is through high doses of vitamin B3 (or niacin). As such, the market is very saturated with hundreds of different products, each trying to out-do each other by providing more energy, more pump, and more intensity. Considering that a full dose of some pre workouts can provide up to 300 mg caffeine, or the equivalent of three cups of coffee, a headache for the intolerant can be expected together with other side effects such as jitteriness and a rapid heartbeat.

As mentioned above, because modern pre workouts tend to have an effect that tapers off as opposed to suddenly, their stimulant effects could last well into bed time. This vitamin can cause a flushing sensation as a result of its ability to dilate blood vessels. However, with stronger and stronger products, you have an increased potential of running into side effects. One of DMAA’s characteristic effects was that it hit you hard, but also left you staring at the wall after an hour or so. The best way to prevent this is to start with a partial dose if you’re using a new pre workout. It is therefore recommended that pre workout use should be restricted to the mid afternoon at the latest. This is due to the use of beta alanine, a very common ingredient in pre workouts for its ability to buffer against lactic acid and improve endurance. Because pre workouts vary greatly in their ingredients, some of which are herbal, and others that are synthetic.

This is a phenomenon that rarely occurs with modern pre workouts due to the use of stimulants that tend to taper off gradually, as opposed to suddenly. Needless to say, if headaches persist, we recommend discontinuing use of the particular product. This side effect is completely safe, transient, and does become less common with continued use. If you find that a certain pre workout gives you a rash, it is a good idea to opt for something completely different.

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